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Windows 10 Build 10125 icons for TuneUp

Yea , i know preview has more icons , but in TuneUp i was able to put in only 83 . Go ahead and try . - here you can get your copy of Windows 10 Preview . Don't forget to fav , if you download it!

Updated version contains fixes for some icons and much content of imageres.dll from build 10125 , so you can set else icons for Games , Control Panel and else shortcuts .
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how to use this pack ?

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You need to use TuneUp Themer.

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Thank's for compiling this pack 👍:clap:

Gracias por compartir tu trabajo

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thx! gonna use it on win7!
how do I use the .tip file I assume it would replace all icons automatically instead of manual one by one?
hi!! i need help to download the icons pack 
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Are you trolling me right now ? Can't you see wide download button ?
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Thanks man for share those icons. I will use that for making Nokia themes :)
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Don't forget to mention my name when you describe it.
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Thxs!!! I was searching for Icons like crazy and nobody has so much! I just need it for my RocketDock :)
and ... how you can download? thx
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was searching and about to download the ISO for these icons imagres.dll and finally its here ;)
Thankxx :)
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windows vs MacOs
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The new icons of the latest build are indeed incredibly inconsistent! The look MS is going for is flat and modern. These icons are modern, but not flat (in perspective and colors). The new icons have gradients AND a 3D perspective (and some don't) while the whole rest of the OS is flat (no gradients) and a 2D perspective. I liked the icons much better before these.. :(

Thank you for sharing these nonetheless! :)
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the actual insider preview is 10122, not 10125. 10122 still has the "old" icons.
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