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Emote Story: Page 4



I FINALLY DID IT. It took all 5 days! Mostly planning what I wanted to do. Then it took me all of this evening to get my written portion under 200 characters. I will probably write more later, but for now... TADAAA!

This is for:

Page 1

In the Kingdom of Emote, in a strange forest lived a mysterious magician. Nobody knew his name. To him always came emotes and asked for help...

Page 2

The magician was always happy
to help emotes in need,
and they in turn were grateful for
his pure heart and generosity.
But there was one emote
whose heart burned with jealousy
and desire...

Page 3

The emote was extremely jealous of the magician. He wanted to steal the magician's powers to take control of the world. He was prepared with a plan. All he needed to do was wait just 12 more hours.

Page 4 (By ME)

In 12 hours the magician would go home, and open the bag of "star dust" that Dio, the jealous emote had sold him. Dio would steal the wizard's hat as he slept. The wizard would lose all his power!

Thank you to everyone that helped me through this! :heart: :heart: :heart: :huggle:

Stay awesome!
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Great! Very emotive and nicely colored and shaded. :)