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Special Monster
It was A Sunny day At Rockford East At House Number 6 With Jake Behind His Back Yard Enjoying The Sun Drinking His Monster energy Drink
Jake Well It's About time Sins I Was Gone But Let Me Explain About wear I Was For The Past Few Months
Announcement Intro
Jake So Hear We are In 2019 Isn't Let Me explain Where The Hell I've Been For The Past Few Months I Was On A Breck From A Lot Of Drama From November to December But Now That is Not Wear Talking About Wear Talking About is I Took A Breck for A Few Months And That's Way I Did Not Came Back on YouTube But Now Hear I Am Now But Don't Worry Everyone the Video Is Fini99sh No Need To Panic But For Now I'm Just Gonna Have A Brack After I'm Finish my Video And That's All My Announcement And I'll Catch you All Next Time Peace
It Was A Bright Sunny Day Out At Alex And Lori's Apartment And Alex Was Enjoying His Mario Kart 7 And Lori Was Playing Tokyo Ghoul:Re But A Message On Lori's Phone And Side
Jake Hi Lori Its Jake So Yesterday
:iconjakeflames:jakeflames 3 1
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Splat Fantasy
This Will Be A Comic IN This Story And I Might Make It Into A Animated Video As well But I'm Still Getting Used To the Animated Tool's For Gmod But Intel Then I'll Make This Into A Comic But About This Story Is About 2 Purple Phoenix Who Try To Save this World From Darkness From the Demon Edan King From Putting This World into Chaos And there Friends Have To Fight the Imperial The Red Army The Red Fang And the Black Dragon Army As well Will 2 Phoenix King And Queen    Save this World Or Will There Friends Join Them And Same This World
From the World Of Shadow And Darkness


:iconjakeflames:Zred491firelord As Jake Connie Nikson Shad Yager Shadow And Blood Fang Black Wolf Sanjay
Luciana Shiro yager Anna Ackerman Camilla The Red Reaper
:iconbrianjacksonii:Brianjacksonll as BJ Jerome Apu Chris Agent 47, Jared Doakes, Apu, & Captain Cuttlefish
DJ Kane Darkness
:iconlizzietheratcicle:Lizzie Ratcicle: As Clauds, Callie, & Marie
:iconenderboy1908:enderboy1908 As Ender
:icontestedspider592:testedspider592 as Jonathan Belial, The Blood Twins & Eclipse
:iconmelika567:melika567 As Percursor & Necross
:iconcuteyoshilover:cuteyoshilover As Herself Light Squid Black Hiver, Seaweed & Poison  Christine, Jessica,
:iconaspider25:Alex Spider 25 As Himself Inkrua Darksquid
:iconalonsoa1102:Alonsoa1102 As Himself
:icongeoffman275:geoffman275 As Himself
:icondominictheinkling:dominictheinkling As dominic Cinimod
:icong-litchy-4:SMG4 As himself Desti & SMG3
:iconseantheinkling:seantheinkling As Sean
:iconpizzahyperside:pizzahyperside as Himself
:iconghostoftime1:ghostoftime1 As Ralph Skipper
:iconvenomknight827:venomknight827 as venom
:iconbeemaister:beemaister As Himself, Ferrea Blood Scalp
:iconsboomsonicspeeder:Alex Allstar As Himself
:iconloritheicewolf:Loritheinksona As herself
:iconvanvan529:Vanvan, Anthro_Girl
:iconalphaswan:alphaswan As Himself
T-ZELDA As Agent 3, & Herself, Olivia
:iconvioletinkling:Violet Inkling As Herself
:iconbigmariofan100:Bigmariofan100 As Himself And Miguel Sanchez
SegaTheHedgehog:As Himself
:iconsunnythecat3:SunnyTheCat: As Herself
:iconaccounty123:Brad Sega: As Himself
:iconrudyoctokidgamerart:RudySquidKidGamer VA: As Rudy
:iconmushroompropeller:Bluie (Shroom) Mashiro: As Herself
:iconmrmadness02:mrmadness02 Dark Octopus
:icondrybonez352:Oscar Algonquin
:icontheyellowinkling:Ben Benni (Corrupted)
:iconmichaeldreemurr:Michael Omar
:iconernesto666:Darkia Diana
:iconsephy90:Raz Robert
TTA Gamer As Himself
:iconskylarkarategirl: as Herself Christa
Vayne Tompson As Himself Crimson
.WS Productions As Himself
Jared Gaming 
Hay Guy's Its Zred Um I Have A Important announcement To Say is I'm Leaving It's the Best Thing Is I Don't Exist Any More But If Your Hearing this It Mean's I'm Dead Right Now  And Not Living But If Your All Haring This I Will Not Take This Shit Drama Anymore So I Hop You All Have A Happy Life And I'll See You In A After Life And Before I Go I Wont to Say Is Thanks' For Everything Everyone No Matter What Happens To Me I'll Alyawy's Be with You Intel The Very End Thanks' All Of You Good Bye In Tear's And Have A Safe Life
Splatoon Hide And Seek

One day at Headquarters,Alpha called out a meeting

Alpha:”Since there's nothing else to do,what are your opinions guys?”

Everyone was thinking til TZ answers

TZ:”I realized that today is National Hide & Seek Day.
So how bout we give that a shot?”

Alpha:”Great idea,TZ!
Since you suggested it,how bout you be the Seeker?”

TZ:”Fine with me,lets head outside!”

Meanwhile outside of headquarters

Everyone is present
Alpha,BJ,Jake,Nate,Rudy,Robert And Jared

TZ:”Ok here are the rules:
The hiders have one minute to hide and cover much ink as possible while the seeker waits.
After that one minute is up the Seeker will start inking back,when I found you guys you'll get splatted and stay in the Loser's bench.
Once all Hiders are found,the Seeker wins
But if the Seeker couldn't find all Hiders til 5 minutes are up,they win.”

Alpha:”Ok guys,let's get started!”

The clock started everyone scattered

After that one minute pass,TZ begins the search

TZ first found Nate hiding in the bushes and got splatted

Then found Rudy blended on the car

TZ:”Where could Jake and Robert be…?”

