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Prehistoric Safari : Revenge of Gigantopithecus

*Re-upload (higher resolution)
(This illustration is featured in Joe Rogan's TV series 'Questions everything' on aired in the U.S. )

In this episode of the prehistoric safari adventure, we have experienced an incident nearly cost our lives, as this picture eloquently shows you!

Deep inside the dense jungle of South Eastern Asia about a million or so years back, we were following up a group of Homo erectus hunter gatherers in hope of capturing the rarest footage of them hunting prey animals of the period.

I knew from experience that these competent ancient hunters would never dare attempt hunting when adult specimens of Gigantopithecus blacki were in the vicinity. I therefore believed when they tracked down and surrounded a baby Giagntopithecus, that this unfortunate cub was separated from his family, wandering completely alone and unprotected.

I had hardly finished my thoughts when this gigantic male Gigantopithecus, weighing probably about 1000 pounds or so, suddenly emerged from the heavy bush behind and violently rushed at erectus hunters.
To make the matter worse, the ancient hunters run right toward us screaming and the real king kong was a lot faster than one might imagine!

Well I'll omit the rest lol but we succeeded in escaping this incident and are safe and sound.
I'll never dare touch the fate of these unfortunate erectus hunters though.

We'll soon set off again on another time ride safari adventure, searching for the coolest mega fauna of the past.

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Is that Homo erectus?
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You trespass on my territory, you nature disrupting humans?! I kill you all!
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this is pure awesomeness!! the description and the drawing (of course)!!! really impressive scene!
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(Insert Mey-Mey here)
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Harambe wants revenge on those who mocked him (by mocking I mean the memes of him)
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To be specific, how fast was this particular male exactly?
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A pretty good representation on how an encounter between  early hominids and the giant orangutan might have possibly gone trough.

There weren't that many other, to my knowledge at least, unique megafauna species in southern Asia during the ice age, besides Stegodon,so naturally the Gigantopithecus is one of the most interesting.He was most defiantly a gentle herbivore and wouldn't have threatened Homo erectus as long as the hominid left him in peace.
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Really cool dude. Keep it up
Jagroar's avatar
Thanks for your interest, it's much appreciated!
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Very impressive pic!
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Good ol' gigantopithecus, the source of much spedulation! :D Some of the Bigfoot enthusasts have tried to make him a biped prehistoric stand-in for Sasquatch & friends.
Jagroar's avatar

Yep, Gigantopithecus has often been mentioned within the context of giant hominid cryptids and some old restorations depicted it as if they were monstrous biped gorillas.=D
Gigans still remain enigmatic but they must have been even bigger and stronger than Sasquash or Bigfoot, regardless of whether biped or not. Indeed a true king kong, well almost.=D

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If the size ratio implied by the teeth is any indication, Gigantopithecus was of an impressive size! As an adult it must have had few worries concerning predators, although as usual the young and the sickly would have to be protected. I suppose that if the Ice Age had not driven the great apes southward, they would still be around today.  Nod  Although I am a big fan of the scientific approach to sasquatch as a cryptid primate, I have to say that the Giganto link is tenuous at best. :) MIght as well claim that the Australopithicus robustus line bred a very large & shy successor as a result of conflict with early Homo types.
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Awesome Picture !
Those Poor Small Humans ! :D
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nice work - i love the gigantopithecus - i know him from my very old "burian" book... :D
(i suppose you know this illustrator?)
Jagroar's avatar
Thank you=) Yes, I know the painter, he was one of the most respected legends along with Charles Knight in the world of paleontology art. I wish I could've seen his work of Gigantopithecus.
feldrand's avatar
cool... :D
my father was a teacher at a tiny school in a small village... he had to teach four age groups of pupils simultaneously... well, we lived in the school house und i loved to investigate the small school library... there i saw some burian illustrations for the first time - i was 9 or 10 years old and these pictures had a massive impact on me... when i grew older and studied graphics i had some spare money to buy me two books of burian, i got the last copies - right after that the big dinosaur wave began due to the littlefoot movies, haha...
i`ll scan the burian version of the gigantopithecus and post it here... as i have no copyright, i make a "temporary item" - i`ll let you know when it`s there and you can download it, then i`ll erase it again, ok?
btw. the first new dinosaur books i saw in the 80s where full of bad burian copies...
Jagroar's avatar

I have not yet seen many of Burian's works, but I love them too, especially of his oil paintings...they are paleo illustrations, but still maintain techniques of traditional old master oil paintings... highly artistic achievement.

Haha, that scanning idea is a very generous one, thank you for your time for that=D

Btw, check out my new journal entry=D

feldrand's avatar
yes, it`s true and that`s what i like so much about him, he brings the atmosphere, not too many details... and that is what i like about your approach either... :D
oh, i saw your journal entry, but i`m afraid i won`t look at the show, sorry... but - congrats on that... :D
Jagroar's avatar

lol, yeah that difinitely seems to be not about serious science but more for entertainment.

Anyways thanks again for your comment.:)

BFG8800GTX's avatar
i love the anatomical details on the big gorilla.
Jagroar's avatar
Thank you for the kind remark, it's much appreciated.
Whachamacallit1's avatar
I like how you made the Gigantopithecus look a bit lanky and Orangutan-like. Nice job!
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