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October 4, 2008
Delivering a lovely positive message via a wild & out there piece of vector art, inky sez by ~jakeliven grabs your attention thanks to its lovably cute & cheerful feeling, perfect use of a CMYK color scheme, cool little critter design, & a unique & attractive style oozing with detail. And if does indeed end up inspiring someone to draw more, then that's just a cherry on top right there!
Featured by Ikue
Suggested by SlyDante
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inky sez

inky sez... draw more!

a useful tip for us all

currently for sale at [link] , but not for much longer :(
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FochonaisFactory's avatar
fucking love this o3o you're style is awesome bro
emute777's avatar
Awesome work you got there.... :la: It's so cute....:#1:
mouse120's avatar
I bought this on Shirt.Woot a loong time ago!
shockdesigner's avatar
it's cool ... wow
jannaaikadeja's avatar
can you make the available print for this deviation go smaller? i mean i can only afford 1-3 usd each for a print. i can afford up to 10usd (based on my allowance) Puhlease. :)
jakeliven's avatar
ok I fixed it :)
SavannahSaurus's avatar
my friend got me this shirt fr my birthday a few years ago :D <3
jakeliven's avatar
a few years? it came out last year :)
SavannahSaurus's avatar
was it last year ?
it feels like i had the shirt for longer than that, O:
Cometa-Guavaberry's avatar
I really like the shapes of the creatures
Aw,thats just so kawaii *just like my name ^^*

cremecake's avatar
wow that so awesome! xDDD
TurTillaKillaH's avatar
wxtto's avatar
Great work as always J
Kxmode's avatar
I LIVE by this philosophy!
Corelia's avatar
I love this so much! You really deserve the DD! :D
RobotRomanceRawr's avatar
Woah...Awesome! Trippy!
TeeAl's avatar
scetchbook doodle... :sarcasticclap:
bobpwns21's avatar
So adorable.

A must-fav. :3
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