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wv 3 by jahs4eva wv 3 :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0 wv 2 by jahs4eva wv 2 :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0 wv 1 by jahs4eva wv 1 :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 2 2
Of the Sound and the Fury
Of nerves… images projected, that
Other receiving earth… simplicity justified
Not by 'four-walled-worlds…' approach
New creations… conscience cannot reject
Duties… neglect… certain of created?...
Of nerve's images… she is our world…
One's be and know… prismatic prisons…
Caught in the light… resonance…
Resonate… communicate… the apparatus
Is faulty… and the Hypersonic Sound…
Have you heard that he is in 'our' head?...
In our head… yours… mine… he is in
Our head… and we are defenseless…
The frequency penetrates… high, beyond
Hearing… reason to disarm… disable…
Shrapnel acoustic… shrapnel of the soul?...
Soon all are terrorists to 'They' –and he
Is in our head!
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0
My days- measured
In silos and silt…
Drowning slush pond….
Muck and mires-
Wade 7 feet deep-
"Have you already
Robinson Creek?"
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0
Structural… "we are for this…" remarked
They, which limits… solid, certain…
Images end… soul owned art (mine
[yes, mine])… results on nature= the they
That are make up the I that am…
Duties drain… such is dangerously logical…
Of the ego, of the undertaken message-
Speak (/see)… will it- the message, acoustic
(/optic) –estrange our world?... in relation
To her approach… NO…
Once upon the indifferent ago, with and
Without perception, are sudden the created…
The never (and always) to those who
Deny it most… imposed limits –self plays
On destructive colour: dot, a created
We end (insert sentence here) and fade….
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0
Slowly, I have never hurt,
Smooth (missing) beyond anyone, your
Words have they shunned; In your
Most destructive God are things which
Want me, or which I cannot touch of
Because they are too hurting (missing)
Your blackened look (missing) hushed (missing)
Will unstay me though I have kept
Myself as stoic, go, you have always
Chance and discord by your side,
Myself as homeless (missing) hold
(going muffled, moaning) her bleached rain
Or if your sun sets to end me, I and
My cloud will break manic, deep, as
When the spell of this dawn leave the
Grass (missing) shallow (missing) everywhere
Dying; nothing which we are to destroy in
This primitive deceit (missing)
The text of your bountiful bed; whose
Pages love me within the syntax of its prose:
Lose-ing liaison with each chance meeting
And becoming acquaintance with each
Hate-ing (missing)
(i do not love what it is about you that
need and lie; only something in me see the
smile in your soul is rare and all hopeless)
smoke… not even t
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0
Position to Realign
Tighten the noose and
Let me speak
Suffocate and let it breathe (/breed)
Shared affection
Infects the mind –every time-
I was in a
Position to move
Torn down
And cut in two
Condescend to let me in –in due time-
And the seasons
Change to rearrange
Our state of mind
Yet it feels so sick
That our signs
Can't just realign
…and I die…
Tighten the noose and
Let me speak
Suffocate and let it breed (/breathe)
Condescend to let me in –in due time-
I was in a
Position to move
Torn down
And cut in two
Shared affection
Infects the mind –every time-
…and I die…
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0
In Defense of the Irrational
The LOGICAL says "property, proposition, theory,
and fact."
He propagates and challenges, in turn facing/
claiming the rational.
The ILLOGICAL speaks only of relation in truth.
She says "but yes" and feels the abstraction.
"The meaning is only shrouded in metaphor
and is quite a playful thing!"
He proclaims from every tower a negation of
The higher order… calls it "atheism" and
Exclaims he has no gods!
She, turning gently with a wistful sigh
(the very essence of nurture in her nature),
Cries "but one does bow down to something…
So your science is your god…"
Man says "it is hard to know the truth and
The truth is there is nothing."
Spirit says "it is harder still to know there
is something, for knowledge and belief make
one responsible… and man cannot bear
this burden but by allegory."
Science then takes his stand and says
"I have found the answer!"
But GOD in glory turns rebutting "yet it is
I who hold the pen."
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fish-eyed upheaval
all like what beings? other worlds more than mine…me…world…there are those many acts of possible…acts of possibility…always if and maybe…humane terrorist…poetic treason... Time-men, become of received frames…i give of found idols…being small (minuscule like affection) was Light, God-whispering i…was on dream-the smoke and perception seemed to reveal vile truths: the latter more equally…though I never by words or looks am more away by desertion of you… myself- I am few… incapable of separating never from always…dreams to this… I DREAM…being the give...being the I that the world creates…where do others? with seconds in taking and hours in lack…in desensitization all others cower... in senses (senseless) the dusty rain which cannot receive vision in us-vanity: but derail and deride, time out. God, clouded, the never open, esoteric…create in it-time-a point of fluidity at which the disembodied co
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0
i reason be, this incriminate, me-
being, woman, only shall disillusion
see...he overthrows...will my
humanity all destroy...i system...i
automation, cried...we utter...
"the tyrant god will..." i,i-and recoil,
institute my murderers-
the god, money, you-
if all of my thought remains
society, complete...bore,
eliminate, and give the same...
him he killed...irrelevant...
utter murderers
in comas of ignorance
who grin at the sky...
why blue silence on pale vertebrae?
i no longer feel myself...
who fills inside?
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vonnie by jahs4eva vonnie :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0 love foolishly... by jahs4eva love foolishly... :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0 playing the clown.... by jahs4eva playing the clown.... :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0 into the drain by jahs4eva into the drain :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 1 soundwave by jahs4eva soundwave :iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 0 0


