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When I was just a little tyke, I just simply took life for granted. I remember when I was five and I didn’t have to do tests, pay taxes or worry about Donald Trump being president. Oh how life was easier and more stress-free back then. Here are some of the memories that I had pre-secondary school.

I remember when we installed our trampoline in the back garden. It was a huge beast, it covered a large area of land, and thank goodness it did because it was great fun for me and my brother. We loved to jump up and down on the elastic body of this trampoline and we loved to play all kinds of games on the trampoline, such as when we were off to fight some evil goons on the loose, whilst bouncing up and down, happily and energetically, on our bottoms or using our legs. We went on all kinds of adventures and I felt really happy and energetic bouncing along.

Another fantastic memory I have was the time me and my family went on a pedal boat on the sea during a hot summer’s day in Spain. We pedalled out very far from the shore, and when we got far enough, to the point where people at the shore were the size of ants, we stopped and we had a bit of fun. We ate lunch on this boat, and there was also a slide on this pedal boat and me and my family all went sliding down, and what an experience it was! The sea was very deep! Deeper than what I was accustomed to! It felt like I was being sucked to the abyss! But rest assured it was a fun time we had, and it also gave be experience on how it was like to be out at sea and how riding on a boat was like.

I love the times we got ice-cream from the ice-cream man that would pass by our neighbourhood every now and then. Me and my brother would normally be excited by this ice-cream van and we would normally ask for money to buy ice-cream. And it was totally worth it. We always heard those jingles emanating from the van, and they were jolly tunes. We would go and buy whatever flavour ice-cream we wanted, and the quality of the ice-cream was rather nice! I also had this admittedly stupid ideology that the cone was not edible. I don’t know why I thought that, but hey, I was a very young kid back then. But the ice-cream was really good!

I do have some bad memories too though. I remember when I was at the beach on a different hot summer’s day in Spain. I was in the sea, minding my own business, and all of a sudden, I got stung by a jellyfish! It felt really sore and bad. I told my father that I needed medical assistance, so I had to walk with my father to a first aid doctor on the beach. He examined the sting thoroughly. He did however thankfully tell us that the sting from that jellyfish wasn’t very strong, and that it should cure in a few hours. I was also advised to not get into the sea for a while. I was relieved, but I did remember how lethal jellyfish can be, so I learnt some lesson about the sea and about jellyfish!

I will never forget how my grandmother from Spain became deceased and the news I received about it. I was told that my grandmother died from the fact that my mother visited her at the hospital, to show support for her. I didn’t come because it was for a family reason, but I was told from my father that my grandmother died. Everybody felt really devastated about this news and a lot of us felt really bad. We do still think about it very sparingly though, but we do care about her very much still.

I learnt that childhood can have its series on unpredictable surprises, some good, some bad, and they can all benefit us in many different ways. These kinds of memories are the kinds you would go up and tell your future children, to show how you lived back in the 2000’s (in a 17-year-old’s point of view), especially if you have a huge array of positive memories to share with them!
An essay I made for homework for school about our personal memories, here are some happy and sad memories from my childhood.
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