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Fantasy Town Plaza

Commissioned background for an unannounced fantasy visual novel.

Blender + Photoshop


You cannot use this piece of art in your own projects. It was paid for by someone and they're using it in their project.
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Beautiful colors and beautiful scenery, leaves you with a relaxing feeling Pink Facebook like bullet 
TreePastry's avatar
Wonder what time is it in this drawing : D like the soft light
JakeBowkett's avatar
Thank you! The brief for the BG just said it had to be "day time" but in my mind this is mid-morning :D 
TreePastry's avatar
Seems like early morning to me : p
NairaDNV's avatar
Beautiful ~! I specially like the lighting
JakeBowkett's avatar
Thank you, I'm happy you like it :D
wetumbrella5's avatar
hi. i love ur style. can we be friends?
sasquatchix's avatar
This is amazing!! Is there any chance it was inspired by Stormwind in World of Warcraft? I spent a ton of time being a nerd & playing wow and this piece reminds me of that vibe in the game :)

Awesome work!
JakeBowkett's avatar
Thanks, Sas! I don't know anything about WoW, so there was no direct inspiration there. I just saved a whole bunch of references from stuff online and mixed it together. I'm glad it's bringing back pleasant memories though :D
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Excellent work!
Lightninging63's avatar
Definitely looks like a place I'd want to visit in a fantasy realm. Just walk down the steps there from the upper part of town  into the busy streets, as a festival takes place, or vendors in general sell their wares, children play around the fountain... ah..

Also really like that building right in the middle. Nifty designs.
JakeBowkett's avatar
Thanks for the detailed comment!
SkyBreeze26's avatar
Just love the lighting and details in this piece
JakeBowkett's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
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