Robert:”I really hope she hasn't looked here yet:” said while hiding in the dumpster til he heard someone
It was Bob

Bob:”Hey there scrub,what are you doing on my dumpster?”

Robert:”Beat it Bob,im playing hide in seek”! Til he got spotted from TZ

TZ:”Guess what day is it boys?”
She grabbed Bob and shoved him with Robert in the dumpster

TZ:”(sound effect) GARBAGE DAY!”
she threw a splatbomb in the dumpster

And I blame you,Bob!” he punched Bob out of the dumpster

Jake was hiding in a box near the dumpster

Jake:”Damn you Bob,you snitching bastard!
At least she hasn't found me…” he thoughted til his box was lifted up

TZ:”Splatbomb delivery for Jake!”
She rolled a splatbomb in the box and she sat on it

Jake:”No,no,Damn you TZ!!”

TZ:”four down,three to go.”

BJ was hiding in a tree

BJ:”Damn,TZ is quicker as I thought!”
Til his cover go blown by Jarome

Jarome:”Hey,it time to go home,i need to play Fortnite!”then he grabbed his leg

BJ:”Bro,let go of my leg!
TZ will hear us!” then he fell on top of Jarome and a beehive fell on front of them

Jarome:”Crap,not again!”
BJ:”Are you tricking kiddin’ me?!”

TZ spotted them and she laughed when they got stunged and she splatted them

TZ:”Both you boys got the bees knees!”
All is left is Alpha and Jared”

Jared was hiding inside the building unseen

Jared:”Why leave a drop of ink when I can just simple hide inside like a pro?” he smirks while he was hiding under the counter

???:”I have a pizza delivery for Jared Gaming!”
Jared pop his head out of the counter
He looked on his left and found TZ

TZ:”Pro hiding,huh?
You need to recheck that,buddy.”
She pointed out that Jared left a trail of ink on his shoes

She splatted Jared

She did a headcount on everyone
There one minute left and Alpha is still hiding

Alpha was flying in the air

Alpha:”She found everyone,but there's no way she gonna find me in time.
I got this in the bag!”

Villager:”Oh,really? Think again!”

He spotted Villager on the roof of headquarters she aim her slingshot and fired at alpha
(Fell down Duck Hunt style)

TZ:”Look like I won guys!” she grinned while the others moan in disappointed

TZ:”Who's up for round 2?” she smirked

The others Scream and ran like hell

Olivia Hmm Idiots

Then TZ's Went Up To Olivia And She Was Scared

Olivia What The....



Olivia Held Her Banned Hammer In A Corrner



then splatted Olivia

The End
Splatoon Hide And seek
So Basically This Is My Friend TZ's Idea Where We All did Splatoon 2 Hide And seek Wear we Made Up But Anyway I Hop You Enjoy My Script And Funny Moments So I'll See You All Next Time Peace 

:iconjosieslasher: Zred491firelord as Jake 
T-ZELDA As Herself
:iconalphaswan: Alpha Sawn as Himself
:iconbrianjacksonii:Brianjacksonll As BJ Jerome 
Jared Gaming as Himself
:iconrudyoctokidgamerart:rudyoctokidgamer as Herself 
Nate as Himself 
:iconsephy90:sephy90 as Raz Robert 
Jake VS Lucina A.K.A Darksquid
So Did A Little Short Battle Against Darksquid A.K.A Lucina 

Brother And Sister To the End 

:iconjakeflames: Jake The Oned Eyed King VS Lucina The demon Dragon Phoenix Queen
:iconaspider25: Darksquid

It's Been Sins TZ Was Save From The Dorado Gang From Her Hell Thay Put Her And Villager There Thay Wear Harassing Her And Destroying Her Bike And Shooting Her In The Shoulder But Not After Alpha BJ And Clauds Save TZ's Life From Getting Killed But Thay Got Arrested And Got Exiled From Inkopolis But After Saving TZ Thay showed Her New House And TZ Was Surprise And Kiss Alpha And She Was Happy In Tear's 1 Month Later She Was Loving Her New Place And Sins She is Neighbor With Jake And Flower's Place

9 Hours Later Alpha Drive TZ Back To Her Place Sins It's Getting Midnight And She Was Tired As Well From the Mall Hanging Out With BJ And The Other's But TZ And Alpha Got Out And Had To Say There Goodbyes 

TZ Thanks' For Driving Me To My House Hon 

Alpha Your welcome TZ 

TZ (Smiled)

But Before Thay Go TZ Give Alpha A Kiss On The Check 

TZ I'll See You Tomorrow Alpha (Smile)

Alpha Same Goes To you TZ

Then TZ Walk To Her House And Alpha Walked To His Airwing Wail Saying Good Bye To Each other And TZ Look Up And See Alpha's Airwing Left Off To His  Apartment And TZ Smiled Away And She Walk In Her House To Get Herself In Bed But Before she Did TZ Wonts To Check On Villager Room To Open The Door Quietly To Check On Her Then TZ Smile Away When She Check On Villager Sleeping 

TZ At Less Villager is Asleep 

Then She Shut Villager's Door Quietly And Went Straight To Her Room And  Change In Her Clothes Into Her Pink Shirt And Pink Shorts And Got In Bed And Past Out But Her Phone Was Raining But She Did Not Answer At All

1:00 At Jake's House He Was On His PC To Check On Squidbeak Agents Website And Scrolling Down But He Scroll Up And Saw The Breaking News And It Was Shocking for Him And On The Squidbeak News 10 Agents Have Been Kidnap By A Army Of Black Wolf Octolings And Jake Was Gonna Call Everyone Up Hear 


Then The Rest Of The Purple Phoenix Group Came Up Hear And Saw The Breaking News And Thay wear All Surprise And Frighten 

Jess Holy.....Carp That Was A Shocking 

Chris Yea...…No Doubt About That Shocked 

Jake Let Me Explained This Tomorrow At Alpha's Headquarters And We Need To Report This To Alpha

Christa Exactly we Need Someone's Help to Save those 10 Agents 

But then Some Of the Group Was Scared 

Olivia To Be Honest I...I...Don't Wont To Be Kidnap Alive 

Jess Same...Hear...And How Did Thay Got Captured 

Chris I Don't Know But We Have To Find Out By Tomorrow 

Jake Same Hear But Anyway Let's Get to Sleep Now Dismissed 

Then Everyone Went To There Rooms Including Christa And Jake 

Olivia You Sure Wear Gonna Save Them

Jake Only One Way to Find Out But Wear Gonna Have To Tell Everyone About This By Tomorrow

