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El Planeta Uiukobukemoceum vraer'k't


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El Planeta Uiukobukemoceum vraer'k't (nombre que significa "Lugar donde las abominaciones danzan en los cielos") es un planeta sin estrella. Está controlado por NosoyRidley que lo gobierna sabiamente.

The Uiukobukemoceum vraer'k't Planet (name that means "Place where abominations dance in the skies") is a planet without star. It is controlled by NosoyRidley that governs over it wisely.


Fondo 1/background 1

Starfield 1132. por/by :iconzummerfish:zummerfish [A]

Fondo 2/background

Nebula Texture Stock 002. por/by :iconex-astris1701:ex-astris1701 [B]

Fondo 3/background 3

Starfield 1 Stock. por/by :iconrobcaswell:RobCaswell [C]

Fondo 4/background 4

Space Stock 8. (brushes by Lairis77) por/by :iconjoran-belar:Joran-Belar (Thorsten Ralph Pick/ [D]

Fondo 5/background 5

Free Starfield 4500x3000. por/by :iconbuchvecny:buchvecny [E]

Planeta 1/planet 1

Divine Being. por/by :iconnosoyridley:NosoyRidley [P-A]


  • Capas/layers
    • [P-A]
    • Negro/black [solapar/]
    • [A: suma/addition]
    • [B: clarear sólo/lighten only]
    • Negro/black [solapar/overlay, 54,4%]
    • [C: suma/addition]
    • [D:  diferencia/difference, 52,2% [traza fractal]]
    • [E: imagen base/base image] {[G'MIC] Freaky details : -gimp_freaky_details 2,21.7391,1,0,0,32,0}

  • Planetas/planets
    • Planeta A/planeta A
      • Posicion/position
        • X=0,5
        • Y=0,5
        • Z=0,87261
      • Rotación/rotation
        • X=26,4
        • Y=122,7
        • Z=-21,8

Hecho con/done with

GIMP & GMIC bajo/under GNU/Linux Ubuntu 11.10
:iconmadeinkobaiadwg3:gmic icon:iconubuntuplz::iconlinux-plz:
Image details
Image size
3020x1787px 10.56 MB
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Joran-Belar's avatar
Thanks for using my Stock.
You have made a nice Artwork. I like it.

Jakeukalane's avatar
a truly pleasure to use some of your works. Thanks to you. glad you like it!
Jakeukalane's avatar
GLO-HE's avatar
very beautiful Alberto!!!
Jakeukalane's avatar
thank you very much Gloria. I am glad you liked this planet :aww:
GLO-HE's avatar
Oh yes Alberto..Welcome    Lion Love emote free to use by Undead-Academy
Jakeukalane's avatar
AngeloVentura's avatar
Nice the planey could use more details
Jakeukalane's avatar
thank you Angelo, thanks also for the feedback :D (it makes me happy :) ) I will take this in mind for future works :)
Fractalands's avatar
Jakeukalane's avatar
thank you so much
Fractalands's avatar
What was that fractal that inspired u again l see if l can find it in my files as lve way over 1000!
Jakeukalane's avatar
It was called surfcity :) thank you
Fractalands's avatar
ok I found it and will now repost it for you amigo!
IME54ARTILONA's avatar
Very beautiful dear  BesosBLN by RosaBlu  
Jakeukalane's avatar
thank you very much
firefysh1140's avatar
Very nicely done, Alberto.  :-)
Jakeukalane's avatar
Thank you very much Graham :D glad you like this planet. One day if you allowed me I can do one for you, taking as source one of your images :)
firefysh1140's avatar
I would have no objection to that, Alberto.
Please use whatever you wish.  :-)
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