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[open] animated requests! by ANANAALOG
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I'm sorry everybody, but this year's TAP-JAM has been ended early, due to lack of entries throughout the months.
Was it my poor marketing skills that caused it to fly past my radar? I dunno.
But I think I'm gonna have to close this jam prematurely.
Sorry to whoever was excited to join the jam. I just had to close it off due to a severe lack of entries.

I thank the people that have thought about join.
I thank the people that actually joined.
And of course, I'd like to thank :iconatomictiki: for inspiring me to make a jam like this.

I'm not sure I'll have this jam open next year.



It's that time again! Time to let your favorite characters trip the light fantastic! 
Welcome to

TAP-JAM logo by jakelsm

Inspired by AtomicTiki's many brilliant jams, you can draw any character (from media or OCs, be it yours or someone else's) performing some tap dancing so get to work and draw your favorite characters doing some ol' fashioned hoofing!

A recap of the rules:
  1. Art must be posted on or after July 16th 2018
  2. Art must be yours. You cannot use other people's entries.
  3. If you are interested in joining, post a comment or send me a note telling me!
  4. Entries must be posted as a response to this journal entry. (or at the very least mention me so that I know, and I will add your entry)
  5. You can make as many entries as you want.
  6. Any character and/or OC (whether it be yours or someone else's) is allowed (max. three characters per picture, so it isn't overcrowded)
  7. The subject must be "tap dancing"
  8. If you are not super-familiar with tap, look up poses, find pictures, watch videos, etc. to find out what poses tappers are in, clothes that you wish to use, etc.
  9. Optional rule #1: Art can be in a frame, either  TAP-JAM Border (Portrait) by jakelsm vertical or  TAP-JAM Border (Landscape) by jakelsm horizontal.
  10. Optional rule #2: You aren't restricted to the resolution of these borders. You can expand them if you want, particularly if you don't have enough space.
  11. If you use someone else's OC, please credit the creator of said OC (it's only fair on them, after all)
  12. The picture must be full body
  13. No NSFW!
  14. Above all else, have fun!

Officer Jenny [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm Jenny XJ9 [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm Le Mime [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm
Kick Buttowski - Kindall - Enchanted Night TJV by TXToonGuy1037 lilac milla carol  and neera [TAP JAM ENTRY] by bragon2004 Mark, Mary and Lottie [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm
A Bad Fall. (Animation.) by 21WolfieProductions