The Empath's Curse

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The empath's curse,
My burden to bear.
Your anger hurts,
Your sorrow shared.

I feel your pain,
I feel your fright.
I fail to keep sane,
As you cry through the night.

Your hatred burns,
Your love soothes.
My own feelings turn,
Reflecting your mood.

Your joy is my own,
Your courage contagious.
When your feelings show,
Mine turn outrageous.

When I witness your emotions,
I experience them too.
From you they are shorn,
To me they are glued.
Poem I wrote today on a whim. It sums up being an empath.
© 2011 - 2021 JakeFurlong
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ariya-sacca's avatar
It's a beautiful poem. It really speaks to me!
Crystal-Meowsie-Kitt's avatar
EmpathGirl1's avatar
I'm an unstable empath, meaning I don't know how to control it. Your poem is true and I love it. But, you can't suddenly become an empath, you have to be born one. And only 2%-4% of people are an empath.

I love your poem!!!♥
foreverXoXme's avatar
I'm in the process of writing a fanfic with an Empath. If she were real, she would love you for this.
This poem is very well thought out.
Tears-of-Hope's avatar
kudos mate, its a good read :)
Iknowdragons's avatar
Empathy, curse and gift, but this is very true :)
Rhapsez234's avatar
Ahh story of my life >.> But a beautiful poem nonetheless. Short and sweet, yet well-written :)
xKDawnx's avatar
I feel like being an empath is both a gift and a curse. Sure you feel the pain of others, but I've always felt like that gave me a chance to help them. It makes me feel like I have a greater purpose.
Not to mention how much stronger we feel happy feelings. :) I think it all balances out somehow.
Beautiful words, it really does sum up what it means to be empathic.
JakeFurlong's avatar
Thank you. And it certainly does make happy feelings more powerful. Though, in this chapter of my life, it's definitely more curse than gift, to be honest.
JakeFurlong's avatar
Thanks, all. But again, I say curse, but it's double edged. Curse is also a catchier word. lol
Lunar0907's avatar
Truly it does. Excellent and beautifully simple work. Sums it all up very well.
BleedingDarkness13's avatar
that does about sum it up. great job.
pashight's avatar
Short but sweet. :)
rexen724's avatar
i wouldn't call it curse.. but i do like the poem tho =D
JakeFurlong's avatar
I refer to it as a curse because of the pain it can bring. I don't mean that it in itself is bad.
rexen724's avatar
picture a world of insensitivity.. that is why it is not a curse.
Silverfang8596's avatar
awesomeness! it's so true of being an empath, its hard to keep sane
JakeFurlong's avatar
I'm pretty sure I'm not at this point. But tapping into insanity is funny as hell.
Silverfang8596's avatar
It can be, but its kinda off sometimes.
CodyFurlong's avatar
That's awesome buddy!
JakeFurlong's avatar
I got lucky with the words.
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