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iPhone 5 - No more home button

By jakeroot
iPhone 5 concept reveals 4.3" display and no home button.

The removal of the home button has been thought of before. When iOS ~4.2 was out for the iPad, it briefly featured gestures to allow the user to do all the functions the home button did, like go to the home screen, switch between applications, or open the music bar.

With this concept, the larger screen allows for not only a better multi-tasking experience, but also allows us to completely remove the home button, which we did.

:bulletblue: To exit any app to the home screen, put two fingers on the top right and bottom left corners of the screen, and squeeze together.
:bulletblue: To switch to the next application, use three fingers and swipe left or right in the direction of choice.
:bulletblue: To open up exposé, swipe with three fingers down from the task bar.

The phone weighs in at only 5.3 ounces, and features:

:bulletgreen: a 2 megapixel front-facing camera capable of recording 720p films;
:bulletgreen: an 8 megapixel rear camera capable of recording 1080p films;
:bulletgreen: a kickstand!


This is of course a concept and will not be released. You may download the PSD for personal use but re-uploading elsewhere is not permitted (the PSD at least). The .rar also includes a homescreen image, if you would like it.

Usage Rules:
You may use my work for personal use only. You may distribute modifications of my work while giving credit and providing a link back to the original. Monetary use is prohibited.


Home screen icons by: ~RuizDesign
Wallpaper by: ~lassekongo83
Original PSD: =zandog
© 2011 - 2021 jakeroot
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how about showing a soft home button?
Randomiguy's avatar
interesting but Apple won't give up that home button soon
jabarri2's avatar
im in the process of creating my own ui for android, just to add into my portfolio, been looking over your work and i guess the only question i have for you is there any way that you picked up on creating the phone model itself? like the grill and all of the little things to make it as realistic as it does? thanks

great work btw
jakeroot's avatar
The original model came from ^zandog (his iPhone 4) before he started to charge for his work, so talk to him if you have questions. Yes, I have messed with the original iPhone drastically, such as extending the design, etc., but as for details like gradients, the colors, modeling -- talk to him.
procastinato's avatar
Sorry just the phone in white if you can :)
procastinato's avatar
Could you make this one in black for me please ?? i will use it for my screenshots :) PM me thanks in advance
jakeroot's avatar
It is in black. Be more specific: the phone or the background?
NawaraGFX's avatar
Nice ! thinks fore share ;)
jakeroot's avatar
I agree! No but seriously, thanks!
BassUltra's avatar
Or maybe, apple should copy blackberry's playbook and make use of the bevel. :D
jakeroot's avatar
That could work, but seeing as they're suing Samsung for design infringement, I can't see RIM not suing them for the same thing. Then the entire company would be entirely made up of hypocrites!
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Nice concept - I never thought of removing the Home button but i quite like it :)

I still love my 3GS (love the sexy curvy shape). I still hold out hope that the iPhone 5 would go back that way...Guess we will find out at some point! *nudges Apple*
jakeroot's avatar
Yeah, I also have the 3GS; while I love the phone, I wish it had a retina display and that my Incase hadn't scratched the fuck out the backing.
TashiraT's avatar
Yeah, I have to admit, I am envious of the cameras on the 4.....I'm just hoping the 5 combines the best of both versions - sexy and practical :)
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