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Sgt McSweeney's MoH

Gordon McSweeney is prehaps one of the more memorable characters from Harry Turtledove's timeline 191. A giant Presbyterian, he is also an unabashed bigot. With such faults, it's surprising how he grows on the reader. You will follow his exploits to the doors of hell, no matter what you think of his opinions. (And I must say that I was bursting my sides from reading that Alt-AltHist story on the Turtldove forum where McSweeney becomes President of a defeated USA)

The scene here is a depiction of how McSweeney earned the Medal of Honor by roasting an advancing Confederate Barrel (but Limeys call them 'Tanks' -shudup, whod'ja think won the war...) After a recent re-read of the chapter (after having inked the artwork), I realised that I got some things wrong (most notably, the lack of the ridge and the trench). So call it propaganda artwork by some newspaper artist far away from the front.

This work was started back in 2001, but I finally got to inking and colouring it this year. I did have to redraw a few things (mostly McSweeney himself), but overall the composition remains the same.

Based on Harry Turtledove's "Walk in Hell"

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me impresiona muchi
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That is a British Tank.  Not an American tank.  German soldier do not wear American sergeant rank stripes.  Their rank is on their shoulder boards.  Germans do not have helmet decals in WW1, especially American Eagles?  Almost good art....

It’s an alternate history of what would a ww1 in the americas would look like though I admit the American ww1 uniform in this timeline would look similar, but still have its differences from a German ww1 uniform

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French style uniforms were popular from the Late 1600s until 1970. The Civil War uniforms of both the North and the South were French style. The American used Spiked Helmet German style uniforms during the Spanish American War. The 20th Century had most countries using British style uniforms. The SS Officer uniform of a Visor Hat, open lapel jacket with neck tie, Sam-Brown Belt, riding pants with riding boots, was based on the WW1 British Officer uniform. The Late 20th Century had British, American, and Russian style uniforms. Your alternate history thing is B.S. The British style uniforms were more popular in the time period of WW1. Also French style uniforms were more popular than German style uniforms. Many nations used French style Adrian helmets. The French Adrian, and British style helmets were created before the 1917 model German steel helmets. French, and British style was more popular. Again, the southerners would have lost the Civil War anyways. They had no chance of winning. The Ken Burns documentary, "The Civil War", said that the North had 21 million people, while the South had 14 million people, and 4 million were African slaves. So, the North with 21 million people stomped on the South of 10 million people. Also, the Northern state of New York out produced the 11 Southern States. Every war supply manufactured in the Agrarian South only equaled 25% of the war supplies made just by the state of New York. The North had all the factories. They had Gatling Guns, exploding bullets, repeater rifles, breech loading rifles, better Iron Clad ships, more ships that they could blockade the coasts, etc., etc. The North had more people, more manufacturing, better weapons, etc. The North was going to win the American Civil War anyways.

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It's not real history, but alternate history, as written by Harry Turtledove. After losing two wars in the 19th century against the Confederate States of America, which was recognized by Britain and France after the capture of Washington in 1862, the United States allies itself with Germany. By the time that the Great War breaks out, the American uniforms are cut the German way, they invent the coal-scuttle helmet that is copied by their European allies as the Stahlhelm, and invent the game-changing vehicle that is the barrel (although the Confederates copy the British rhomboid design).
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Ken Burns stated the following in his documentary series.  "The North had 21 Million people.  The South had 14 Million people.  4 Million of the people in the South were slaves.  All the War Supplies manufactured by the Southern States amounted to equal 25% of what was manufactured in the State of New York."

The South had no chance of winning the American Civil War.  The North had twice the amount of people.  The North had all the Factories and more war supplies than the Agrarian South.  The Confederacy had to buy war supplies from Europe, which the Union blockade of the coast greatly hurt. 