Poverty Portrait by PauloDuqueFrade Poverty Portrait :iconpauloduquefrade:PauloDuqueFrade 16 23
Daily Literature Deviations for January 18, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for January 18th, 2010
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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Featured by: dreamsinstatic

“Great Bay” by Cyantre
Vibrant imagery tangled with an expert execution
of alliteration add an all consuming mood to
this brilliant piece.  These lines play upon every sense
and truly pull the reader into an immense atmosphere
forged so perfectly.
Featured by: RunningBear5858

"And tonight." by xXPumpkin-PwincessXx
A lovely poem describing what the author calls
"lonely bed syndrome." While it is an overall cute poem,
the interesting and quirky language show how
creative the author really is.
Featured by itsaki

"Never Seen a Real Night Sky" by :devch
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 73 13
The Guardian Angels Project
John Paul Thornton, known here as johnpaulthornton, began painting portraits of missing children in 1990, when a young girl he knew was abducted. John Paul was determined to prove that art could deliver an emotional, meaningful message. He has continued on with this series for twenty years, calling it "Missing children: Paintings of Hope." His portraits, now numbering in the hundreds, have been displayed on the National Mall in Washington D.C., on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and in front of the White House.

This new project, Guardian Angels, was started by John Paul and based upon his original vision. When I asked John Paul what was his motivation for starting this new project he said,
"Guardian Angel gives participants from all over the world a chance to connect art with a real social issue: Child Safety.
Instead of an art exhibition at a gallery, Guardian Angel works in reverse, sending artworks out into the world, where they
:iconpurpelblur:PurpelBlur 379 58
23 CIA Agents Convicted in Italy
This week, 22 CIA agents and the CIA base chief in Milan were convicted in an Italian court of kidnapping an Islamic cleric. The agents abducted Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr off the streets of Italy and took him to Egypt where he was tortured with the help of the CIA. Typically, the major news outlets treated these convictions with hubris and hypocrisy. Seriously gets full text please.
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What if Jesus Meant all that Stuff? by Shane C.
A nice little article that believers, sort-of-believers, and non believers alike can appreciate.
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 1 0
We are Lepers and we need change...
(Taken from the Psalter's Manifesto at
Part III: What can be learned from them?
Music for the lepers
This is the philosophy/situation from which the psalters, as we know them through the Bible, created their worship music. There is a great deal we as American Christians can learn from psalters and their approach to Glorifying God through music. Indeed, their approach seems a good elixir for the diseases of humanity in general; but nowhere in history or geography does their music seem a more appropriate vaccine than for the plague that affects myself and my culture/generation. There is a plague of leprosy in my country and it seems that not only are the devices of our culture impotent to stop it; the culture itself appears unable to so much as acknowledge the presence of this debilitating disease that is ravaging the land.
For many sacrificial years physician Dr. Paul Brand had been working with Leprosy patients in India , seeking to at least discover ways of reducing
:iconjahs4eva:jahs4eva 1 0
Project Comment: 0-5 Comments // Issue 42

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Daily Literature Deviations - November 21, 2009
Daily Lit Deviations for November 21st, 2009
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Suggested by insanewalk
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"Little Children" by insanewalk
This piece reminds us to embrace the simple moments
in life and reflect on the 'old days' - the days we
ate worms and our imaginations were limitless. It
was a brilliant read!
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"Foreground" by pseudometry
This poet has managed to capture a tragic character
so completely in just these few stanzas. This
piece is about that age-old question, "If we
could go back and do things differently, would
it change anything?"
Foreign Language
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Erica Christian
United States
i'm the grandest mess on two knees, but i have hope that the world won't swallow me....

Current Residence: Southern West Virginia
Favourite genre of music: anything that evokes emotion beyond that which is temporal, fleshly, and shallow...
Favourite photographer: Dorothea Lange, Wright Morris...
Favourite style of art: truth
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: "It’s hard to reconcile human compassion with human nature."
By Graham Cameron | Apr 25, 2007

Aotearoa New Zealand held its very first Christian Anarchist conference last year. Perhaps the most important question we were asking was: what is Christian Anarchism?

In the run-up to the conference, Challenge Weekly, a national Christian newspaper, (when receiving our conference advertisement) clearly regarded ”christian anarchy” as an oxymoron:
Challenge Weekly has guidelines on what we can or cannot publish whether editorial or advertising¦. Anarchism is normally associated with anti government behavior and overseas this often means violence eg skinheads and Nazi sympathizers etc. (C. Mellors, Customer Services, Challenge Weekly; email communication 19 April 2006)

This particular email response demonstrates a commonly held belief: christians are not anarchists, and anarchists are not christians. Indeed, it suggests that for christians it is an offence by association.

