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El planeta silencioso y la estrella roja

Edit:: I found another source of inspiration for this that it is the Seven Suns and the Black Sun in the novel "The city and the stars" of Arthur C. Clarke
Inspired mostly by Journey. Thanks :iconfeannora:Feannora ;)

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El Planeta Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari (texto, v1), The Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet (text, v1), Vīryais (#vīryais)


El planeta silencioso y la estrella roja: Este submundo de Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari, llamado Vīuldhyttan dejó de existir cuando el propio planeta Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari murió (texto).
Sin embargo, en la eterna tormenta mágica de Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari, un pequeño rescoldo de su memoria sobrevivió. Debido a la increíble fertilidad del Milegu para generar universos y mundos ya extintos, Vīuldhyttan (ahora Növiiuldhyttan ó N'viiuldhyttan) volvió a existir, muy alejado de su lugar originario, en un universo distinto.

Pero el recuerdo de haber formado parte de Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari todavía permanecía en su superficie, impidiendo el surgimiento de cualquier tipo de vida. Sólo las ruinas de los antiguos imperios que existieron en Qhot perturbaban el paisaje.

Los pobladores de la vieja Vīuldhyttan dormían en las profundidades, en enormes cámaras subterráneas. La gran diferencia del nuevo Vīuldhyttan se daba en el cielo, donde una desconocida estrella roja patrullaba incansable, haciendo que la permanente semipenumbra de Vīuldhyttan se convirtiese en Növiiuldhyttan en un día continuo, donde la noche nunca llegaba del todo.
También era excepcional el gran silencio que sobrevolaba el terreno, tanto que casi se podía tallar.

La profecía se había cumplido: el Sol Amarillo, Vīryais, protegía a N'viiuldhyttan junto con su hermano el Sol Rojo, Etkerhasumoa. Pero sus pobladores habían fallado a la cita, eternamente dormidos.

En la antigua Vīuldhyttan eran comunes los fenómenos extraordinarios: junglas exhuberantes en medio del desierto, ciudades de basalto rojo, enormes cúmulos globulares de energía flotando y tapando el cielo; pero nunca este antiguo submundo había asistido a la visita de un planeta errante.

Los Planetas errantes vagan por el espacio sin ser afectados por ningún tipo de fuerza fundamental y algunos dicen que guiados por inexplicables motivaciones: pueden atravesar una estrella como vagar sin rumbo por la superficie de un planeta.

Y este planeta errante traía consigo el Silencio y durante años vagó a muy poca distancia del suelo pero jamás lo llegó a rozar. Fue este silencio atronador lo que hizo que Növiiuldhyttan saliese de su larguísimo letargo de siglos y que sus habitantes despertaran y festejasen su vida renacida.

Y es que había muchas cosas que celebrar: su despertar a una nueva oportunidad, estar en su amado aunque agotado planeta y contar con el Sol Amarillo y el Sol Rojo, símbolo del poder y la esperanza para su pueblo.

The silent planet and the red star: This subworld of Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari named Vīuldhyttan ceased to exist when the Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet itself died (text).
However, in the eternal storm of Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari, a small smoldering of memory survived. Due to the incredible fertility of the Milegu to generate universes and extincted worlds, Vīuldhyttan (now Növiiuldhyttan or N'viiuldhyttan) it existed again, but far away from his original location, in another universe.
But the memory of being part of Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari yet remains in the surface, preveting the emergence of any kind of life. Only the ruins of the ancient empires that existed in Qhot disturbed the landscape.

The people of the old Vīuldhyttan slept in the depths, in enormous subterranean chambers. The great difference of the new Vīuldhyttan was in the sky, where an unknown red star patrolling tireless, doing that the semi-permanent gloom of Vīuldhyttan it becomes, in Növiiuldhyttan, a permanent day, where the night never comes completly. Also it was exceptional the great silence that surronds the ground that almost can be carved.

