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Twig - Safe Inside

If you've ever been to one of the bigger Renaissance Festivals, chances are you've seen Twig the Faerie, flitting about the grounds.

I love this image...I think because while many have photographed her, most have only been able to do-so whilst at the Renaissance Festival. To me, nothing ruins the magic of what she is more than seeing somebody walking into the frame, gnawing on one of those giant, mutant turkey legs, sold at the festival...much like the first photo I ever took of her.

Not satisfied with that, I made a point to do some research, and contact the woman behind the faerie...and almost a year later, I was photographing her on MY turf :)

We've been friends ever since, and I have gone on to photograph her many, many times, over the years.

This photo was one of the first of those, taken a few years ago at my house, on Halloween night. The only light source is the cluster of tea candles you see in front of her.

And when she's not Twig, she's Kathy...

Tutorial videos of my post-production and Photoshop techniques are available now at:


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© 2004-20011 

Wow, I didn't even realize that we'd already reached the year 20011.
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Absolutely lovely... <3
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Beautiful shot! Like a scene from a fantasy tale :)
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Wonderful composition and light !
And as often, red color ;-)
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fantastik shot and beautiful lights!!!
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wonderful work!
great make-up and beautiful scene
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she is the fairy of light and dreams -- always a smile -- subtle -- remembered -- later days
xXxHeatherAnnxXx's avatar
So beautiful and creative.
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oh, beautiful :)
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This is a gorgeous photo! Love the lighting.
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Excellent portrait!
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Absolute Magic
And yes she does become another person ,other than "Twigthy"

I would bet she adores this shot:clap:
As always,Well Done Jaime
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I like the lights ! :)
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Incredible portrait! Well done!!
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I would of named it something different
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Oh wow. Good stuff here.
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amazing absolutely amazing
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Amazing! Such a beauty! :heart:
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