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Story by Jake Sharratt Martínez
Characters owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros Animation
Wade, Spade and Glade by Jake Sharratt Martínez

WARNING! The following fanfiction contains strong language so reader discretion is advised.

It was a calm and breezy night. Jump City has recently been saved by the Teen Titans from Johnny Rancid and the Titans are now off to relax in their tower. Meanwhile, Slade was in his warehouse and examining through it. He found a small book on a round table and decided to look back on it. The book featured all the times Slade has failed to achieve his plans, such as the time he abused Terra to join him, or tricked Robin to join him, or else his friends would die. Slade then closed the book and started to contemplate. "I'm so sick of these puny Titans always foiling my twisted plots!" he cried out "Why can't I succeed in taking over the world?" He began to look back at his efforts. "Is it because of my less-than-stellar army?" he asked. He thought deeper still. There was that time he joined forces with Raven's father, Trigon, but ever since he screwed Slade over, he didn't trust Trigon again. Plus, Slade's minions left him ever since he fell in that vat of lava, so they're out of the question. Suddenly, Slade came up with an idea. An idea that will surely put the Titans to rest forever, and no one could stop him from thinking this idea. "Of course! Why didn't I think of this before?" he exclaimed "I'll pick up a group of villains who are as evil as, if not, more evil than I am! Boy, will those Titans be sorry they were ever born!" So he got to his telephone and looked through his phone-book. Slade looked through these pages until he spotted under "M":
MalignoCorp - grab villains that look just like you, according to our database.
"Perfect!" shouted Slade and instantly called the number. "Hell there. I'd like to get some villains to aid me please?" asked Slade on the phone. "Sure thing. Now, what is your name?" asked the MalignoCorp employee with the squeaky voice. Slade, with his dying patience, replied, "My name? SLADE. Slade Wilson! Now gimme lookalikes of moi right now or your head will become kimchi, and make it snappy!" And with such a remark, Slade hung up the phone, and in the speed of Kid Flash, his evil minions arrived in a large wooden crate with air holes in it, that said:
"Hehehe..." chuckled Slade in a sinister manner. "With these minions, crime will slowly pay here in Jump City!" And so he found a crowbar to open up the crate and out came the lookalikes. There was a tall lanky figure, a short figure and a figure that wore glasses that was quite the nerd. Not quite the supervillain team Slade had anticipated. Nevertheless he made do with them. "Hello, new recruits." announced Slade. "Hello, Mr Wilson sir!" exclaimed the troop of Slades. "My name's Wade." said the tall one "Me, I'm Spade." said the short one "And I'm Glade." said the nerd "Well done." said Slade. He was intrigued to know the talents of his new clan. "So, what do you do?" The 3 Slades then stated "We are perfect for any occasion, discos, parties, birthdays, proms, pizza parlors, bar mitzvahs... you name it, we'll do it." "Although this place is like no pizza parlor we've seen." Glade said, with curiosity. "I didn't call you for pizza you shitheads!" Slade screamed grumpily. He wasn't expected to receive some performers to do his dirty deeds alongside him. Something tells me this MalignoCorp is a total rouse, thought Slade, but I'll risk it anyway. "Right, so as you are now standing in the way of your new leader, Slade Wilson, I will be the one giving you the orders." He then told Wade, Glade and Spade his plan. "I want you three to help me capture the Teen Titans!" The three Slades were perplexed in what Slade meant with the Teen Titans. "Who, boss?" asked Wade. Slade then proceeded to do a face-palm of disbelief. "Don't you ever watch the news?" he asked. "The Teen Titans, this team of superheroes who always save the world, and they make me throw up in my mouth!" "Boy, them guys sure sound like nice fellas." said Spade. "Why the hell would you say this kind of shit?!" Slade quickly replied. "Okay, okay I got a tad carried away." Shortly after, he asked the three goons some questions. "So, are you guys actually villains?" "Well, uh... nah, not really..." replied Wade. Slade then asked "Have you ever abused your victims to the point that they join you?" "Nope." said Spade. "Have you at least threatened someone to believe they were meant to do evil?" Slade asked a third time. "Negatory." said Glade. Slade appeared confused and disappointed that his team doesn't seem to have a history of villainous acts. Nevertheless, he was determined to make his team as evil as his possibly could. More evil than himself and even more evil than Trigon, or the Brotherhood of Evil! "Right then," said Slade "it seems that I'll have to show you what being a villain is all about." and with that he grabbed a graduation cap and burst into a musical number.

