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Modest Medusa 1005, 1006

By JakeRichmond
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- This season of Modest Medusa is called Marah and the Pirates. In case you're confused, this story takes place between MM seasons 2 and 3, after Urano was killed by the Knight of Chains and Modest was taken by Vargas and Kerriogr to Dragul's castle, where she met her Mother and her Sisters. I hope you were wanting to see more of Marah and Captain Jaspar and his crew, because  yo're about to get a full season of them. I expect Season 7 to run for about 110 pages, so if all goes well this story will take just over a year to tell. We'll check in with Modest and her friends every now and then too!

I want to thank you all for sticking with my comic, both through the hiatus of the last few months and during the current epidemic. I appreciate your comments, your messages and your support. I'm afraid things may get worse for a lot of people before they get better, but I'll still be here making comics, and I hope you'll still come to check them out.

Stay safe and healthy.

- Jake

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Honestly while I'm a big fan of your comic series I have been less motivated to read this season so far since it's a prequel story. It's not your fault or anything it's just generally harder for an audience to be invested in a prequel story's A to B when they already know what B C and D are. I'm still looking forward to future pages of course 
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I understand, and I assume a lot of people feel that way. My plan is for this season to be contained in about 100 pages, and to be a very concise read. i hope readers that are mostly interested in Modest will come back in 1 0 or 11 months and read this season over a day or two and enjoy it.
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"Oh, and here's one more Modest. Say good bye, you won't see her for awhile!"

There's no pic.

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Oh, this was copypasted from my site. I posted the Harley Quinn Modest Medusa there. You can see it in my gallery here on DA.
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I am interested in seeing Marah in actions. I am also interested in seeing what happened after she died.
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We'll get to the second part eventually. I'm planning on a trilogy of Marah seasons. the next one will take place after she dies in season 3 and be about her resurrection and what she's been doing in Yeld since then.
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She won? am im misremembering?
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It was to first blood. While the prince struck a fatal blow it was after she cut him.
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oh yeah!
i kinda forgot about that...her death kinda resonated more in my memory I suppose.
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The art is amazing. The "g" is missing in challenged in the top left box of the last panel.
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