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Have you ever wondered if your wearing your suit in a modern way? Do you even have the right suit? Shirt? Tie? Shoes? GQ magazine recently put out a style guide to help the regular man look his best and i have just summed it up in an info graphic for your easy use. This info graphic explains everything a man should know about wearing a suit in a modern way. Check it out.
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Cpldelrio's avatar
Thanks!  This is awesome info.
i'm confused by some of this... what does "unpress" mean? if i wear a fitted shirt, the buttons bulge, so maybe that's not for everyone?
what is a "low button" - a button that's lower on the body or a low-profile button? what is a "tap" for a shoe?

SUMMARY: don't use jargon if you're trying to teach newbies!
Princess-Kisumi's avatar
Cool guide! Now if I can get my boyfriend to dress like this....
IVisme's avatar
Finally! Maybe more people dress nice when they know how, where I live...
Everyone wears supersized shorts and some mismatching undershirt.
This officially gave me hope. Yay! Thank you!
mintyHana's avatar
this is awesome~ i shall send this to my brother! he'll love it thankyou!
People who don't like square toed shoes are silly.
selinamb's avatar
My husband thanks you!
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