As a starting point for us all, we would accept that there was a time when being associated with Jesus of Nazareth was an offense. Such subversives were called atheists because they refused to worship the Emperor. They called themselves Followers of the Way.

The turning point from subversive movement to religious empire was quite a rapid process, and the most important symbolic event was Constantine’s conversion, at which point it appears he became the highest profile nominal christian in the Roman world and by proxy made Christianity the preferred religion of the state.

I would contend the church has been in a long, slow wrestle with Hell for its soul ever since.

Christian Anarchism is a relatively new term (less than a century old) in a long and fertile power-less movement that claims whakapapa to Christ's legacy. This power-less view contends with Christendom, a power-full movement that has presumed its full ownership of Christ's legacy. This power-less movement has been modeled since the inception of the church by many communities: the underground church in the Roman empire, the Anabaptists, the Amish, the Mennonites, the incredible scope of the 20th Century international inter-faith non-violent writings of Gandhi, Khan, Kagawa, Jones, Andrews, and Tolstoy. Here in Aotearoa it has been modeled by Tohu Kakahi and Te Whiti o Rongomai at Parihaka, by Rua Kenana at Maungapohatu, by Archibald and Hemi Baxter and all their supporters. There have been others as well, making the case that power-lessness is not a new idea.

Christian Anarchism was really only termed 20 years ago by Jacques Ellul, the French theologian and sociologist. Ellul saw no contradiction, but definitely some tensions in the relationship between the political movement anarchism and the faith movement of power-less christianity:

"The only Christian political position consistent with revelation is the negation of power: the radical total refusal of its existence, a fundamental questioning of it, no matter what form it may take." (Ellul 1988:173)
"biblical thought leads straight to anarchism"(Ellul 1988:157)
"Anarchism is the only answer to the modern state and politics when the milieu and action become technical and order and organisation are imposed" (Ellul 1964:198)

The particular challenge that christianity poses to anarchism is the anarchist belief in progress. Christianity offers hope that is not predicated on outcome, that is not discouraged should an anarchist society not eventuate. Indeed, christianity clearly doubts the capacity of humanity to bring about revolution within itself. We have a pessimistic hope.

Yet Ellul's concept of Christian Anarchy is founded on the belief that a radical personal and collective revolution is needed to subvert/replace/transform/over-throw the social and political structures and technology that destroy the human person. Importantly a purely political revolution will not achieve this. Nor is it that christian social or political action has more meaning in itself.

Rather it is that Christan Anarchy is a prophecy, a counter-cultural voice of hope that states that it is the action of God and humans fully realizing their God-given potential, which will fundamentally change society. Based on this theoretical foundation, what is Christian Anarchism in Aotearoa New Zealand?

First and foremost, Christian Anarchism is consciously counter-cultural in that it:

-Does not claim to be a theory, but an impulse of humanity
-Seeks to create an ethical society free of the assumed need for constraint
-Will only move towards that society by the use of ethical strategies and tactics, notable in its commitment to non-violence
-Seeks to disperse power, not seize it, so can be lived out now as power-seizing systems crumble.
-That ethical society is incarnated by small intentional communities who seek:
The devolution of authority
The decentralisation of power
The redistribution of wealth
To unmask the idolatrous worship of wage-slavery
The conscientization of people
The constructive criticism and remoulding of technology
To protect and nurture our brother creation
The grand themes of scripture support ethical societies, the need to transcend and overthrow abusive systems, and the community as the keystone of human physical and spiritual development. Jesus of Nazareth is the incarnation of those grand themes, and continues to partner with us as we seek to follow his example.

The particular charism of Christian Anarchists in the South Pacific is to struggle alongside indigenous peoples as our tuakana (elder sibling) to realise their dreams and as a model for us of community that is in balance and harmony with our respective lands.

For our part, My wife, daughters and I live in a small intentional community in Merivale, Tauranga. Our neighbourhood is the detritus of the much-hyped Tauranga urban development. For that reason, I consider Merivale to be full of possibility for revolution. We are excluded from riches, success, status and fame by virtue of being here. For that reason we are more likely to see that the empire around us is unsustainable, destructive and hateful. Merivale is a seeding bed for the revolution of hope.

Christian Anarchism offers a significant pessimistic hope in a world that is drowning in noise and consumption. Further I think it offers hope to communities because it encourages us to be eternally imaginative in how we deal with power. Many communities founder on the issue of how power is used as we transfer societal attitudes and beliefs into small communal relationships.

I believe Christian Anarchism supplies an immanent and transcedent hope to people of faith looking for another direction. To paraphrase, this revolution is not being televised.


Elliott M. Freedom, Justice and Counter-Culture London: SCM Press; 1990.

Ellul J. The Technological Society Trans. John Wilkinson, New York: Knopf; 1964.

Ellul J. Jesus and Marx: From Gospel to Ideology Trans. Joyce Main Hanks, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans; 1988.

Ellul J. Anarchy and Christianity Trans. Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans; 1991.


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