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Final Fantasy VII: Friendship is Magic



Another installment in the My Little Pony/Final Fantasy crossover. Featured as follows: Derpy as Cloud, Applejack as Tifa, Big Macintosh as Barrett, Rainbow Dash as Cid, Scootaloo as Yuffie, Little Strongheart as Red XIII, Dr. Whooves as Vincent, Fluttershy as Aeris/Aerith, and Tank & Opal as Cait Sith. This piece took hours upon days of work because of the number of characters who needed to be first hand-drawn, then scanned and digitally painted before combining them into this composite image. I hope you enjoy...
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Derpy Strife
Apple Lockheart
Rainbow Highwind
Big Wallace
Doctor Valentine <<< hmmm.. sexy..
Scoot Kisaragi
Flutter Gainsborough
Little 13
Opal Sith..