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El Planeta Gaabv'rvraer'k't

By Jakeukalane

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El Planeta Gaabv'rvraer'k't es propiedad de WagmoreBarkless y se encuentra en Nermecodi.
The MGaabv'rvraerik't Planet is property of WagmoreBarkless and it is placed in Nermecodi.


Esto es un regalo para/this is a present for :iconwagmorebarkless:WagmoreBarkless.
El nombre del planeta significa "Planeta de Goodwin" en el idioma local/the name of the planet means "Goodwin's planet" in the local language (Harsh 2).
versión previa/previous version.


Forecast: Over-cast and Ducky 2., Fading Light., September Blues and Greens., Cloud Shroud. por/by WagmoreBarkless:iconwagmorebarkless:

Fondo 1/background 1

Cfr. Starfield VII . por/by :iconjakeukalane:Jakeukalane

Fondo 2/background 2

Starfield stock. por/by :iconsmattila:Smattila

Fondo 3/background 3

Blue starfield Stock. por/by :iconarisechicken117:arisechicken117

Hecho con/done with

GIMP bajo/under GNU/Linux Ubuntu 11.10
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whoa, the planet's textures are epic!
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Truly remarkable work!
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thank you so much! I have put by default a bigger image. You can still acess the full size image in download :) 
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nice one! :aww:
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Incredible planet....
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thank you, I am really happy with it! :)
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glad you like it Alexsander!
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Thanks!  I've always wanted my own planet!Heart Heart Heart 
Great image!
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thank you! I am really glad that you like it!
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