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not as cool as you think


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im editing the video for this friday and i had to draw a little jaiden head.
                       without context you might be like "woah thats a bit cool"
            but with context you'll be like "jaiden i find you very confusing and underwhelming as a person"
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Hey this was 4 years ago I wonder why she stopped uploading here

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idk but it's probably because she's busy.

Yeah probably

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Retro 益ヰぷ

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I kinda understand, i think or maybe not, but i hope you're okay.

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Uh, context please?

i like very much. very nice!

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I made a design of your character as a Mandalorian. Hope you like it.

Female Mandalorian (JaidenAnimations)
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Hey jaiden, do you ever get a food u hated as a kid just to see if you like it now, and it still fucking sucks?

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Jaiden I find you relatable and genuine as a person.

Not cool.

Hey, at least it’s cooler than this dumb thing that I spawned

Jaiden Animations fan art
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Yur right

Your cooler than I first thought

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this was 3 years ago what-

you should post more

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I wish I could draw as good as you. Thank you for inspiring me to be an animated-real-life-storytelling YouTuber someday!

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yeahhh I hope to draw as good as Jaiden and also we’re 3 years late

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It's been 3 and a half years since this was posted? Gosh l'm so late

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