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River Crossing

Ancient ruins protrude from the forest by the side of a great river. An enormous castle looms over the horizon beyond the river crossing.
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Beautiful! If only the world looked like this...
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Really nice
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oh wow... amazing, love it!
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Really nice and amazing!
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Good work, I like the composition and how you painted the background. I find the overall image a little flat. You should spend the last 5 minutes of your painting to do more adjustments.

Have a look at this 5 minute fix I did: [link]

What I did: Darkened your foreground, sunk the boat more, add more form and cast shadows, somewhat fixed the perspective on your cave ruin separated your background to create interest and introduced an overlay layer to create a source of light and to add colour to your shadows.

With that done, the piece still lacks a little focus. The guys in the boat should be the highlight here, and I'm not sure you're using your composition to direct the eye towards them.
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Thanks for the crit, it's appreciated. I've done a little bit of reworking on the image.
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Thanks for adding my work here.
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Sorry, I made a mess with the windows. :blushes:
Anyway, you work is epic.
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I really like your art. I hope you can join my group.
I would be glad to have such talented artist in my group.
The whole purpose behind it is to promote those anonymous yet skilled artists. However, that cannot be done if there are so little members. That's why I'm trying hard to get people.
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Wonderful, I love this, wish I could do stuff like this!
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Thanks, it's all just observation and practice really.
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where did you observe this place?! ;)
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Ha ha, Observe everything in the world around you and you will constantly gain knowledge, from there it's just a case of applying that knowledge when expressing the worlds within you.
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your very welcome, hope you have a look at my stuff too my friends
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Very beautiful! I really love the hanging moss and the ancient feel to the city. Nicely done.
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This is a very neat piece. I am trying to learn to draw environments and this is very inspirational. thank you :)
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Thanks I'm glad you find it inspiring. I'm still learning myself.
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