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Star Wars: The Card Game - Arden Lyn

Card art for the "Jump To Lightspeed" set of Fantasy Flight Games' "Star Wars: The Card Game." This character was first introduced in the Masters of Teras Kasi Playstation game, and is notorious for having a pretty impractical costume. So I really had a blast getting the opportunity to redesign her into something that I think is more reflective of her actual personality and fighting style.
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cool, but the game still sucks

(the fighting game)
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Haha thanks. Yeah I never played the fighting game, but I heard it was pretty awful. All the more reason why I relished the chance to redesign one of the characters.

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You made a great job with her :)
I remember to use Boba Fett in that game, he had an awesome combo even Darth Vader couldn't beat.
(Btw, I don't see any Boba Fett in your gallery, is he?)
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Thank you, I had a lot of fun depicting her! Come to think of it, I've never done a Boba Fett. Like, EVER! :-O
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Well, it's about time, hehe
You know how strong is someone when she was capable of subdue the most powerful sith in history and keep him as hostage.
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Too bad she's no longer canon.....:(
This is a soft spot to me, i prefer don't argue most of the times this never ends well, but i am gonna just say this is a point of view. 
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Fair enough! I think if it was okay for Obi-Wan to lie to Luke about Darth Vader because of a "certain point of view," then it's okay for us to stick with the stories we like. :)
This is probably my favorite image of the character. Have you ever done more of her? Or is that not possible because of licensing?

Someone below mentioned the right "arm" and back. Personally from an anatomic perspective I think this is one of the aspects that stood out to me that makes it more "real" and not "person in costume/makeup". 

- She no longer has a right arm/shoulder. In its place (after traumatic/non-surgical separation) was attached a robotic appendage never designed to be placed in the vicinity of the human shoulder. Its range of movement and manipulation are different than that of a real arm (this version appears to lack abduction/adduction/rotation ability) and realistically it probably weighs a lot more. So it is natural that it does not look or handle as natural as a flesh and blood appendage would, and the art makes a clear delineation of flesh and machine.

But anyway, your talent and expertise speaks for itself.
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Thank you very much! This is the only piece of her I've ever done. I wasn't even really familiar with the character up until I was commissioned to paint her and then went to research her. 
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This was one of my favorite images of her that I found while I was researching for the project! She just looks so much more like a real person in that image. :D
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This version looks really dangerous, both in style and posture.
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I really like this character, I did cosplay her a few times and I confirm that her original outfit is highly impractical.
Back then I fixed it by myself wearing a top instead of the bustier, but I was not really sure about it either.
Now that you created a new outfit for Arden Lyn I must absolutely cosplay her again, thanks for doing it! ^_^
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Awesome! Yeah if you ever do decide to cosplay as her based on my design, I'd love to see it! :)
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When the outfit is ready, I will certainly send you a photo and credit you for the design :)
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Yeah her original costume is like this bright red bustier thing. Clearly designed with adolescent boy gamers in mind as opposed to what an actual martial artist might wear lol.
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Great artwork man, I like it !
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