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You Are Who You Choose To Be

Just watched the Iron Giant again after not seeing it in years, and it still casts a spell on me. 
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“No... not Atomo... I Superman!”

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My friend (Disney Artist) created The Iron Giant.

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Omg so good. My professor in college was an animator on this movie; I know he'd LOVE to see this.
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Really great ! love the line work and the face of the giant

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The colors are so good

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“Buzz light year oh i mean Superman s#%t”

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Best movie ever ^^

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Still one of the most iconic movies. Thank you Ready Player One for reviving it.

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The iron giant is 10/10 cutest movie ever!

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That seemed to be the case with me as well, I watched it when it was originally in theaters, and then after not seeing it for years, watched it again on DVD and it still holds its power. It's actually one of the few movies I can think of that got me genuinely teary-eyed. Just, ohhh, great movie.

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Goddamn, I love this movie.

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Me too.

"Su... per... man..."

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