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1 Dollar Ad

Hi everyone! This month my indie TTRPG is on sale for just $1! The Magical Land of Yeld is a game about children from our world who discover a secret door to a magical land, but get trapped there! They have to find a way to escape before they turn 13 and become monsters! The game is written by myself and my brother Nick Smith, with hundreds of illustrations and comics drawn by me. If you're looking for a new TTRPG, please try Yeld. I think you'll like it! Buy the PDF at www.drivethrurpg.com/product/2565...

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If you like original art you might want to check out the Modest Medusa store today. I’ve had some unexpected expenses this Spring so I’ve decided to offer some original art I’ve been holding onto. This includes the original art for Modest Medusa strips 3-12, as well as some more recent pieces. So if you’re interested in the very oldest Modest Medusa strips, check out this sale. These includes the first full appearance of Modest and Marah, the first time Modest speaks, her first Chocodile and more! I’ve signed each strip and added a small character sketch along the bottom! You can see the full sale here.

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Ad 1

Hi everyone! You know that RPG I'm always posting art for? The Magical Land of Yeld? For the rest of the month we’re offering the digital version of the Yeld RPG for just $1 (or pay what you want). If you don’t have it you can get it from DrivethruRPG at the link below. Even if you’re not a gamer the book contains a ton of info about Yeld and art that you might appreciate as Modest Medusa readers. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/256555/The-Magical-Land-of-Yeld

Why this drastic sale? I’m sure you noticed that the Dungeons & Dragons community is going nuts and everyone and their dog is declaring that they’re going to ditch D&D and try new games. We’d like to take this opportunity to grab as many new players as we can and invite them to our community. We think offering our game at a ridiculously low price is our best chance to do that (since we can’t afford expensive things like ads).

If you bought our game in the past we appreciate your support so much, and this sale isn’t intended to diminish your investment or loyalty. Rather, we think its a unique opportunity to draw in a lot of new players to this community, and hopefully give you a lot of new people to play with!

You can help! We would appreciate it so much if you could help us spread the word. Share the above link with your friends, gaming groups on on your social media and favorite gaming Discords. Tell people that they can get our game for just $1! Encourage people to try something new! You’d be doing us a huge favor and helping us build a bigger and better community.

Thanks! - Jake

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The 3rd annual Modest Medusa Popularity Contest is now live! Vote for your favorite characters to see which 9 will join Modest on a brand new illustration next month! Vote here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/72999521

2021 Popularity Contest
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I'm so happy to announce that after 4 years its finally time for a new Modest Medusa book!


The Modest Medusa Season 5 Kickstarter is now live (and already 50% funded)! In this new hardcover book Modest goes to school for the first time, makes new friends and meets her greatest enemy, 1st grade teacher Ms. Booth! The 130+ page hardcover book will contain author commentary for every strip and a selection of bonus comics created just for this collection! Also available for the first time ever is the hardcover edition of Modest Medusa Season 4! I'm also offering new stickers, prints, pillows and other Medusa goods! New readers can catch up on the entire series with the modest medusa digital library, which contains all 5 Seasons plus the Modest Medusa coloring book and more! Please check out the Kickstarter here. I'd really appreciate your support!

- Jake

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