Slade: (speaking) So, if you want to learn how to be a villain, you're gonna have to learn all there is to know, from yours truly. So take your seats, sit up straight, and pay attention!
Wade: (speaking) Okay, if you say so....
Slade: To be a villain is pretty simple,
though learning how ain't quite so nimble,
you'll do it by my own step by step plan...
You gotta pull some clever tricks,
go through the list and check the ticks
and very soon, you'll be the malicious man!
Glade: (speaking) Oh dear!
Slade: Mark my words, you will become the blazing shot
that I want you to be
Spade: (speaking) Oh really?
Slade: Only thing to do is follow through my plots
and learn them from the master that is me!

All: Villain Training 101
Slade: The greatest way to learn to be a crook
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: is peeking through my lessons in this linen-covered book
Glade: Hey!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: I've got the knowledge that you need to know
Wade: Yo!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: I've got the secret plans to make those sickening Titans go!
Glade: Wow! (rocks out on electric guitar)

Slade: (speaking) Goddamnit, why must you ruin my song with your amateur guitar solo.
Glade: (speaking) Oh, God forbid!
Slade: (speaking) Anyway, where was I? Oh yes!

Slade: I think you get the general gist
Now let's do this with a twist
Terrorize our neighbors more than twice!
This exhibition has the gems
but not just that, rob ALL of them
Wade: (speaking) Wait, sir!
Slade: (speaking) Yes Wade?
Wade: (speaking) This doesn't seem very nice!
Slade: (speaking) Quiet you!
You three will soon be cunning and sharp to the point
Just like a swordsman's blade,
vandalism, murder, arson, theft in this joint,
you'll get all that you need to know from your old buddy Slade!
Glade: Oi!

All: Villain Training 101
Slade: The greatest way to learn to be a crook
Wade: (speaking) Are you sure this is safe?
Slade: (speaking) Of course!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: is peeking through my lessons in this linen-covered book
Glade: Hey!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: I've got the knowledge that you need to know
Wade: Yo!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: I've got the secret plans to make those sickening Titans go, plus I've got way more plans that I could show!! Everybody!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: The greatest way to learn to be a crook
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: is peeking through my lessons in this linen-covered book
Glade: Hey!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: I've got the knowledge that you need to know
Wade: Yo!
All: Villain Training 101
Slade: I've got the secret plans to make those sickening Titans go! One more time! I've got the secret plans to make those sickening Titans go!


The next evening, the four Slades appeared on the roads of Jump City. It was very tranquil and the atmosphere felt almost soporific, but Slade was not leaving until he taught his team how to be evil. "Have you ever wondered how to rob a bank?" he asked.  Wade, Spade and Glade all shook their heads. "Well, you're gonna find out!" He then broke into the bank with a gun, a bag and a serious attitude. He kicked the doors down and everyone was filled to the brim with fear. "THIS IS A ROBBERY! NOBODY FREAKIN' MOVE!" threatened Slade. Worried about getting killed by Slade, they went with giving money to him. "Hahaha! Robbing never felt so good!" he gleefully remarked. Slade left the bank with a sack full of greenbacks, leaving Wade, Spade and Glade shocked and appalled. "Boss, that's very mean spirited of you! How could you do this to the people of this city?" said Spade. "Aww, thanks very much, I take that as a compliment." Slade answered. "Now it's your turn!" "But boss," interrupted Wade "this behavior is against our good moral code!" "Villains don't have a moral code!" exclaimed Slade "Now get to it and make me proud!" Wade, Spade and Glade went to a different bank and pulled on the door handle, as opposed to kicking the doors down like what Slade had done. They did a false attempt to threaten the bank, to the point where Wade used a water gun and Spade used a Nerf gun, almost as if they were acting out a robbery. Everyone in the bank laughed at the Slade performers, leaving Slade embarrassed at his posse. "Good god, Rose never had a problem with me teaching her how to be evil," Slade muttered under his breath "this is gonna be a looooong day."

