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omg jaden did u make oCzzzz???

ya i did. they're mine

tossing some personal ideas around for myself
(ps sketchy and they dont have names but the middle one might be Roo idk yet)
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Ooh I love the monkey with the tomato on its belly lmao sorry if I misinterpreted it

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Aaaw they look like lil video game characters I love them

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i like the bottem one

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I loved the game thery art lol

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Hi Jaden I’ve been watching your YouTube videos For a really long time and just discovered deviantART i’m really excited to see you’re here: )also wen is ur next video coming out m?

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Wow, pretty cool I wonder what the stories behind them are
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I love them !!!

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OM Gosh Jaiden You mAde OcZzzzZz

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the last one reminds me of that weird bat drawing james did as a kid that you redrew!

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they're quite cute :D

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They all look great ^^ ! I love the little panda robot guy ^^

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that last one..

fluffy boi so happyyy :DD

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good! now that you have oczzZZzZZzZzZzzZzZzzZzZz, USE THEM!!!

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jaiden you genius

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