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oops. can't stop won't stop (zoom in it kinda looks better like that)

i challenged myself with colors by trying out murkrow's dark palette. it was difficult and i still wanna practice more with everything but i've just been enjoying finally getting to draw more
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How many times have you lost your (Wacom or otherwise) drawing pen only to realize you’re sitting on it?

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Sop much Pokemo stuff keep up the good work : )

Is this where I send fanart? If so, here you go. I did it on paper due to my drawing tablet braking. So i apologize that it looks horrible and the lighting is bad.

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This is legit!!
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wOw my 2nd favorite pokemans :0
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i frickin love evrything you maek
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Jaiden! You have such a nice art style!
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OH MAH GAH. murkrow is my favourite character and my buddy in pokemon go -w-
AHHH I am REALLY happy you draw him!!!Murkrow is my second favorite pokémon just after Hochkrow.(Sorry for any broken english,I am just a brazilian that really likes your channel and art)Bye :D
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I love pokemon pictures - this page is doing me good so far
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the reason murkrow's one of my favorite pokemon: its not a pigeon AKA a flying rat here in England
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hNG the colours work so WELL
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Can you draw your pokemon team?
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I have a murkrow! Hes my strongest member of the team
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*Angry Toriel Intensifies* Toriel disapproves Filled with DETERMINATION   Sans Intensifies JUST FRISK IT [[ICON]]  UNDERTALE: Sexy Flowey! Icon they see tem rollin' [[ICON]]  SAAAAANNNNSSS DAAAAANNCEEE! Nope Nope Nope!! Mettaton - Fucking Beautiful Spoopy (F2U) Nye! BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 4 - Undertale Undertale chat icon: Flowey What? Annoying Dog Icon  
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