Olivia Alright then As You Say So 

Then Jake Got in Bed with Christa 

Christa Hay Jake 

Jake Yes Christa 

Christa Are you Sure This Is A Good Idea 

Jake Of Course It Is Besides Wear Not Gonna Let Those Villains Take Those Agent's 

Christa Right Sins Wear Gonna Be Rouge Agents Of Squidbeak To Save Inkopolis City But For now Let's Get some Sleep 

Then Christa Give Jake A Kiss On The Check 

Christa Night Jake 

Jake Night to You to Christa 

Then Thay Shut Off There Light And Went Straight to Sleep 

14 Hours Later At Alpha's Headquarters 

BJ And Christine Was Not Happy What Happened On The News From Last Night When Jake And Christa Told Them About It 


Jake Yes And I'm Scared To But Do We Any Choice To Save Them 


Christine BJ Calm Down 

BJ Sigh Sorry Christine

Christine Sit's Alright But Is It true The 10 Agents Are Kidnap

Christa Yes It's True Christine 

Jake But We Had No Idea Who Kidnap 10 Agents But we Have To Fighter Out Who Kidnap 10 Agents 

Ryan Not Just That The Great Zap Fish Have Been Kidnap As well Witch That Mean Is We Need 2 More 

Jake....The Hell Is Going On Right Now 

Christa Wait The Great Zap Fish Have Been Captured Again 

Ryan Hat To Break It to You 2 Yes 

Christa Dammit Sigh

Christine If you Need 2....

TZ I'll Help 


TZ I Got Your Message Earlier Just Now So Me And Alpha Will Join

BJ Wait You Can't Be Serious You 2 Might Not Know What Will Happened To you 2 

TZ BJ.....Long Time Ago Me And Alpha Wear Agents From 4 Year's Ago By That Time Before We Retired ButNow I See On The Squidbeak Website And That Is Why Me And Alpha Wont To Help Jake And Christa On This 

BJ Sigh.....

Christine Don't worry About Them BJ Agents What Agents Gotta Do 

BJ Sigh Fine But TZ Alpha Don't Get Your Selves Captured 

TZ Right And Christine 

Christine Yes 

TZ Take Care Of BJ I Can see He's Tired Right Now 

Christine Hmm I Can se That Right Now And I Hop You Come 4 Come Back Safe (Worried)

Then Christine And BJ Walk Out Of But BJ Wont To Say Something To Jake 

BJ Jake...?

Jake Yes? 

BJ What You Ever Do Don't Let Those Dark Octolings Kidnap You I Don't Know What Thay Wold Do But Just Don't Let Them Alright I Can't Lose You 

Jake.....Sigh I'll Be Alright And I'll Come Back Safe 

BJ Hmm Thanks' Jake 

Jake No Problem (Smile)

Then BJ And Christine Walked Out of Alpha's Meating Room 

Alpha Sign Wear Truly Sorry What Happened We Did Not Know This Happened To Those Poor 10 Agents And The Zap Fish As Well Like Ryan Side 

Christa I Know To But We Will Have A Plane To Save them But First We Have To Go The Squidbeak Headquarters To Find Out 

TZ So Wear Heading There 

Jake Exactly For That Sample Besides We Might Have Accesses To The Cameras

After So The 4 Agent's Are At The Main Squidbeak Headquarters To Check The Footage To See How Did The 10 Agents Got Kidnap

TZ This Place Is Bigger Then I Thot it Wold Be

Alpha Same Hear

Jake Well It's The Headquarters As All Way's But

Then Ryan Called Jake And Christa For Something

Christa Guess Ryan Needs Us For Something 

Jake Right....But Any way's Will Be Right Back

Christa It's Gonna Take 30 Minuets See You To

TZ See You To As well

Then Christa And Jake Are Gone From The Camera Room

Alpha Well this Is A Waste Of Time (Annoyed) 

TZ Chill Out Alpha Thay Will Come Back Besides Thay Work Hear 

Then Jake And Christa Walked Down The Hall Way To see Ryan In The Rouge Agent's Room 
Christa What.....You Sure About This 

Jake I'm Sure Bedside's Nothing Will Go Wong Alright...….

Then Jake Opened The Door And It Has A Full Loaded Of Rouge Agents Suit 

Jake/Christa HOLY CARP 


Ryan Welcome To The Rouge Agents Area 

Jake GGHH Don't Sneak Up On Us Like That 

Ryan My Apologies You 2 But Anyways This Is Wear You 2 Became Rouge Agents Of Inkopolis City But Are You 2 Ready For It 

Jake And Christa Decide And Thay Did Agreed On It 

Jake Yes Wear Ready

Ryan Hmm Good....Anyways Your Suits Are Down There Waiting For You 2 

Christa Right 

As Thay Walk Down To Get There Suits All The Way Down The Big Room With Rouge Agent Suits But The 2 Suits Are Vary Powerful In Battle For Them 

Christa Your Sure About This Jake 

Jake Yes I'm Sure Besides The Inkopolis City And The 10 Agents Including The Great Zapfish Need Are Help To Save This World 

Christa Your Right Inkopolis Need Are Help To Save This World

Then Thay Opened The Glass Door 

Jake Your Ready 

Christa Yes I'm Ready Lets See The Future Hold For Us 

3 Hours  Later TZ And Alpha Wear Asleep Inside Of The Camera Room But Then Jake And Christa Came Back And TZ And Alpha Woke Up

Jake You Seemed Tired TZ

TZ What.....Sorry For Me And Alpha Wear Waiting But we Instead Got Some Rest 

Christa It's TZ But Wear Ready 

Alpha...Hay How You To Get Those Fancy Suits 

Jake Didn't You Hear Me And Christa Are Rouge Agents Heroes of Inkopolis 

TZ Theos Suits Looks Pretty Good On You

Jake Thanks 

As Thay Wear Talking Rayan And His Octoling Came In 

Ryan You 4 Are Finish 

Jake Yes And Wear Ready For Are First Mission 

Ryan....Vary Well Your first Mission Is Getting The Zap Fish At The Octo Base And Watch Out For Male Octarians 