After a while, Slade taught his goons how to commit crimes, like hijacking a car (where the 3 performers did taxi work for the drivers), assault (where the 3 Slades just jumped on people to give weak nuggies), and even breaking and entering (where Wade, Spade and Glade were just looking for the key, or rather, the owner of the facilities). While all this was happening, Beast Boy and Cyborg were on the Titan Computer looking for the perfect place to get cake. All of a sudden, a buzzing sound emanated from the computer caused Robin, Raven and Starfire to find out the source of the commotion. "What is it this time?" asked Raven. Robin looked at the screen. It showed a picture of a map of Jump City as well as Slade's insignia on where the crime was committed. "Slade!" answered Robin. "My worst enemy. I can't possibly imagine the things he's done tonight." Robin then chanted his catchphrase "Titans, go!" "So we're not gonna get some cake?" Beast Boy asked. He started to cry. "But I'm so hungry!" Meanwhile, back in Slade's hideout, Slade was just about to give his new henchmen some orders. "I know your attempts at being villains were, how do I put it... below average," he said "but there is a way you can potentially redeem yourselves." Wade, Spade and Glade's heads pricked up. Slade proceeded to give his recruits some nets. "Use these nets to capture the Teen Titans and bring them immediately to me! This whole thing will pay well." informed Slade. "Pay?!" said Spade, Wade and Glade simultaneously. "Now skedaddle you three." Slade said before letting them out the door. Spade, Glade and Wade were off to capture the Teen Titans, not because they want to be evil, but because they just want to get paid.

The Titans rushed to the scene of the crime, with damaged vehicles, fires, broken windows and bullet holes, left with a small "S" insignia on the ground to mark where Slade had been. Robin looked through the debris and came up with a conclusion. "Yep, these are definitely the acts of Slade." He then gave orders to the other Titans. "Cyborg, Beast Boy, seek south! Starfire, Raven, seek north! Me, I'll head to Slade's hideout to see what goings-on are happening there." And with that, he left for Slade. Beast Boy transformed into a dog, sniffed for Slade's scent, with Cyborg helping him out. Cyborg had his sensor turned on. "Man, this sensor is pickin' up nothin'!" remarked Cyborg "We might as well have packed up and..." and Cyborg was about to finish his sentence, but from out of the blue, a large strong net, held by Wade and Glade, came out and captured Cyborg and Beast Boy. Beast Boy transformed back to his normal state. "Hey, what's the big idea?!" Beast Boy cried out. "Nothing personal," said Wade "it's just our job." continued Glade. "Wait a goddamn minute! Am I seeing double?!" screamed Cyborg, right before they were whisked away. He tried blasting the net, but alas, nothing. Beast Boy tried transforming into a fly to attempt to fly out, but the net was too strong and too protected to be able to escape so easily. Meanwhile, Starfire and Raven were looking for Slade themselves, looking for trails on the way. "What kind of the trails are these?" asked Starfire "They're like no Slade marks we've ever seen." "There's something fishy about these footprints," wondered Raven, "they don't like Slade's feet at all." and in the blink of an eye, Raven and Starfire got captured by Spade's strong net. In an attempt to escape, Raven screamed out "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" but that didn't work to any avail. "Is this some kind of prank, YOU CLORBAG VARBELNELK?!" raged Starfire. "Don't blame me, blame my boss!" responded Spade as he pitter-pattered his way to Slade's hideout. As soon as Wade, Spade and Glade got to the hideout, they showed their pickups to Slade. "Excellent!" He said in a cruel fashion. "Now," said Wade hastily "didn't you say you were gonna pay us well?" "YOU WORTHLESS DIPSHITS!!" yelled Slade. "Are you deaf? I said THIS was going to pay well! Now quick! I've got a hunch Robin is coming, so get to the main lobby!"

As this was happening, Robin, made it to Slade's hideout and decided to break in through the window. The room was entirely pitch black and there was no light being let in through any of the windows apart from the one Robin just broke. "Alright, Slade," exclaimed Robin, "Show yourself!" "Oh, Robin, you cretinous twat." spoke a familiar voice in the darkness. The person turned the lights back on to reveal himself. It was Slade, and by his side were his three cronies. Above them were Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg, all tied up. "Hey, Robin!" greeted Glade. "It's a pleasure to meet you!" continued Spade. Slade, pissed off at what they said, proceeded to slap both of them. "Shut your lip, you peabrained nimrods!" insulted Slade. He then decided to drop a steel cage on Robin and explain his plan to him, as well as everyone in the same room as him. "As you can see, my friends here have captured your friends, and the reason why we did this is because I'm so goddamn sick and tired of my ingenious plans always failing to you Titans. That's why while you are stuck in this cage, I will slowly drop your friends into this huge vat of lava and any attempt of escaping will make the ropes tighter, almost to the point of cutting blood circulation! That way, they can all burn alive and then YOU'LL be next! Now the Teen Titans will surely be extinct FOREVER!" Everyone in the room (except for Slade of course, being smug and full of himself of his sinister plot) was in a state of shock. "BURN the Titans?!" stated Wade. "This just makes my blood boil!" said Spade. Wait, we're his friends? thought Glade. "I'll boil you lot if you continue to disobey me like this!" reposted Slade. "Now stay on guard and spy on Robin to ensure he doesn't escape! Me, I'll commence the burning of the Titans!" "Okey dokey." they shouted feebly.

