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not the proudest with poor manectric here, but i didn't want to just not post it..
meh, i'll try to do better next time
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rip sperky. we will 4ever remember u

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Onion, Corn, Zipzapzop, Squidward, Chad, Sin, Sperky, Blubby
Their zeroes and ones won't go down in vain
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Yes we will 😭😭😭⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️❤️❤️

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I agree with the person below me on almost every front except I am a big Pokémon fan

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Honestly, I’m not a big Pokémon fan, but I really like this, somehow, it got a little bit of 90’s energy out of it, so yeah, cool stuff.
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Reminds me of sparky ;-; rip sparky

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In memory of Sparky and the 80 Marill who sacrificed themselves for the greater good,


For God’s sake it’s SPERKY

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Goodness it was just a typo XD

jsyn I actualmy love how manectric looks and the lightning powers it has are amazing. I used to play Pokemon brick bronze on Roblox until it got shut down and I would always try to get an electrike when I went to the first gym area

Dude, Roblox didn’t shut down.

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I'm sure they meant the game, not Roblox.

*Sperky is how she pronounces it.

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Ok I'm noticing you've gone through and corrected everybody on almost every single comment on here. Maybe lighten up a little. It's just a letter.

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Sparky why did you have to die?! ZipZapZop lived an Earthquake.

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Try making this better

Battle of james
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Sparky, you are missed.

Rip sparky. 2019-2019

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Sparky may be dead, but he is still with us

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