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Wedding Ring Evolution

By Jaibyrd
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The first of the wedding pictures, this one showing how our wedding rings came about as I drew the original plans and took them to a jeweler. However, that jeweler didn't work out at all as he kept wasting time instead of working on our rings, so we left.

This gave me an opportunity to go and draw a second plan as the original wasn't sitting well with me, so I drew the second image and colored it in and we went to a place called Jewels that Dance in downtown Asheville, NC.

Now, the owner and jeweler, Paula Dawkins, of that store took our image, scanned it in and then turned it into a 3D image right before our eyes, and the third image is this all cleaned up. It is missing some of the smaller details she eventually put in, like Bast's and Anubis's eyes and tails. From there the data was sent to an autoclave that cut out all the bits and she joined them together like a puzzle and then put in all the smaller details by hand.

Then the last image is right after we were married and us wearing our beautiful new rings! (Picture by my brother :icondarlos9d: ) My ring has a pink ruby to simulate pink tourmaline which is :iconhorusre:'s birthstone and his ring has a purple(ish) ruby to simulate amethyst, which is my birthstone!

Aaaand that's how a wedding ring is made! :D
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Ssoooo pretty!! And love the egyptian incorparation. Congratulations!
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Most awesome rings!
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LorcainStudent Digital Artist
Awesome! Great design!
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You designed your Wedding rings? nice! :)

They look great! :)
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Embrace-DiversityHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! Finally married, I am so happy for you two! ♥ Beautiful designs!
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Very impressive rings Jai
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Pretty damn awesome I say X3
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That's fantastic o_O Congratulations to the both of you, I wish you the very best :D
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SirenaRose034Hobbyist General Artist
good point yikes, how did you find a jeweler who would do custom rings?
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JaibyrdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Any jeweler who is not mainstream should (Like Kay's Jewelers won't or any other commercial chain), as most good jewelers love people who come in with what they want already. Find a stand-alone jeweler whom you like and they should work with you and let you know where they are every step of the way.

Also, a word to the wise, never pay for anything up front (run like hell if they ask) and always check on them, the first guy we went to just kept procrastinating on us and wasted months of work time as we started with him last year. Also also give them plenty of time to work, go early in your wedding plans so they can can get it done and you can monitor their work.
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SirenaRose034Hobbyist General Artist
thanks im actually hoping for a proposal sometime next year so i guess id better work and get a bit more prepared >.>
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SirenaRose034Hobbyist General Artist
omg those are sooo gorgeous, how much did it cost to design ur own?
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JaibyrdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cost me nothing to design it, but for them to be made was about $1300 each. I know it seems steep, but trust me, they are worth every penny as they are exactly what we wanted!
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