TZ/Alpha/Jake/Christa RIGHT 

Then Ryan's Octarians Open The Portal For Them And Thay All Walk In It To Save the Zapfish 

Agent 6 You Sure It's A Good Idea 

Agent 5 I...I Don't Like A Sound Of It Captain Ryan 

Ryan I Know But We Can't Afford One Of The Agents Get Kidnap Besides The 4 Agents Are The Only Hope  For Inkopolis 

After Thay Arrived But TZ And Alpha Are On the Other Side And Jake And Christa Are In The Octo Base Wear The Zap Fish Are 

Christa I Hop Agent Blue And Orange Are Ok 

Jake That's About I Was Say As Well I Hop Thay Be Alright 

Christa Same But For Now Lets Don't Waste Time We Gotta 2 Zap Fish To Save

Jake Right 

As Thay Enter The Suicide Area With A Bunch Of Ontarians With Mini Guns And Snipers And Octbots 

Jake Alright On My Mark 1....2.....3 Then Thay Charge At The Octolings With Mini Guns But Thay Wear Spotted Anyway The Octo Snipers Started To Shoot AT Them But Thay Doge Any Way But AT TZ And Alpha's Spawn Point Thay see 10 Ontarians And Octobots

Alpha You see Anything TZ

TZ Well I See 10 Ontarians And 5 Octobots But we Have To Think A Stagey To Take Out The Octobots If Wear Gonna Save the 2 Zap Fish 

Alpha Right But First Let them Come To Us 

TZ Um Is That Kind of Suicide 

Alpha Trust Me TZ I Did This Wean I First Meat You 

TZ...Alright But Carful What Your Doing Alpha 

Alpha Right 

Then The Ontarians Saw A Yellow Splat Bomb And Thay Go Check Behind The Conner  But Alpha Splatted Them Alright And TZ Throwed A Yellow Splat Bomb To The5 Octolings Guarding Got Splatted By Her Then The 5 Octobots Came And Search For 2 Agents And Thay Found Yellow Ink And Thay Octobots Targeted The Yellow Ink But It Was A Discretion To The Octobots And Thay Got Splatted By TZ And Alpha's Throwing 2 Ink Bombs At 

TZ Now That's Done Let's Get That Zap Fish 

Alpha Right 

And Thay Swim To The Zap Fish And Got It From the Light Bob 

Alpha Now That's Done Lets Go And Help Jake Christa 

TZ Right Behind You Alpha 

After Alpha And TZ Wear Done Thay Went in The Octo Base And Find Jake And Christa Are But Thay Are Still Fighting the Octo Bot with A Shield And A Ink Sword 

Christa Puff * Dammit How Are We Gonna Defeated Him Wail Using His Shield From Shooting Him

Jake Christa

Christa ?

Jake Don't you realize We Have Swords As well

Christa ! What we Do

Jake Of Course we Do

Then Jake Took Out His Sword From His Suit 

Christa Is It Behind Your Back 

Jake What Your Waiting for It's On Your Suit 

Then Christa Look On Her Suit And she Got A Kanata For Slicing Shield

Jake Lets Go

Christa Right Behind you

Then Thay Charge At the Octobot with A Sword And A Shield Then Christa Slice It In Hafe And Jake Ran Straight to It And Slice The Octobot In Hafe  But He Got Ink All Over On Him

Jake God Dammit

Christa That's Your Own Fault For Doing That

Jake I Know Let's Just Find That Zap Fish.....

Then There About To Walk Away When Thay Saw That Octobot's Body Was Glowing

Christa HOLY C...CRAP Don't Tell Me That Thing Has A Lot Of Zap Fish

Jake ….Only One Way To Find Out

Then He Walk Staright To It And Crouch Down To Look In Side Of the Octbots Body

Jake Alright Let Me See What You Ha......

Then It Was A Trick But He Spotted A Octarian Try To Get Away With 9 Zap Fish

Christa/Jake Oh No You Don't

Octoling Ah Oh

Then Thay Splatted Him With There Dules

Christa All Zap Fish Saved

Jake Hmm Smile

Then TZ And Alpha Walk Down To The Center Of the Base Of Sector 1 But Thay Stopped And Thay Wear Speechless When Jake And Christa Saved 9 Zap Fish

Alpha/TZ HOW!

Jake And Christa Looked At Each Other

Christa Well You See Behind Us That's Where We Got From Destroyed It

TZ Holy Carp And That's A Lot Of Zap Fish

Alpha I Know Tell Me About It But Any Way Let's Get Back To The Main Headquarters

Jake Right

Christa Well What Are we Waiting For Let's Head Back There And Get So Lunch I'm Buying

TZ Thanks' Christa

Alpha Same Hear I'm Kind of Hungary After We Did Are Mission

Christa Smile

Ryan Well I Think You 4 Should Head Back to Headquarters

Jake Right

Then Thay All Left The Sector 1 Back To The Squidbeak Headquarters

4:15PM At The Headquarters

TZ Well That Was Intense Don't You Think You Guys

Jake Yea Tell Me About And like My Brother Chris Side Don't Pissed A Octobot

TZ Smile I See But We Still Need To Complete 4 Sectors

Christa I Know But There's Something Not Right About this On Sector 2

Alpha Christa Don't Worry To Much Bedside's You Took Out Us On Lunch And You Buyed Us Food But Just For Now Take A Good rest Way Won't Ya

Christa...... Alright Alpha But At Less We Clear Sector 1 In One Day 

Jake But Anyway I Think Wear Gonna Call A Night But Just Remember This 


Jake The Stage's Could Be Harder then The Last sector So Be Prepared For It

TZ Got It

Just There About To Leave Christa Has To Say Something to Them

Christa Hay TZ And Alpha...

TZ/Alpha ?

