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Inner Peace is Overrated

By JakeMurray
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Just received my contributor copy of Fantasy Flight Games' "Star Wars: Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game" core rulebook, so I can finally show this little number! I really love doing these sorts of slice of life scenes - especially set in the SW universe. It's moments like these that a Jedi in training probably wishes they'd already forged their lightsaber.

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what the name of this jedi

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She's just a nameless Jedi I imagined for this commission. :P

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This pic is perfect! I agree little slice of life pics make the worlds feel lived in. 
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Thanks a lot! Yeah that was my favorite part of working on those RPGs. The little moments.

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I always add small slice of life shit to my stories. IT just helps make the setting feel lived in. I think more so than pages of backstory and lore can.

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yeah just cant happen in a group like that

If he turns to the dark side they have no one to blame but themselves.

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Or impressive, that he's tuning out the noise around him.
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Well we can't be sure that she didn't turn them all into Bantha fodder immediately after this moment haha!
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Finding peace in chaos. 
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This is so well done! 
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Reminds me of Shifu in the first Kung Fu Panda movie XDD
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I can imagine so bad what a mess is going on there
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Her face is too perfect I just couldn't pass this by Laugh LOL 
You can just feel her internal screaming
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Thank you very much! The struggle is real haha.
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She looks like she's about to Force-knock their heads together if they don't shut up.
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Haha "Force-Knock" should absolutely be an official Force power.
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Gosh this feels like a Star Wars Norman Rockwell
Slice of life indeed
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Many thanks! I love Rockwell so it probably shows through in this haha.
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That awkward moment when you're reciting the Jedi Code, get to the part about there being harmony and not chaos, and chaos immediately erupts behind you.
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Haha no one ever said the Jedi path was easy!
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