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Director: John Lasseter
Studio: Pixar Animation Studios
Year: 1995

In 1995, a company known as Pixar created their first feature-length movie, as well as the first computer animated feature film, Toy Story. This movie is the story about two
toys, one being Sheriff Woody, a pull string cowboy doll, and the other being Buzz Lightyear, a flashy spaceman with a voice chip, popup wings and articulation, becoming
friends after being departed from their owner, Andy, by being toynapped by Sid in Pizza Planet.

The movie was a fantastic revolution at the time, and is still considered a pretty amazing movie. There is quite a bit of character development in this movie. For example,
Woody, being Andy’s favorite toy at the time, was extremely jealous of Buzz, after he takes all of Woody’s thunder, but when both of them are in trouble, they rely on each
other to make things right. Likewise, with Buzz, he has character development too. Once Buzz comes out from his “spaceship”, he believes that he is a real space ranger,
despite all the evidence given by Woody telling him otherwise. But as soon as Buzz sees a commercial for himself on television, he quickly discovers that he really is just a
toy, and that Woody was right. There are other characters that are great too. Rex is a wimpy dinosaur with a big heart. Mr Potato Head is a witty potato with interchangeable
limbs and face, Hamm is a smart-talking piggy bank, Slinky is a dog with a slinky for a body so that he can stretch himself, which is useful, Bo Peep is Woody’s admirer who
takes care of sheep, as you can see, the cast is pretty interesting.

The fact that toys come to life when nobody is around is really cool. There is also the antagonist of the movie, Sid Phillips, Andy’s cruel neighbor who tortures toys, swaps
body parts of toys to make freakish abominations, and even plans on destroying Buzz by strapping him on a rocket and setting it off! His actions are truly despicable.

The animation in this movie is still ahead of its time, as it was the first computer generated feature film from over two decades ago. There is a lot of detail on each of the
models and the environments, as well as the lighting. It’s really expressive that way.

The voice acting in this movie sounds genuine, and it helps how two famous actors, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, were part of the cast of the movie. It also helps how the cast had
an excellent script to work on. The humor in this movie is spot on. I laugh and grin at the lines every time and how they are delivered. Sometimes, the humor can be a tad
dark, like when Buzz’s arm was broken from his attempt at flying to a faraway window, and Woody accidentally pulled the broken arm from behind the wall, so that from his
friends’ perspectives, Woody pulled Buzz’s arm off! The script also helps when Woody and Buzz were in a fight under Andy’s car at Dinoco Gas Station.  

The music was composed by Randy Newman. The music was really well composed and it fit the situations well, like in parts of Sid’s house, it has a broody and eerie atmosphere,
and during the moving van chase sequence, the music is quick and energetic.

My favorite scene in the movie has got to be near the end when Woody and Buzz start “flying” or as they put it, falling with style. The emotion, the music, the epicness. It
fills your heart with joy and anticipation.

Overall, this was an amazing movie then, and it still holds up today. Solid animation, clever story and humor, and true heart, it is a movie for everyone. Highly recommended.
Check out the sequels too!
A review I've written for the school magazine, I thought it was a wise idea to post it to y'all.
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