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Sketchy Mimikkyu

messing around, still trying to draw more
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you: *draws literally the best mimikkyu ive ever seen*

also you: soz its SOOOO sketchy

like literally wtf appreciate ur own art its amazing

Dude can I buy one of these in a 24x36

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I shall rip off his costume:


Sees absolutely nothing.

Me: Ok then.

Someone else: Are you Ok?

Me: Explodes into Phantump

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your artstile fits perfect with pokemon

cn8718's avatar

not gonna lie, I didn't expect to see you on here

Ok so I watch you on yt and twitch and just found ur deviant art???? How did I not know about this?? (also mimikkyu is best pokemon change my mind)

Wow! I love the huge claws coming out from the cloth!

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Looks awesome, I think Mimikkyu is a very awesome Pokemon, very cute and creepy.

Mimikyu is my personal favorite

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Mimikyu is my favorite pokemon. <3

hng .....NNNNIIIICCCEE! ^~^

Evodolka's avatar

looks awesome and spooky :la:

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My favorite Pokémon drawn by my favorite animator. How did I only just find this?

Do not fear the cloth...fear what resides beneath it.

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this is my fav pokemon :D

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The more i look at it, i see it is buff

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look at them mucle

LifesGood1's avatar
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I love POKEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

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I appreciate this

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