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Tippity Tapping Penny Fitzgerald by jakelsm Tippity Tapping Penny Fitzgerald :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 16 1 Lollipop Girl, the Adventure Time gal nobody knows by jakelsm Lollipop Girl, the Adventure Time gal nobody knows :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 8 0 Needing some cheering up by jakelsm Needing some cheering up :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 4 0 A captivating game of Scrabble by jakelsm A captivating game of Scrabble :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 6 0 Balloon Buddies by jakelsm Balloon Buddies :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 11 0 Jakesmas by jakelsm Jakesmas :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 8 1 Some Doodles of Mindy from memory by jakelsm Some Doodles of Mindy from memory :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 15 0 Top Hat or Straw Hat? by jakelsm Top Hat or Straw Hat? :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 17 0 Halloween Costumes '18 by jakelsm Halloween Costumes '18 :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 16 1 Tilda Tapz in a blazer and plaid skirt [REQUEST] by jakelsm Tilda Tapz in a blazer and plaid skirt [REQUEST] :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 14 3 Tap Dancing Veronica (Birthday gift) by jakelsm Tap Dancing Veronica (Birthday gift) :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 11 1 Kitty Hugger [REQUEST] by jakelsm Kitty Hugger [REQUEST] :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 8 2 Joey Claire's Birthday Message by jakelsm Joey Claire's Birthday Message :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 15 2 Tilda as Doctor Princess by jakelsm Tilda as Doctor Princess :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 14 0 Sedusa (Powerpuff Girls) - Bunny Girl Jam Entry by jakelsm Sedusa (Powerpuff Girls) - Bunny Girl Jam Entry :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 11 0 Jake and Tilda together by jakelsm Jake and Tilda together :iconjakelsm:jakelsm 4 3
Hey! Look! These are works of art made by Jake. Hope you enjoy!

Drawings were made on MS Paint, Paint.NET or FireAlpaca, and you'll find screenshots and traditional pictures in here too!


Witch Enid by ROBBYTHEROBBER Witch Enid :iconrobbytherobber:ROBBYTHEROBBER 4 1
Hello guys, i'll be taking requests as long as...
You fit the requirements:
-You watch RainbowPretzels 
-You've requested it in the comments of this journal
- 1 request per deviant (only one character, no complicated backgrounds)
-You provide a description of what you want the character to be doing/wearing ect...If you don't care what they're doing/wearing ect... that's fine (but at least choose a pose)
-States weather you want a Sketch, Line art or Line and color
-No nudity or sexual themes
For an OC
-Bio and picture is provided
For an existing character
-It's name is provided
-It's /movie/show/game/book/musical ect... is provided
-If it's in something like a book or musical without visuals provide an artwork of how you want them to look
What you'll get
-No guarantees it'll look good, but  I'll try my best
-It might take a day, it might take a week(depends)but will try to draw it ASAP! :)
P.S I give credit for CharTheKitten for kinda inspiring me to do this (check out her pa
:iconrainbowpretzels:RainbowPretzels 5 10
Requests (OPEN)!
As a way to say thank you for everyone watching me, I'm going to open requests!

NOTE: I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO EVERYONES REQUEST! I have a lot to do in my personal life, and I will only be doing characters I am inspired to draw.

-No Fetish Drawings.
-I have a right to not do your request.
-I will ignore you if you're not watching me. (New watchers welcome!)
-Please share in a journal / status update / poll!
-Feel free to link multiple characers from your /! It gives me more to pick from hehe
Just comment below some characters, and the link to you sharing this journal and I'll take a look at your characters!
Have a lovely day, everyone!
Kao Emoji-02 (Pretty Eyes) [V1]