Christa Wear Not Gonna Tell Everyone About This And Even Your Friends As Well But Anyway Wear Heading Off See You In The Moring 

Then Jake And Christa Teleported To There House 

TZ....What Dose Christa Try To Say Alpha Worried 

Alpha Well Christa Was Trying to Say Is We Should Keep This As A Secret TZ 

TZ Alright That's Fine With Me

But Then A Red Octoling Was Watching The 4 Agent Leavening Subway 

????? Hmm I See...… These Are The 4 Agents Who Took Out Sector 1 

Black Wolf So what Do You See 

????? Well I See The 4 Agents Going Off For the Night 

Black Wolf I See What You Mean Anyway When You To sector 2 I Need You To Protect The Zap Fish from, Those 4 Agents

????? Roger That 

Then She Teleported From Inkopolis City 

9:00AM At The Squidbeak Headquarters The 4 Agents Got There Gear On For the Next Mission At Sector 2 

Jake So Did All Of you Have A Good Sleep 

TZ Yea I Did But Alpha Was too Busy working On His Video And Plus He's Tired 

Alpha...Sorry About it That Jake 

Christa It's Cool We Had That some Times Alpha ^-^ Mistakes Happened To All Of us 

But Then The Alarm Clock Started To ring 

Jake Well It's About Time 

TZ Yea It is? 

Jake Anyway Let's Head Down to the Control Room 

Christa Right Behind You Jake 

Alpha Same Hear 

Wail Thay Left The Lobby Thay Wear Running to The Control Room To Meet Ryan For There Sector 2


Door Open* 

Ryan About Time All Of You Came 

TZ Sorry Wear Late Ryan

Ryan It's Cool No Need To Apologies But Like Jake Side About Sector 2 It's Full Of 50 Octolings So You 2 Need To Split Up 

Alpha Wait Why Split Up 

Agent 27 Well Like Wise It Could Be 100% Dangers To Work Together So The Only Choice Is Split Up In 2 Team's 

Alpha …. Fine I'll Take I Still Don't Like It But I'll Bye It

Agent 27 Good To Hear From you Alpha And I Hop All Of You Be Safe When You 4 Come Be 

Jake Oh We Will Come Back At No Time 

Agent 27 Alright And Amway's I Open the Portal To Your Spawn Point At Sector 2

Christa Hmm Thanks' Agent 27 

Agent 27 No Problem Christa 

As Soon Christa Leave Ryan Has Something To Say About To Jake

Ryan Hay Jake 

Jake Hmm 

Ryan Lesion When You Get To sector 2 There's A Bunch Of Octolings And Including The Metal Gear Rex So Watch Out For Those Octarians

Jake I Will 

Ryan Good To Hear Now Go And Save Those Zap Fish 

Jake I Will 

Then Jake Blasted To Sector 2 To Meat Christa And TZ And Alpha 

Ryan Come Back Save...…

When Christa Was Waiting For Jake At The Spawn Point But When Christa Saw Jake Super Jump Staght To the Spawn Point 

Christa So How Was The Talk 

Jake It Went Pretty well And Where Did TZ And them Go 

Christa There Are On The Other Side But Follow Me And Stay Low 

Jake Got It 

When Jake And Christa Crotch Thay Walk Slowly From The Oct Snipers And The Octobots But Thay Went inside With Looking But When Thay Went Inside Thay Saw 25 Zap fish 

Jake Well There's 25 Zap Fish 

Christa IK But Its Being Powered By Something

Jake Hmm I See 

But Thay did Not Know Thay Wear Followed By 6 Octolings

?????? Hello...….What We Have Hear 2 Agents Rooming Around My Octo Base 

Christa Crap We Wear Followed Surprised 

Jake Just How Are You....

?????? My Name Is Scarlet HMHMHMH No Up Your Feet Both Of You 

As Jake And Christa Started To Get Up And Walk Down to The Basement And The Basement was Full Of octobots Guarding The Rooms And As Soon Jake And Christa Wear At The Dark Room With A Cage Hanging From the Ceiling And The

Scarlet Tied Them Up

Octobot Right On It

As Thay Tied Christa And Jake Thay Put Them In Side The Cage And Put them Straight High 

Scarlet As Soon My Reinforcements Come For You 2 There Will Be Nobody left to Save You Or Those 2 Agents Friends Of Yours's You Will Watch The World Suffer And You Will Not See Inkopolis Fall I'll See You In A Minute And Your Kraken Blood will Be Ours HMHMHMHMHMHM 

Then Scarlet Shut The Door But When she Say Destroyed Octobots And In Front Of Her She Say TZ And Alpha 

TZ Hello 

Scarlet How Did You Get Down Hear 

TZ We Blow Up The Ceiling Above Your Head

Scarlet You Sneeky Bas.....

When TZ Splatted Scarlet She Open The Door And  Saw Jake And Christa Tied up In A Cage So Alpha Pulled The Lever Down And When Thay Open The Cage TZ And Alpha Untie Them 

Jake Thanks' TZ And Alpha

TZ Hugs Jake

TZ Don't Scare Us Like That You 2....

Jake It's Fine TZ 

TZ Fine My Ass Thank God You 2 Are Ok IDK What I Can Do With out You 2 But I'm Glad You 2 Are Safe Worried 

Alpha Yea You 2 Worried Us For A Secend Then The Alarm Started To Ring 

Christa Crap We Have To Get Out Of Hear 

Alpha IK The Way But Wear Gonna Save the Zap Fish We Have To Destroyed The Octo Rex So Follow My Lead TZ Your With Me And Take Out The Octolings Inside Of The Octo Base 

TZ Right 

Alpha And Jake And Christa 

Jake/Christa Hmm 

Alpha You 2 Keep Them Busy Wail Me And TZ Save The Zap Fish And Take Down The Octo Rex 

Jake Roger Tha
As Alpha And TZ Wear About To Leave When Alpha Has To Say Something 

Alpha Hay Jake 


Alpha Be carful Out There 

Jake I Will Smile

Then Alpha And TZ Left the Basement And Jake And Christa Wear Waiting For The Octarions Arrive And By The Time the Octarions Running Down To The Big Hole From the Basement But When The Octarions Came And Attack Then Jake And Christa Did A Big Explosive And The Ocarions Wear Surprised


Jake To Be Honest Wear the Heroes Of Inkopolis AND WAER THE DEFENDERS OF THE CITY OF INKOPOLIS


Then Alpha And TZ Wear Fight A Bunch Of Octolings Inside Of the Octo Base 

TZ WHAT Was That Explosion!

