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Yin Yang Yo Logo

A logo I came up with a week or two ago involving the Yin and Yang (and Yo as well). Very stylistic and creative, ya think? And a lot different from the original, too the way I see it.
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The Green letter is not yo,is Yang,and the blue letter is also yang.
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To be frank with you, though, while they're both translated as Yang, the green letter is the Japanese character of Yang (better known as Yo in Nihongo) and the blue is the original Chinese saying of Yang.
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No,both still are yang,the green one is traditional Chinese,the blue one is simplified Chinese.
And the Japanese use the same word original from traditional Chinese,they might be pronoun different, but they still the same meaning.
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阳 (Yang)

陽 (Yō)

You're right about one thing; I reserved the meaning of two characters on purpose.

They both mean boys and light altogether; however, I made this character, 陽 say Yō because the meaning of the word sun in Japanese is 太陽 (Taiyō). Plus, in my point of view, Yin and Yang are Chinese while Master Yo is Japanese so there...