:iconkokiichi:Kokiichi 16 27
-= Requests - OPEN =-
- I decided to remake the Requests journal because why not! Make it less cluttered. -
I open requests to get rid of art blocks or just because WOH UR GUYS ARE AMAZING. And you guys always are, I wuve u all :3  
Rules doh
- You must comment on this journal because dang man.
- No NSFW art plz of course ewe
- No art for/containing sexual stuff
- Seemingly inappropriate stuff will be hidden.
- I don't know don't ask or overly complicated stuff like Ink!Sans x 100
- I will only pick requests that I feel like doing. Sorry if I don't pick yours? *<*
- Please be kinda specific in your requests?
- Request as much as you want! Just check the 2nd rule above this one. :P
Each request's outcome will vary. I will try to keep with full-bodies or what is more appropriate for the request, though it might be lined, colored, shaded, or something along those lines. Please try not to complain(?) ,^w^
Anyways feel free to request stuff! This will only be open until I'm done :P
:iconicewingdrawer:IcewingDrawer 5 15
Free Art Requests
Looking to draw simple OCs. Some complex details are fine, but I'm mainly looking to practice anatomy/proportions so I don't want to spend too much time on details, but at the same time drawing naked bodies 1000 times gets boring fast. So just drop your OCs here.
I (might) draw couples if they're gay (BxB or GxG) and if I feel like it. Oh and also mention if you are OK with NSFW for the OC, but default I draw SFW only but if you're fine with NSFW I might draw it in that ^^;
Oh, and humanoids only.
:iconalteredgem:AlteredGem 6 16
Doll by John-the-stickifier Doll :iconjohn-the-stickifier:John-the-stickifier 15 11
2019 Requests [open]
So since I'm taking a break on commissions I thought I would do some requests.
Just link some of your ocs refs or just a oc ref and leave a vine reference (why? Cause why not lol)
I'll leave some examples right here vvvv
:iconconnie34:Connie34 5 16
Cute Character/requests
I will be drawing cute female characters today!
If you want me to draw another deviants character then make sure u get their permission, please screenshot their approval so that I can give credit to the artist
You can also submit an oc
Sorry there can only be one character 🚶 in the picture not 👫
If u have any questions please comment below👇
:iconviogean:Viogean 5 14
Art Requests Currently Open!
I'm doing a lot of practice right now, so I'll be taking requests. I only really do humans, males preferred right now due to being my weakness. Art will be rough sketches on lined paper since that's where I do all my practice. They may get sketched in digitally later, though no promises. Rules and other details are below. 
What I take is completely up to me, but know I will not draw OCs from Dollmakers, edits, traces, colorovers, bases, or anything along those linesI will only respond to you when I have both accepted and finished your sketch.Anyone who wants to guarantee high-quality art from me should know that commissions are always open. Only users who have had pictures for them completed will be listed below.
Batch 1:
:iconaijihi:Aijihi 6 32
Secret requests event: Librarian from Hilda by UtilityVehicles Secret requests event: Librarian from Hilda :iconutilityvehicles:UtilityVehicles 13 2
Hello everybody! I am now doing requests!! I can do headshots, fullbodies, and scenes! I will only do cats, though.
:iconkazedskies:KazedSkies 3 26
Just making another post, requests are gonna remain open for Awhile. Bring me ocs, canons, anything you want!
im best at simple stuff, but ill see what i can do!
This is also meant to be practice for me, so it might be more or less experimental!
No guarantees, but go ahead and ask for basically anything, ill do these in the morning!
ADDENDUM 1: Ill probably say no to your fetish art or something i consider out there.
2: also, ill probably only do one picture per person.
:icontrue-oculus:True-Oculus 2 2
Request Box
Comment down the Link to what you want me to draw for you.
Also, if it's a mlp or EQG/Human character then comment if you want me to use a base or not.
:iconxxthunderspeedxx:xXThunderSpeedXx 2 10
Oi, requests are closed
Heyo there, it's your one and only Soup that you forget in the fridge ages ago!
I am opening up some random free crappy art requests and when I say crappy I really mean it. No pranks. No jokes. Just pure laziness.
Feel free to send me any of your OCs wethers it's a human, furry/feathery, mecha or anything else that I forgot it exists.
You don't have OCs? Use personas! Oh, wait you don't have that either? You can send me any fandom characters! What? You don't have any fandoms? You can just tell me some themes or whatever I give up answering-If you want, you can also send me your characters and a base for the requests!
And again, when I say crappy art I actually mean it. Take that as a note okay. It is not gonna be like this;

Or even this;

Or even this one;

But don't worry, it is not gonna be a stickman because if I do, I wouldn't waste my time typing any of these.
And the rea
:iconretardedsoup:Retardedsoup 7 33
Art requests still-still open
its almost the end of January guys and you guys need to request anything if you haven't so do it ( just do it guys) 
:iconmiathecrystalgem:MiaTheCrystalGem 3 14
Requests and Trades OPEN!
requests are !open!
Leave a link in the comments to the characters you want me to draw and I may draw them if they're A E S T H E T I C enough lol.
art trades are !open!
Leave a link in the comments to the character you want me to draw. If we're at a similar skill level art wise I may consider an art trade!
collabs are !open! 
Ask in the comments if I wanna do a collab, and link to the character you will use. If I accept, you'll have to do your part first and tag me when you're finished so I can start my part! (don't start till I confirm that I want to do a collab with you) 

I may tag you here to remind me of your request/at/collab
:iconruin-s:ruin-s 4 18
Cute Art. Weird Art. Awesome Art. Amusingly Funny Art. You name it! It's all in my favorites!

And if you can, favorite these because they are awesome art!

OK, some of these might not be art! They might be flash or something else! But you know what I mean, right?


Traditional drawing
I will draw the picture using traditional methods of pencils and paper, and pen and/or marker where necessary.
Digital drawing
I will draw using the digital means of drawing, which is using FireAlpaca, Paint.NET, basically, stuff that isn't traditional means
I will draw a comic, using either means of drawing, and it can be either one panel or several.





R.I.P. Stefán Karl Stefánsson 1975-2018
You will always be our villain number one. 😔

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