Alpha That Must Been Jake And Christa But For Now We Got Some Octobots Coming There Way so Watch Out For Them 

TZ Right 

Jake And Christa Got The Last of The Octobots And Splatted The Octolings

Jake Is That The rest Of Them 

Christa Not Yet There's Still One More Left the Octo Rex But Draw your Sword Out 

Jake Got It Same Attack From The OctoBot with The Shield And Sword 

Christa Exactly

Then the Octo Rex Targeted At Jake And Christa To Captured Them Alive 

?????? Your Not Getting Out Of Hear Alive You Brats 

Christa On My Mark

As Thay Are About to Charge At The Octo Rex Christa Draw Her Kanata Out 

Christa Now 

After The Long Battle Against The Octarions Inside Of The Octo Base

TZ I Think That's The Last Of Them 

Alpha Yea Lets Tune Off The Power And Get The Zap Fish And Get Out Of Hear 

TZ Righ…….

But before TZ And Alpha Wear Gonna Shut Off The Power Jake An Christa Control The Octo Rex And Made A Big Hole By Control It And Destroyed The Power Inside The Octo Base 

Jake....That Should Take Care Of it Let's Get Out Of Hear Before More Show Up 

TZ/Alpha Right 

As So Thay Took The Zap Fish And Blasted To The Headquarters To Recover Jake's Injeras

7:00 Inside Of Black Wolfs Fortress Agent Blue And Orange Wear Tied And Week When Thay Took All Of There Kraken Power 

Agent Blue/Orange MMMMMMMMM 

But Suddenly Darksquid Open The Door And Check Up On Them 

Darksquid So Your A Wake You 2


Darksquid Calm Down I Won't Do No Harm 

Then Darksquid  Pulled Up A Chair In Front Of Agent Blue And Orange 

Darksquid No Need To Inter Fear But I Have some Good News's 2 Of You....Have One More Experiment Of Your Blood But

As Darksquid Put Hear Hand On Agent Blue And Orange

Darksquid You 2 Will Still Remain As My Hostage But In Other Words

Orange And Blue Wear In Fear And In Tear's when Darksquid was Talking About The Experiment 

But It's Been fun But I'll Be Checking On You All Later HMHMHMHMHMHMHMH 

After 10 Minutes At The Headquarters TZ And Christa Wear Fixing Jake's Injeras


TZ Wear Almost done Jake Calm Down 

After There Wear Almost Done Fixing Jake's Wounds Ryan Sister instead To Came in To Check On Jake In the Nursery Room 

Vena Hi Jake....

Jake.....Hi Vena.. It's Been Aweil After 5 Year's At Shadow Fang Island
Vena Yea It Has Been Quit Sins After 5 Years seeing the Surface The First Time

Jake Him Yea It Has.....

Vena So What's Up With You These Day's

Jake Well Pretty Much Good

Vena Hmm I See....

Then Vena Look At Jake's Left Arm And Eye 

Vena Hay Girl's 

TZ/Christa ?

Vena Mind If I Treat Him 

TZ/Christa Sure 

Vena Thanks' 

TZ No Problem

Then Vena Got Some Hot Water And A Rage And Wash Jake's Wounds On His Arms And His Left Eye 

TZ......Um May I Ask You This Vena

Vena Sure 

TZ Wear You A Nurse From 5 Year's Ago 

Vena Yes I Was....But How Ever Black Wolf Instead To Taking Me As Hostage With My Brother As Well But Thanks' To Christa And Jake Saving Me And Ryan From His Woman Trying To Torcher Us

As Soon TZ And Vena Wear Done Talking She Finish Healed Jake's Wounds

Vena Can You Move Your Arm 


Vena Good

As Vena Is About To Walk Away Christa Wonts To Say Something To Vena 

Christa Hay Vena

Vena....What Is It 

Christa I Like To Say Is I Wasn't Excepting From 5 Year's At Shadow Fang Island From That Octo RAY But Thank You For Saving Me And Jake 

Vena Anytime Christa But I Think My Brother Is Waiting For All Of You 

Jake Right Everyone Lets Head Out 

TZ Roger That 

As Everyone Left The Nursery Room Ryan Was In The Lobby Waiting For Everyone 

Jake Sorry For Keeping You Waiting 

Ryan it's Fine But How's your Arm Anyway 

Jake Hmm Doing Fine 

Ryan Hmm Good To Hear But Anyway At Less You 4 Made It Out Alive 

Jake Hmm 

Ryan But Anyway 4 Of You Have Some Guess With You Alone Your Mission 

Christa Oh And That Is 

Ryan Agent 5 And 6 

Jake Ohhh Agent 5 And 6 

Christa Yea its Been Aweil Sins The Last Mission Before The Fall Of Shadow Fang Island 

Jake True But As Your Saying Ryan 

Ryan Well I'll Just give Agent 5 And 6 A Hand With Sector 3 Sins Its Gonna Be A Lot Of Octarions And Dark Squids Army But That Is Why I'll Lead Pearl And Merina A Help On Your Mission You 2 

Jake Hmm Thanks'

Ryan No Problem 

Then Ryan Open The Ceiling Of The Lobby 

Ryan And Remember Be carful Of The Octolings All Of You 

Jake/Christa/TZ/Alpha RIGHT

Then All Of Them Blasted To Sector 3 And Ryan Gave Pearl And Merina A Word to Them 

Ryan Hay Girl's 

Merina Yea What Is It 

Ryan Protect Those 4 AT All Cost No Matter What Now Go And Be aware Of Darksquid Army 

Pearl/Merina Roger That 

Then Thay Blasted Of To Help The 4 Agents 

Ryan I Don't Know How Much Time Jake And Christa Will Have But I'm A Bit Worried About Them

When The 4 Agents Wear AT There Spawn Point Thay Saw 19 Zap Fish But When Agent 5 And 6 Came Thay Saw It To 

Jake....Something Ain't Right Hear 

Agent 6 IK And That's Why Wear Hear To Investigate What Behind All Of This

Christa Yea You May Have A Point there Merina But Its Look's....

