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Radical Racer Example Art

Here's my Radical Racer! 

I created this character for the latest Deviant Art Original Character Challenge. I love racing of all kinds, especially the whole aesthetic of professional racing. So I went that direction with the design of this character and his vehicle. 

His name is Cesar Méndez. Born into racing, he is a third generation driver who is more comfortable in a cockpit of a titan class cycle than he is in a conversation. Racing is his oxygen. On the most dangerous track in the Titan League; the track that killed his father, Cesar races, not to win, but to survive.

Cesar wears the ring of his late father. Worn on every race of his father’s career except the last race that killed him. Cesar wears it around his neck for good luck.

About his racing cycle:

Enzo Ferrari once said that aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines. The engineers and designers of the 22nd century would take that to heart when they created the Titan Class Cycle. They are the largest, most powerful, and hardest to pilot of all racing cycles. Built around a colossal engine to tackle the harshest terrain, it is said that piloting a Titan is like riding a bull that’s strapped to a rocket. 

Titan League Racing only has one rule: no explosives. Over the years Cesar has experimented with several tricks to gain a competitive advantage. His favorite is the gumball; a heavy ball with extremely sticky pads that can bring a Titan to a violent halt if caught on the tires.

Thanks for checking it out!


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wow, it's very nice!

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This is truly awesome.

Hey when will the contest winners be announced ? Just curious to see who wins
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it was announce at the end of june

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Thank for your contest i rly appreciate that, it my frirst time experiences and it something meaning to me ! Next time will won .
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Where do i can see all the winners of this challenge?

novicsajed1237's avatar

so i was wondering who won the contest

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woah this is cool!keep it up!

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Dude, you’re a legend and an inspiration.
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Oh yeah... I think mine's coming together nicely...

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I have already made mine

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Amazing design my boy. Interesting execution

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Challenge Accepted! <3

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i gotta try this challenge

Anyone getting Redline vibes from this artwork and competition? I think its really cool looking. I really like your style too, its very nice

Lmao that is awesome

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dis pretty flippin cool

CatScratchFeverr's avatar
This is worth a challenge for me because I never made a human character before. Challenge accepted!
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