While strapped onto ropes, Raven cried out "You're not gonna get away with this you heartless son of a bitch!" "Bitch please," replied Slade "being heartless is what I do best! Now say sayonara to your friends, because you will NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN!!" and started lowering them little by little. Beast Boy struggled to change animal forms, as he was stuck inside strong ropes. "I guess this is the end!" cried Cyborg "Goodbye BB!" "It's been nice knowing ya' Cy!" wailed Beast Boy. Meanwhile, Robin was still trapped in the cage as Wade, Spade and Glades stared at him with no interest to threaten him. "Jesus Christ," said Wade, with a sigh. "spying on a superhero with nothing to do is so boring" "being a villain's henchman is so boring!" continued Spade "Being a villain is so boring!" agreed Glade. "I'd rather be at a pizza parlor than this wasteland! At least I could get a bite to eat while doing my job." Robin was looking through their conversation and decided to join. "Yoohoo, you guys!" whispered Robin. The three Slades focused on him. "Why are you guys working for Slade?" "We didn't really want to work for him." said Wade. "It was Slade's idea to get is from MalignoCorp!" resumed Glade. MalignoCorp must be new around here, thought Robin. "And what is this MalignoCorp of which you speak of?" he asked curiously. "It's group that creates henchmen for various villains" replaced Spade. "To be honest, we're the only ones that put on costumes in MalignoCorp." continued Wade. Robin couldn't believe what he just heard. "And I assume Slade was forcing you to be evil, wasn't he?" asked Robin. "Yep!" replied Spade and Wade. "Affirmative!" replied Glade. "Well listen up, you guys," Robin said "you don't have to work with him! Believe you me, I had to work with Slade at one point, and even one of our friends, Terra, had to work for him, but both times, Slade abused us to no end!" "Oh dear." said Glade. "And if you're all just naïve people that don't want to harm anyone, then as far as I'm concerned, you three are gonna help me and my friends." concluded Robin. And with that, he reached his arm out of the cage. "One for all..." Wade, Spade and Glade proceeded to put their arms out to reach Robin. "... and all for one!"

Robing quickly thought up an idea. "Glade," he called out "do you spot Slade's sword collection?" Glade looked up to see five swords of different sizes hanging on the wall. "Affirmative" he informed. "Try to break the cage by slashing it with the sword." Robin ordered Glade. "Good thing I've watched enough movies about samurais and pirates to know how to work one of these!" Glade gladly remarked. "Push aside, Robin!" And with many quick and fine slices, the cage was destroyed and Robin was set free. "Thanks for setting me free guys!" thanked Robin. "So that's one free..." wondered Spade. "... and four to go," said Robin "we've got to act fast or else Slade would have turned them into fondue!" "Yeah!" said Wade. And with that Robin chanted "Slades, go!" and off they went. Robin and the three Slades spotted the real Slade turning the crank to lower the four Titans. "This has got to be the new low, Slade!" yelled Starfire. Slade licked his lips and intimidated her. "How delectable, fried Tamaranean for dinner! Sure feels good being evil!" Starfire gasped "I am the horrified!" Meanwhile, Robin was thinking of a plan. That sword might come in handy again later, thought Robin. He noticed that Slade's crank worked through electricity and that his lava pit could be covered with a push of a button in the operations room straight ahead. Robin then came up with the plan. "Okay guys, let's break down our plan." informed Robin and gave plan details to Wade, Spade and Glade. "Wade, the plug for the crank is just behind this machine. Just sneak behind it and plug it out so the crank will stop working." He then told Spade "Spade, the button to close off the lava pit is in that room. Push it to prevent my friends from falling to their inevitable death." and finally to Glade "Glade, when both these have been done, I'll give you the signal, and you cut those ropes!" and Robin pretended to pull on a rope and told Glade that that was the signal to cutting the rope. "Right, that sounds like a good enought plan." said Wade. "Let's get to work!" Robin exclaimed.