Bad art.  You should have just done WW1 art...
Apparently, the "Alternate"  part of the Sciene FICTION catagory "Alternate History" is a nigh impossible concept for you to grasp.
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As I stated, the Southern States had no chance at all of ever winning the American Civil War. According to the PBS documentary the Civil War, the North had 21 million people. The South had 14 million people. 4 million of the Southern population were slaves. So there was 21 million people versus 10 million people. All horse supplies the South manufactured equaled 25% of what was made in the northern state of New York. The North had more people and more war supplies than the South. Your artwork is an alternate timeline that was never ever ever going to happen. The north was just going to stop the crap out of the South. There is no other possibility for there ever to be an alternate timeline then that.
Obviously, the term "FICTION" is too hard a concept for you to grasp as well.
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 you should add unbelievable to the word fiction relating to your art.
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Dude, you must have had a weird childhood... Wait do you still believe in the Santa Claus? Do you think the avengers are real?

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I made a DeviantArt account just to reply to a two-year-old thread in order to inform you that you are an asshole.

What are you talking about?
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in the book series, the Battle of Antietam never happens as the misplaced order of Robert E. Lee's that the Union found was never lost. This allows Lee to surround and destroy the Army of the Potomac and take Philadelphia, and go on to threaten Washington DC.

seeing this, the UK and France recognize the CSA and essentially threaten to intervene on their behalf if the USA does not make peace. The Civil War ends in Confederate Victory in 1862.

Flash-Forward 50 years, and when WWI breaks out the conflict comes to the Americas. the USA, now allied with the German Empire after a second humiliating defeat during a subsequent war with the CSA, UK and France, attacks the CSA and Invades Canada.

This time, the disparity between the North and the South comes to the fore, as without their European Allies to back them up the CSA is on its own. Combine this with a communist revolt by African Americans (the UK and France force the CSA to end Slavery during that Second War if they want their help, but they are still treated poorly) and the CSA is defeated, though not erased.
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The concept of alternate history is based on the butterfly effect, on chaos theory: that an action or an event, no matter how minute, can alter things in unexpected ways. Turtledove's novels are based on one such event: the loss of Lee's special orders 191 during the Maryland campaign of 1862. Historically, these papers, wrapped around three cigars, were found by Union troops and given to McClelland, who used the information to confront the split Army of Northern Virginia at Antietam (or Sharpsburg, if that's how you see things). Now, it can be argued that the loss of the orders had no real effect on the campaign, given McClelland's hesitations and that he vastly overestimated the number of Confederate soldiers in the campaign (in reality, he had a 2:1 advantage), but Turtledove goes with the idea that he would have hesitated more than usual with the information provided by the orders.

While Scott had laid out the Anaconda Plan at the outset of the war, it really wasn't until 1863 that the Union advantages started to make themselves clear. The Union did not have full conscription from the get-go, and the short durations of militia enlistment wrecked constant havoc during campaigns, much as they did during the War of 1812. The Confederate leadership early on did have an edge when it came to tactical clarity and decisiveness that would not be met until generals like Grant and Sherman had taken over.

There are certainly some flaws with the worldbuilding, such as the over-abundance of people from our timeline being born in that timeline (like, for example, George S. Patton or Ronald Reagan), but it is not as extreme as in another Turtledove novel "The Two Georges". Another one is migration trends, as it is highly unlikely that a United States that loses two wars in a row within twenty years would reap the majority of European immigrants, and that more of them would likely head to the Confederate States and Canada as better lands of opportunity. Given that in the novels, Canadian Pacific Rail lines has five trans-Canadian rail lines rather than the one it had historically, it should be like this, but it is untouched upon.
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To imagine WW1 happening right here in North America with the USA and the Central Powers teaming up to defeat the Confederates and the Entente fills me with awe.
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Gotta love the fanatical, crazy bastard.
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Man I should really read this book, I'm obsessed with the World Wars and from what I heard it's awesome
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Can I just say that I love your drawings for Southern Victory.
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Loved these books and I am reading American Empire now. Great stuff. 
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Also, last time I read this part of the book, he had a Gasmask on. Did he or am I wrong?
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It's been years since I've read the books, and I'm not even sure how easily it would be to find the passage given how Turtledove organizes chapters.
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Ah Sweeny you lovable sociopath!
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Im reading this series. In which novel does he die?
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