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Zimea - 2K18-07-07 - Drawing(DD1 New Design Color) by JakeAStrife Zimea - 2K18-07-07 - Drawing(DD1 New Design Color) :iconjakeastrife:JakeAStrife 0 0 Zimea - 2K18-07-07 - Drawing (DD1 New Design) by JakeAStrife Zimea - 2K18-07-07 - Drawing (DD1 New Design) :iconjakeastrife:JakeAStrife 0 0 Lavina Goldenrod - 2K18-04-07 - Windale (color) by JakeAStrife Lavina Goldenrod - 2K18-04-07 - Windale (color) :iconjakeastrife:JakeAStrife 4 0 Lavina Goldenrod - 2K18-04-07 - Windale (line) by JakeAStrife Lavina Goldenrod - 2K18-04-07 - Windale (line) :iconjakeastrife:JakeAStrife 0 0
Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Final Bit)
My eyes didn't open—It felt as if they'd crusted shut. Had I been crying that much in my sleep? With weakened arms, I found the VR headset clasps, and undid them. I struggled to get it off, but after several attempts, wiggled it free.
    “Man, that was something else,” I whispered, my voice hoarse.
    I scanned the hospital room, blinking several times for the blurriness to go away. A steady beeping caught my attention. I glanced at the heart monitor, which had a few different numbers. They meant nothing except that my heart still beat. Another beep came from my bedside table. My phone sat there, plugged in and charged. I reached over, grasping it with numb fingers.
    The lock screen message read, '178 new emails'.
    “How long have has it been?” I wracked my brain, trying to remember.
    With a sigh, I o
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 40)
Pan, Clari, and I charged Lord Kilo. The mighty vampire slammed his palms together, sending a shock wave jettisoning in our path. I slid while Clari and Pan leaped over the impending attack. On Pan’s tail, I held Dark Goddess out to the side, my eyes trained on the prize; Kilo’s ugly face. Out shot the vampire’s fist, faster than I could register, but Pan saw it and leaped onto his arm. Kilo shook his limb, forcing the Assassin to fall back.
    Pan skipped back. “Distract him!”
    I offered a quick nod, and screamed, activating Battle Cry. Kilo’s eyes landed on me, but I’d come too close for him to grab. I ran past the undead and jumped onto his throne as Fire Bombs and gunshots rang out. 
    Kilo turned just as I leaped at him and thrust Dark Goddess. “Lightning Jab!”
    He hurled his hand
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 39)
“Zimea, no!” I used Dark Goddess as a shield, as her endless barrage of bullets rained upon me. 
    I blocked every incoming shot, but each sent vibrations through my hands and arms, both which quickly numbed.
    “Fight back!” Clari called out.
    I ducked as Zimea fired high. “I can’t! She’s our friend!”
    “Helluva a friend she’s turned out to be!” Orion cried. “Should I use Holy Shield?”
    “No!” I gritted my teeth. “Don’t waste it. The recharge is too long.”
    “Then what are we going to do?” Joker asked. “She’s lost it!”
    “Everyone stay back!”
    The moment came where Zimea stopped firing and I ac
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 38)
Clarissa X stared, jaw agape. After a few moments of silence, I shrugged. “I’m serious, you know. As Z said, a storm is coming.” 
    “And you are the storm? You can’t possibly succeed!” The War Priestess slashed the air with her hand. “You’re on your own! You can't even beat Lord Kilo!” 
    “Do you really believe that after what you witnessed with your eyes?” 
    “How often do you think you’ll get those crazy power-ups?” She closed her eyes. “Lycanthropy, and then whatever the hell just happened?” 
    I grinned. “Don't worry about me relying on them. I’ll depend on myself, and my friends.” 
    She rubbed the bridge of her nose. “You losers and your power of friendship. I don’t see your friends
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 37)
“Clarissa?” My eyes widened, as the woman fell to one knee, breaking into a coughing fit. When it ceased, she stood, eyes closed, rubbing her neck. With a deep sigh, she popped her shoulders, and stretched out her arms, extending each finger to its full length. 
    “Clarissa X?” I swallowed hard. “Say something.” 
    She kept her eyes closed and whispered, “Why do you keep saying that name? You know who I am.” 
    Chills ran through my soul, followed by a parade of goosebumps. I tightened my grip on Dark Goddess and swallowed my fears. “You hacked her!” 
    His voice stayed calm, “Ding, ding, ding, we have a freaking winner. Oh, this is a weird feeling. She’s angry! Imagine having a voice screaming in your mind. This must be what schizos experience.