Slade was busily turning the crank. Meanwhile, Wade was sneaking behind him looking for the socket, and Spade was sneaking around to get to the operation room. It was then Slade noticed Spade out of his job of spying on Robin! "Spade!!!" screamed Slade "What the hell do you think you're doing outside of your duties?" "Oh, Slade, uhhh..." Spade's mind went blank. He was trying to think of a plausible excuse. Drops of sweat dripped from Robin's head. Suddenly, Spade came up with the perfect excuse. "Uh... I was only getting a glass of water! Boy, all that spying sure makes my tongue dry up!" lied Spade. "Ah, well fair enough then." said Slade and off Spade went into the operation room. It was then Slade realized his mistake. "Wait a second!" he said. "We don't have a water supply in this hideout!" and so he chased after Spade into the operations room. "Don't you dare push that button you midget prick!" Slade screamed, but it was too late, Spade had already pushed the button and thus closing off the lava pit. At this moment, Wade pulled the crank's plug out of the socket. "Never mind, I'll just slam the shit outta them instead!" said Slade without a second's thought. Little did he know, Wade already pulled the plug, so when he tried to turn the crank, it wouldn't budge. "What the?" he said. Robin then gave Glade the signal of pretending to pull the rope and that urged Glade to jump high into the air. "Hiya!!" he screamed, and he swiped the sword all around, setting Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg free. "Hurray, we're not goners!" exclaimed Cyborg and Beast Boy, jumping for joy. "I feel as ripe as a zorkaberry!" cried out Starfire. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but it feels great to be alive and not cremated!" said Raven, giving a bright smile. Robin then introduced the three Slades. "Don't worry about them killing you, they're nice people!" ensured Robin to his friends. "Hey, Mr Not-Slade geek, does your posse possess any form of weaponry?" asked Beast Boy to Glade. "Well, we do have one or two things that may not necessarily kill Slade, but it will most certainly stall him!" Wade said as the three Slades pulled out their Nerf gun, water gun and LEGO Sword. Glade still kept hold of Slade's sword though. "Yeah. Slade? We've got a bone to pick with you!" said Spade as the Titans and the Slades laid their eight pairs of eyes on Slade Wilson. "... oh shit..." he whimpered "Titans, go!" chanted Robin, and with that, the battle was on!

Robin swished his staff repeatedly on Slade's face which gave him a massive migrane, but that didn't stop him from fighting. Slade did a massive kicked that knocked the masks off all the three Slades. They rushed off to get him, putting their masks back on in the process. Beast Boy transformed himself into an elephant and threw Slade into a wall. "Ouch, my back..." wheezed Slade "I'm gonna need a chiropractor after this." "All in all, it's just another brick in the wall, and YOU'RE the brick, haha!" laughed Beast Boy in triumph. Just then, Wade came up to Slade. "Hey Slade, check this out!" he said, and pulled out his watergun and sprayed water in his eye. "Argh! My eye!" Slade cried out. "What? This? A little water never hurt anyone." said Wade. "Hehehe, you're my type of comedian!" remarked Beast Boy. Afterwards, Cyborg came to the scene. "You two, get outta the way!" he yelled. "He was about to shoot until Glade showed up. "May I help?" said Glade reflecting his sword in an angle for Cyborg to shoot. "Oooh, clever!" said Cyborg, and so he blasted onto Glade's sword which sure enough blasted back at Slade, causing him to land on his face. "Booyah!" yelled Cyborg. Slade was not about to five up yet though, as when he got up, he started to charge at Spade, which he defended by shooting a Nerf bullet into his crotch. "Argh, you little bastard!" wheezed Slade. "If you thought that was painful, just be pleased it wasn't a real gun!" said Spade. Raven passed by "Oh good, that should stall him." she said just before she prepared her attack. Just then, Glade jumped by with his LEGO sword. "Need a hand?" he asked. "Why not?" Raven replied. "Crouch down though." she warned and Glade ducked down as instructed. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she cried and when she shot out her attack, Glade pulled his LEGO sword. Raven shot at the sword and the sword shattered and flew into Slade! "Brilliant!" she said, with applause. If only I could do that to my father, thought Raven. Starfire flew in and as that happened Slade started to wake up and roar out "YOU ROTTEN CUNTS!!!!" and started running towards Starfire! Just then, Spade gave Starfire an explosive wind-up jack-in-the-box. "What is this strange contraption?" asked Starfire "As soon as Slade comes up to ya, wind up the jack-in-the-box, throw it at him, and run for cover!" answered Spade. Starfire had to think fast, as Slade was running towards her at an alarming speed. "GET OVER HERE YOU SLUTTY TROQ!!!!!!" Slade growled. Starfire, offended by his words, started to wind-up the jack-in-the-box, threw it, and as soon as the puppet popped out of the box, Starfire, as well as the Titans and the three Slades, ran away from the jack-in-the-box, while it blew up right in front of Slade, sending him flying across the room.

