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My photogenic little psycho-munchkin :love: 
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This photo made my day, thank you

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DarkfyrecatNew Deviant

I love this. What a wonderful picture!

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TheSylphProfessional Photographer

What a cutie :) Cats always prefer running water it seems lol mine sure do!

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AnneHWNew Deviant

Great timing!

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Roar-photographyNew Deviant
Hahaha so funny 🤩🤣
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KarenAldProfessional General Artist

Great capture, and cute cat! What is its name?

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deshahawaryNew Deviant

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StreetRealityPhotogrHobbyist Photographer

Great shot

Excellent Friday my friend

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I invite you in my group Street-Reality

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EsmeAmeliaHobbyist Writer

Awwww! That little tongue! My late cat Silky LOVED to drink water from the faucet (but strangely enough, neither of my current cats ever do).

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Pretty kitty!

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n-l-eHobbyist Photographer


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cameraflouHobbyist Photographer

LIke mine ! ahah:D

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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer

The essence of cute. :D

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Such a cutie. Aww revamp

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nikongriffinHobbyist Photographer

One of my cats will not drink out of the bowl. He must get his water fresh from the faucet and will stand there and raise hell until you turn it on.

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Fmaderpy2002Hobbyist Artist
That's likely due to the instinct to not drink from a still body of water, seeing as still water was more likely to make an animal sick per the flourishing of bacteria. If this is an issue with your cat you would like to alleviate or otherwise diminish, there are plenty of water bowls with fountains in them. Some are a tad pricey, but I'm sure you can find one cheap enough to suit whatever your budget may have.
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JaimeIbarraProfessional Photographer

Oh good...I am not alone, then :)

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omg so beautiful and :heart:

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JaimeIbarraProfessional Photographer


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pinestater234 Photographer

Now, That's Cute! Great Capture! Fav

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