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 36)
Bianca nodded as the crippling realization came over me. At the Weapon Shop, we found Pan’s dagger pinning the note to the table, but it was Zimea who caught him by surprise and knocked him out. Then she brought the unconscious Assassin to Lord Kilo in exchange for her sister. She’d betrayed us, and I couldn't stand around doing nothing. 
    I rushed to the door, but Bianca held out her hand. “Where are you going?”
    “I gotta hurry, or Pan will die!”
    “You don't think it's a trap?”
    “I don’t care! Pan’s our friend. We came here expecting to kick his ass for kidnapping Zimea, but she kidnapped him!”
    “Yes, that may be true, but Lord Kilo works for Z. He isn’t just a typical boss, but a complicated AI put in place by Z himself! No playe
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 35)
“Zycuh?” a girl's voice came. “Is that you?” 
    My eyes were open, but only darkness existed in all directions. I stood, and found I no longer had claws; my hands were tan flesh. The werewolf transformation had ended, but what happened? 
    “Where am I?” my voice echoed. 
    “I’m not sure. It’s what you would call the recycle bin, perhaps? There are so many others here, but I can’t see anyone, only hear them.” 
    “But you can see me?” 
    “No. I can’t. You were mumbling something; a name. I think it was Zimea?” 
    I sat on the unseen floor. “So, this is it, huh? I’m dead.” 
    “We all are.” She sighed. “One w
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 34)
Joker and Orion's jaws dropped at my transformation, but at that point, I didn't care. As for Keffex, he fled. He ran the hall thinking he might get away, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. With my wolf agility I leaped through the air, kicking off a column and propelling myself towards the Necro-coward.
    “No!” he screeched as I landed inches behind him.
    I swung my arm and knocked his legs from under him. He fell forward, tumbled and tried to crawl away. Again, I lunged and landed, stomping my werepaw onto his back.
    “You can’t get away!” I snarled.
    “The hell I can’t!” He waved his wand and the ground on both sides rippled and the violet summoning circles appeared. Skeletons leaped out and landed in front of us. “Kill him!”
    One skeleton wi
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Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 33)
Even with the picked lock, the door didn’t budge. Zimea pushed her shoulder against the wooden barrier and shoved. She grunted, and braced her feet, but it moved only a smidge. 
    With that, she sighed and threw her hands in the air. “Can’t get this stupid thing open!”
    I climbed the stairs, but she blocked my path. “Let me try.”
    The Sniper shoved a finger to my chest. “You think you’re stronger than me? The door will not open!”
    I tried to duck under her.
    She lowered her arm, blocking me yet again. “I don’t think you can. Let’s find another way.”
    Orion grimaced, a suspicious look in his eyes. “Just let him try.”
    “You stay out of this!”
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Gonzeelda Skinns - 2K18-04-21 - GF2 Linework by JakeAStrife Gonzeelda Skinns - 2K18-04-21 - GF2 Linework :iconjakeastrife:JakeAStrife 0 0 Gonzeelda Skinns - 2K18-04-21 - GF2 Color by JakeAStrife Gonzeelda Skinns - 2K18-04-21 - GF2 Color :iconjakeastrife:JakeAStrife 0 0
Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (Chapter 32)
Darkness. Cold, damp, darkness. The dripping of water came from nearby, and a weak breeze blew in from the sewer entrance. I shivered and rubbed my arms. 
    “Crappers, my feet are freezing,” Joker whimpered.
    “Could be because we’re standing in water.” Orion sighed. 
    “I can see my breath in here.”
    “You can see?” I lifted my hand before me. “I can’t see an inch in front of my face.”
    “It’s a passive skill that comes with being a level twelve Necromancer. Now, I'm not scared of the dark!”
    “You leveled again? So how about you go first?”
    “Give me a second.”
    There came a soft splashing as something sprinkled from nearby. A bigger splash came as something
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Jake Ash Strife
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Greetings and salutations! :)
I'm Jake A. Strife.
Currently, I'm the author of 20 books.
Also, I'm a huge anime and video game fan!