When the explosion was over, the hideout was destroyed. When the Titans and Slades got out of cover, they cheered in triumph! "Woohoo! We did it!" cheered Beast Boy. "Now you know what will happen if you call me the Troq."  sneered Starfire. Slade came out from the rubble on him, and said wearily. "You nasty creeps... I'm not done with you yet! I've got one more move left!" All of a sudden, a police officer came out and placed handcuffs on him. "Freeze!" yelled the officer. "Hold that thought!" said Raven to Slade. "Wait, you can't arrest me! I'm Slade Wilson!" pleaded Slade. "Yeah... even though you've tormented us over the years and treated those around you like utter shit." called out Cyborg. "AND he's been doing this for years?!" stated the officer in shock. "Oh, that's a life sentence for you, pal!" Slade was then shoved inside the police car just outside his destroyed hideout. "You haven't seen the last of me, Titans," screamed Slade "and when I return, you'll be sorry, YOU'LL ALL BE DEAD!!! YOU'LL SEE!!!!!" and with that, the police car drove off into the night, leaving the Titans as well as Spade, Glade and Wade. "Boy, that was some adventure we all had!" said Glade. "You guys are all a big help," said Raven "helping out with defeating a true villain like Slade." "You guys all kick ass!" exclaimed Beast Boy joyfully. "Plus, you're all pretty funny!" "I think all of you are pretty cute," stated Starfire "especially the short one" she said while lifting Spade up. He blushed. "Aw, shucks!" "And I think you've got some pretty great taste." said Cyborg to Glade "Get this, I've got all the boxsets of 24, the Cornetto trilogy and a whole Frogger arcade cabinet if you wanna check 'em out" replied Glade and proceeded to give Cyborg his address. "Sweet!" exclaimed Cyborg "I'll be sure to keep this in mind!" "And for helping us set us free, defeating Slade and overall, just being a massive help, I'd like to give you these!" said Robin, and he gave Wade, Spade and Glade a Titan Communicator each. "You all are officially honorary Titans!" "Just change your clothes just to be on the safe side." suggested Cyborg "and maybe change your names too, just to be on the safer side." suggested Beast Boy. "Fair nuff." replied Wade reasonably. "Where there's trouble, you know who to call..." said Robin. "Teen Titans!!" everybody yelled out. "Now," said Beast Boy "about that cake..." and so the eight of them all went off to get cake, knowing that they saved the world from a major threat known as Slade.


Slade got sent away to the prison cell. "As this is a life sentence, you ain't gettin' out anytime soon!" the officer informed, leaving Slade alone. Slade looked around at his surroundings. "Hmm... perhaps jail isn't all bad," he witnessed "I have a television, beds, and a shower." Slade was feeling fairly optimistic. "Hmm..." he started sniffing himself. "Man, I could do with a shower actually." And with that, Slade got into the shower. Boy, it's a little cold, he thought, but it'll do I guess. Slade was taking his shower just fine until the soap slipped out from his hands and landed on the floor with a light thud. The other prisoners could hear it inchs away. "Alright," said a prisoner "which one of you dicks dropped their soap?!" He was looking through until he eventually spotted Slade. "Was it YOU bub?" "Me?! Uhh..." went Slade as his mind went blank. "Well, you know..." continued the prisoner. "You know what happens when someone drops their soap in prison!" and he unzipped his pants leaving Slade with a worried "Well, shit!"


A fanfiction I've wrote based on the 2003 cartoon Teen Titans. I've basically written this story during school, mainly because I felt like writing a story based on one of my favorite cartoons ever. And I felt I did quite well. I made sure someone at school read it beforehand so that it was good for publishing. I've edited it a little from my original draft, but I feel it went really well. There's even a song there! I might upload the tune to that soon.

Characters (C) DC Comics, Warner Bros Animation
Literature (C) Me
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