Then Thay Look Up And Say A Big Mother Ship By DJ Octavio In Side Of It Was Him


DJ Octavio OH Hello There Rogue Agents





Then All Of The Octarians Started To Go After the 4 Agents But instead Thay Fight Back From getting There Selves Captured By Splatting All Of them But The Octo Ray was To Powerful And Strong  But Pearl And Merina Wear Shot And Knock Out And The Octo Ray Took THE 4 Agents By Force 

Octo Ray What Should I Do With Them 


Merina N....No 

DJ Octavio Hmm Tie them Up And Bring them in My Ship That's All We Came Fo….

But How Ever Agent 21 And 22 Came To Save The 4 Agents 

Christa Ha Took You Long Enough To Save Us
Olivia Hmm Of Course How We Can't Let Are Friends Get Kidnap By Octoling King

Jake How About Talk Later And Save Us

Olivia Right 

As Olivia And Chris Try to Save The 4 Agents But Thay Only Save TZ And Alpha 

Olivia DAMMIT 

Shadow Squid Surprise Little Brats 

Then He destroyed The Airwing And Crash Landed Near Pearl And Merina 

Shadow I'm Sorry But We Got A Date Intend To With The Rogue Agents And Will Come For You All Soon MHMHMHMHMHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH 

Then Shadow And His Octo RAY Went Inside Of Octavio's Mother Ship And Leave With Jake And Christa 


TZ Forget About Them We Need A Plain But At Least We Got the 19 Of Them But For Now Lets Head Back To Headquarters

Olivia Right

And So Everyone Went Back to The Headquarters But When Thay Got Back There  The Control Room Was A Mess And Empty With Papers On The Floor And Broken Screens

Olivia What The Hell Happened Hear

Vena The Rest Of The Agents Got Kidnap And Took My Brother....

TZ Really 

Vena....Hate It Break It To You But Its True And The Force Of The Octarions Took Everyone But I'm the Only One Who Survive 

Pearl Can You Explain What Happened When Wear AT The Spawn Point

Vena Yes Hera's What Happened  Before This Happened 

Flashback Before The Invasion Of The Squidbeak Headquarters 

Ryan...…I Don't Know How Much Time Jake And Christa Will Have But I'm A Bit Worried About Them 

Vena RYAN 

Ryan Hmm What's The Problem 



Ryan Started To run Down the Hallway To Save His Sister But In The Control Room There was Black Wolf And Darksquid And There Army 

Black Wolf So Where's Your Leader Little Princess

Agent 27 Why....Should I Tell You All Where Is He Now

Black Wolf Because Your Leader We Need His For something You All Agents But We Are No Use To Her To That Paretic Octoling But She Is Welcome To Come With Us 

Darksquid You Know Wear Not Gonna Sit Hear All Day Our You Can Say it Out Loud 

Ryan Shit This Is Just Great Thay Got All Of My Agents And Now Thay All Wont Me For Something 

But then A Robotic Was Behind Him But He Fight Back And Splatted All Of His Army But He Has More 

Vena Ryan 

Ryan Your on Your On Sis.....Forgive Me 


Present Day 


Alpha What's Wong


Then She Hear The Call From the Mic From Octavio's Mic But It Was Someone Else 

TZ What Is That Noise 

Pearl IDK But I Have A Bad Felling About This 

Merina I Feel You Pearl 

Then From the Mic It Was A Unknown Person 

???? Hmm I See You All Wont All Of Your Comrades Back I See 


???? But If You Something In Made You All Should Save Your Friends Before Thay Become Roasted Squid And Octopus 

Vena/Olivia/Chris/ FANG 


Chris This Is Bad....At This Rate 

VENA In Deed Chris But All Of Us Have to Save All the Agents My Brother The Great Zap Fish And Inkopolis Before There Long Gone 

TZ What About You 

Vena No Need To Worry About Me I'll Take Care Of This But I'm Counting On All Of You To Save All Of The Zap fish Bedside's We Have 50 More Intel Sector 5 Then The real Fight Is One No Go Before It's Too Late 

Olivia Roger That 

All Of the Agents Left To Sector 4 And Save 30 Zap Fish But It's Gonna Be Hard For Them But At There Spawn Point Where Thay Are At Thay Saw A Bunch Of Octo Snipers And Octo Splattling's 

Merina If Wear Gonna Survive This We Need To Think A Strategy To Take Down those Octarions 

Olivia.....Exactly But Hear's A Thing Merina Me And Chris Could Take Out The Octo Snipers And I Need some Of you To Save The Zap Fish Wail We Snip The Octo Snipers And Splatting

TZ Wait What About You Worried 

Olivia No Need To Worry About Me And Chris Got This Under control Anyway All Of You MAY Go We Got You From Above

TZ Alright Be Carful  2 Of You 

Chris We Will 

As Soon Everyone Left Olivia And Chris Started To Sneak Inside Of The Octo base And Olivia And Chris Came To The Octolings With Splat Scooper Thay Strangle Then Uncinches

Olivia Alright Lets Splat The Snipers And The Splatting And Then Wear Done Hear

Chris Right Behind You

2 Hours After Kidnapping Jake And Christa The Octarions Tied Them Up Together In A Cage And Wail There Waking Up What Thay See In The Dark Room Is Dark squid And Shadow 


Dark Squid...You 2 Are Finally Awake I See 

Jake mmmmmm 

Wail Darksquid Open The Cage And Went Inside Of It 

Darksquid Don't Worry You 2 Wear Your Guess

Wail Darksquid Is Inside Of The Cage And Close It To Have A Talk with Jake And Christa 

Darksquid ...As I'm Speaking Right Now Are You 2 The Once Destroyed Shadow Fang Island 



Darksquid But We HAVE some Plans For 2 Of You And Including Those 2 Agents Besides You 2 Are Welcome As Hostage But It Doesn't Change Even You 2 Struggle Uniting Your Selves Any Who When Thay Come To Sector Zero Thay will Enjoy There Hell And we Take Alpha And TZ And Thay will Join With You 4 But Anyway I Have Some Plans to Take Care Of Have A Nice Sleep you 2 MHMHMHMHMHMHMH

As Darksquid Shot the Door The Purple Smoke Came To Them Thay Wear Uncinches By the Purple Smoke