My Original Novels:
Crimson Wars - 1 - Blood Sisters
Dark Dayz - 1 - VR Dawn
Dark Dayz - 2 - Shaded Noon
GodForge - 1 - Forge of the Mind
Omega Virus - 1 - Beta Hour
Omega Virus - 2 - Gamma Hour
Omega Virus - 3 - Delta Hour
Omega Virus - 4 - Sigma Hour
Omega Virus - 5 - Psi Hour
Omega Virus - 6 - Omega Hour
Severed Chains - 1 - Fateless (3 ver.)
Severed Chains - 2 - Tribulation (2 ver.)
Severed Chains - 3 - Abyss
Severed Chains - 4 - Dark Side of a Moon
Strange World - 1 - Grimoire
Strange World - 2 - Mega-Real

My Fan Fics Include:
Earthbound - A Hero Chosen
Final Fantasy - Warriors of Light

My 2018 release schedule:
1. God Forge 2
2. Omega Virus 7
3. Dark Dayz 3
4. Strange World 3
5. Severed Chains 2 (rewrite)

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Blog #41: Year-End Reflections

So, 2017 is already coming to an end. Can you believe it? I know I can't.
A lot has happened this year in my life... and with the world. The main highlight is the new addition to my family. My daughter Aeris was born this spring. Things have been a whirlwind since! Haha.

Regarding my New Year's Resolutions...
I pledged to write at least three books. And I actually wrote four and will start a fifth before year's end.
They weren't the books I expected to write, though.
I wrote:
Dark Dayz 2: Shaded Noon
Severed Chains 1: Fateless (rewrite)
Omega Virus 6: Omega Hour
Crimson Wars 1: Blood Sisters
(and I'll be starting)
God Forge 2: Forge of the Body

My second resolution was a crash and burn situation.
I wanted to edit and publish five of my books...
Strange World was published, but that's it.
Omega Virus 2, should be published by the end of this month (Dec). We'll see. I'm editing it now.
And I have to edit God Forge 1 before I write book two.

My third resolution...
Draw a lot! Well, this one went so-so.
I did around 40 pieces of work this year. Better than some years, far worse than my best.
Most of them were done in the first couple months of the year, and a few now this month.
I really would like to make a comic again, like back in high school. Maybe in 2018. We'll see.

My fourth resolution was an utter bomb.
I wanted to read three books from beginning to end. I THINK I read one... The Legend of Drizzt (book 31): Archmage.
I tried to read Diablo: The Sin War Book 1, but I fell off the rails and never picked it up again. This is in no small part that my Kindle doesn't want to stay charged anymore. I have the 2nd gen Kindle Fire... It's old now, and it often shuts down on its own. Maybe I need a new one. It's so hard trying to find time to read. I miss it...

I didn't make a resolution regarding video games, thank gosh!
Somehow I managed 10 platinum trophies... I'm not sure exactly how many Bronze, Silver, and Gold I obtained, but it was an okay year for gaming. I played 23 different games, although most I didn't make it far due to life. Not lives in the game. Life itself. The real world.

So now what?
The holidays are coming... I won't have as much time to work because of that fact, so I doubt I'll get too much more done this year. I'll be out of town, so I won't be doing any gaming the last two weeks of 2017. I hope to keep drawing and editing until Dec 31, 11:59pm. And I REALLY want to start writing God Forge 2 before 2018.

I'll write my resolutions for 2K18 in January. We'll see what I challenge myself to do. And with a daughter who has reached 7 months, I hope to get more done. I can't wait until she can play video games and watch anime... and play Dungeons and Dragons! I'd also love to take her to Anime Expo... Disneyland and Six Flags... Haunted Halloween Events at amusement parks... Oh my, there are many good times to come!

Life is never boring, I can say that much.
Did anyone read Crimson Wars? It was a surprise book. I really didn't think I'd write my vampire novel for at least 10 years from now. I think it came out rather well. As far as the sequel... I have no clue when I'll write it...

God Forge 2: Forge of the Body
--The next book I plan to write.

Dark Dayz 3: Fading Dusk
--Can't wait to write this one. Dark Dayz is my favorite series!

Strange World 3: Ether
--I owe you this final novel in my main Strange World trilogy.

Severed Chains 2: Tribulation (rewrite)
--I want to make this series as amazing as possible.

Omega Virus 7: Alpha Hour
--Last but not least, the end of my first major novel series!

Stay tuned everyone. Let's see where 2018 takes us!



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