The profecy was fulfilled: the Yellow Sun, Vīryais, protect N'viiuldhyttan together with his brother, the Red Sun, Etkerhasumoa. But their inhabitants had missed the appointment, eternally asleep.

In the old Vīuldhyttan there were common the extraordinary events: exhuberant jungles in the middle of the desert, red basalt cities, enormous globular clusters of energy floating covering the sky; but never this ancient subworld have assisted to the visit of a wandering planet.

The Wandering Planets roam in the space without being affected by any kind of fundamental force and someone says that they are guided by unexplicable motivations: they can cross a star and also they can wander without direction in the surface of a planet.

That is exactly what it happened.

This wandering planet bring with it the Silence and since years roams very near to the ground but it never touch it. It was this blandering silence what made that Növiiuldhyttan leave his lethargy, make their people awake and celebrated their reborn life.

And it is that there were a lot of things to celebrate: their awakening to a new opportunity, being in their beloved although exhausted planet and be with the Yellow Sun and the Red Sun, symbols of power and hope for their people.


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What a beautiful landscape. I really like this! :D
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thank you, although is not enterily my merit, check the stock also!
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You're welcome.
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Wow doesn't quite cover it!  Wonderful!
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:) Thanks! The wow factor comes mostly from the stock, though ;) Have you read the story?
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Yes, don't underestimate how complex combining stock can be.  Yours looks 100% natural, but many look like well it was two or three (or more) images just thrown together.  So very well done!
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Take a look also to the stock provider. 

Did you read the story?
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Yes, fascinating.
The stock images are amazing, I never used one, though
I wanted always to recreate nature things.
I think in the future I will use the Stock images.
I'm fascinated with sky, stars, supernovas,
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This looks great, love the sci-fi theme!:D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you!! :) Glad you like!  

Have you read the story?

Notice also that I used a magnificent stock.
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The landscape looks really good ;clap: I'd only say the planet looks kinda odd, it's too dark for something that should really be miles and miles away. Unless it was intented for a surreal or stylistic choice. But for a realistic result I'd suggest changing the blending mode of the planet's layer in Photoshop (or whatever 2D editing program you use) to "screen" mode. This will appear to make the planet look more like it's really far away and beyond the atmosphere, sorta like how the moon looks when it's out during the daytime :nod:
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But the small planet is almost touching the surface of the small planet... 
But definitely I should redo thi image to include the red touch that somebody said to me.

Maybe I should do a "far away" version too, so thanks a lot for the tips.

About the landscape, is a stock →…

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Hmm, maybe have it at about the same level of "faint-ness" as the hills are at that distance then (too much and then it would look very far away like a full-sized planet) You could probably try locking the layer transparency (or simply selecting the whole planet with the selection tool) and brush over it lightly with a pink or peach-coloured brush (same colour as the hills at that distance) this might make it look like it's roughly as far away as they are but no further :)
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Absolutely amazing picture - I enjoyed the accompanying story as well! Great work! :clap:
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Thank you Charles, I am really glad you like the story. I am continuing the base of this story, following not only Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari but expanding it with more creatures and places...
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You're very welcome Alberto - I wish you the best of luck with the story; I'm sure it will be wonderful, as are all your works! :highfive:
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As the translation will be really difficult and long, maybe I would ask you if you can read before it gets published here. However it will take me a lot of time, so it is not in near future. What do you think about?

btw, the creatures implied in that story are the Pllana Demons, Jibtyg Demons, The Sarqoisi and Yáwohhiur :)
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Of course my friend - I would be happy to help you. Whenever you are ready; just let me know. :)

Cool story; interesting creatures! :D
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This is very beautiful!Heart Heart 
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DUSSIANO PREMIUM DANCE by MUTANERDA DUSSIANO PREMIUM DANCE by MUTANERDA Dussiano dance reversed by Jakeukalane Dussiano dance reversed by Jakeukalane

Thank you! :D 

Have you read the story? :)

Notice also the stock I used
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