After The Long Battle Against The Octarions From Octo valley All Of them Wear Splatted After Defeating The Octo MG Ray  And Took the 30 Zap Fish And Back to Headquarters But When Thay Got Back From Sector 4 



Olivia.......In Cast You Realized Wear The Last Agent's Around The Squidbeak

Merina But This Doesn't Mean Wear Not Giving Are Selves Besides Wear The Only One's Alive Because Of Ryan's Orders

Pearl Exactly Besides We All Know Thay Have A Big Army At Sector 5 And ready To Capture Us You Not Might Know What Thay All Have For Us

Olivia Don't Work your self To Hard Pearl

Pearl Huh? Tear's

Olivia We Still Have Each Other And wear Alive From the Invasion From The Octarions From the Octo Valley And there's No Need To Be Worried And Scared Remember that We Got Each Other 
Pearl Right 


Alpha...What's A Matter TZ Worried

TZ...Well To be Honest You Remember Rosa Right 

Flashback Of Photos Of Rosa 

Alpha I Think So 

TZ......Any way's Back then Rosa Saved Me Back AT The Abandoned Paint Factory When She Saved Me From From Getting Killed By Krudo Octa Before She Past But I'm Still Having Memories Of Hear Of Losing Hear...And That Is Why I Won't Lose You Or My friends In Tears' 


Alpha I Know You Won't You still Have Me Jake BJ Clauds All Of Us And There's Nothing to Lose (Smiled)

TZ Smiled 

As Vena Walked In the Room wail Knocking

Vena Hello 

TZ Oh Hay Vena 

Vena Hello TZ 

TZ How's Your Right Arm Doing 

Vena Still Injured But Better Most Likely But I Need All Of You For A Secend

TZ Alright

As Everyone Followed Vena To The Labe 

Olivia Let Me Guess A Nether Sector we Have to Complete Again 

Vena Yes But This Isn't About Completing Sector's This Is More Difficult Then All Of you Excepted Besides I'm Coming with All Of You

Chris But Who's Gonna...

Vena Lesion You Have No Idea Its Like Squid Hell And Belie Me Myself And My Brother Including Jake And As well So You All Won't get Yourself Captured But Like Merina Side We Always Stick together And That is All I Have To Say But Anyway We Don't Have That Much Time So Let's Move Out

Vena Started The Super Jump Pad And Set It At Sector 5

TZ Hay Vena

Vena Hmm

TZ I Hop Jake And The Rest of The Agents Are Save

Vena....I'm Thinking The Same Thing About them But For Now We Got 10 More Zap Fish to save Then The Great Zap Fish

TZ ...Right Lets Go

Vena Right

As Thay Super Jumped To Sector 5 There Spawn Point Was At Outside Of the Big Large Octo Base And As Thay Got there Thay Saw Air Ships And Octo Snipers Including Octolings And Octo Bots 

TZ 0_0

Alpha 0_0

pearl/Merina 0_0

Chris WWHHHH....



Vena Gasp......EVERY HIDE 

When Thay Notice That They Had Octo Air Ships And Thay Are Not Easy To Escape From

Pearl Now What Any Ideas 

TZ ……Well IK Its Suicide But We Don't Have A Choice

Merina TZ Don't Worried

Vena Let Her

Pearl Wait wait wait Hold Up Vena Do You Realized You Putting Us In Danger But Still...We May Have A Chance To Wipe OUT The Hole Army We Have A Chance To Take Out The Octarions

TZ Not Exactly Yet Pearl.... We Still Need To Take Out The Octo Snipers And the Octo Bots And Including The Octo Commanders That Is Gonna Be A Problem

Vena I Agree With TZ And Anyway We Should Split Up But I Think Who's Good At Sniping And That Includes Olivia And Merina 


Vena You 2 Are the Only Snipers I Know And Besides If you 2 Took Out The Octo Snipers And the Commanders And Us Take Out the Octo Bots And Then Pearl And TZ And I Wipe Out The Hole Octarions But What Do you Say You 2

After Everyone Look AT Each Other Thay Agreed On It

Olivia/Merina We Accept On Your Agreement

Vena Great Now Go Inside And Find the A Way to the Roof Top


After Olivia And Merina Left Vena's Team Walked Quietly To The Octo Outpost And A Bunch Of Octarions Around The Area Guarding The Zap Fish And Vena Look Above Her And Saw Olivia And Merina On Top Of the Octo Base 

Vena You Girls Ready 

Olivia Same As Ever 

Merina Are You Sure 

Vena Of Course Merina Now Stop Wasting Time 

Merina Was Sacred To Shot Because of Her Hastate

Olivia If You Can't Do Then Leave This To The Master

As Olivia Amid At the Octo Snipers And the Octo Commanders  She Shooed At Booth Of Them With One Hit And When The Octolings Look Around Them Thay Realized there Wear No Octo Snipers Or Commanders 

Black Hair Octoling Strange I Thot There Wear Octo Snipers Or Commanders Behind Us.....Hmm Something 

Vena Ant' Right....

Black Hair Octoling Ohh Shi.....

When She Got Shorted Her Team Splatted Some More Octolings And The Octolings In Armor Guarding the 10 Zap Fish


Vena Yea But Pretty Much Your Army Is Week to Us 

Commander Octoling You Dirty Son Of A.....

After Thare Done With Thay Moved On the Next Area

Chris Is That It

Vena Think So But for Now Lets Get To the Next Octo Spawn Point

When Thay Got To The Next Spawn Point Merina Was Worried About The Secend Spawn Point

Merina Hay Guy's Um I Must Wronged You All About the Secend Spawn Point

Vena And that Is?

Olivia Well Like Merina Side About this Spawn Point

TZ But How Many Octarions Are Thay?

Olivia Well As You Can see There Is A Bunch of Octolings Octo Snipers Commanders And Octo Ships And Octo Cray And Ray So Um Watch Out For them

TZ Right

Alpha And Just In Case we Brought Some Power Ups But Only in Cessions If We Run Low On Ink Or Somebody Is In trouble

Olivia...Good Enough But Only In Casions But Fokes For Now Wear Hear Hear To Save The great Zap Fish And The Agents But There Is 5 More But the Last One Guarded By A Large Group Of Octo Bots On Top Of The Octo Ship So Be Carful You All


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