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Nothing More gig poster

By jake10684
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Just thought you guys would like to see some of my design work...the stuff I'm going to school for...all that other stuff is just a hobby...this is more like a real job...

Let me know what ya'll think...I might just post more...

This was originally a poster created for 'The Melvins' as a class project...but since I decided they suck, I made it a poster for 'Nothing More,' a band from San Antonio that is arguably the best up-and-coming band in the area...I've found myself becoming better and better friends with these guys...I know they'll go far...
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I just met them on Sunday and they are some of the most amazing people I've ever met! That was the most fun I've ever had in my life. They're so full of energy, and they're REAL with you, ya know?I actually just designed a t-shirt for them, and I'm still in disbelief. It's amazing. My design is on here, if you want to see it.… 
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Love your poster and I love NoMo!
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awesome:#1: Is it done in photoshop :O ? i love the colour contrast and messy the effects!
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Yep. All Photoshop. Most everything I do, aside from certain illustrations, is done in PS. :)
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they're an awesome band! ^_^
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nice design, love the colors, and the simplicity of it

keep on rolling :D
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Thanks. Sorry it took me so long to get a reply to you. :slow:
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i'm making the same stuff lately at as school projects...
they're quite nice :P...
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Nice work on this. I like the colors and the complex perspective afforded by all the angles. It is eye catching, which of course is essential for a design piece.
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Awesome poster! I love the design! So cool...
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Thanks random individual. Glad you like it. Thanks for stopping and commenting. :D
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pretty swag cuz, pretty swag...
you should see if they will actually use it.
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Yeah, I'll hit them up next time I get the chance...they'd probably be cool with it's their style...
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sweet man, sweet as "shugah on cownbreyad".
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Sweet cornbread...good stuff...
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Now this I like. The mixture of vector style and textures works very well together, as does the composition. Oh and nice job on the text kerning on 'nothing more' it looks like you spent some time getting that to look the way you wanted it to and it's paid off.

This is the kind of thing that I want to do more of. Despite two qualifications in graphic design I never really went down that road much.
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Thanks, glad you like it. I'm working on my second graphic design degree. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing. I just don't enjoy it enough. Thanks for the comment though.
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I love this kind of art, it is just so awesome!! And I like people who can do it :) Cool stuff man
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Thanks. Glad you like it.
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Much better than that shit Brian comes up with for them.

They're supposedly getting a new website ready. I really, really hope he didn't land that gig.
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I think that's why Brian hates me. And I'm pretty sure he's not the one doing their site. Have you looked at it? Granted, there isn't much to go by, but from what I can already see, it doesn't look like a Brian site...
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I like the poster alot but I'm a little pissed to hear that about The Melvins. I know, that's stupid and everyone has their opinions and I still like you. But eat shit anyway. ;)
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