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Classic School Paleo-Art

(My e-mail adress 「メールアドレス」→) saberp@live.com

* Please don't use/copy my copyrighted artworks anymore, for whatever purpose, without contacting me first for permission.

I am taking requests now.

My artforms and tools of trade are:

1), Traditional 'oil painting' on canvas or board.

2), Traditional pencil/pen or color pencil 'drawing'.

3), To digitally add colors to traditional monochrome drawings(still haven't yet tried this!).

Those are and eternally will be, my chosen artforms. I regard all three as 'equally important' and I'll do them seperately but without letting myself focus on only one thing.

I'll do mammal paleontology art, figure and animal art, masterpiece reproductions, portraiture, still life & fantasy paintgings.

My top 3 favorite artists are: Diego Velazquez, Lucien Freud and Takehiko Inoue.

I have recently figured out the correct way of scanning higher resolutioned images and am going to scan most of earlier works through this new scanning.

Hope they'll turn out better.

By the way, I 've long badly wanted to color some of my works, using nice digital illustration tools!!!

Nowadays a number of good friends on this site, even devoted traditional artists, seem to be adding digital painting effects to their technical recipes or even completely switching to the art form.

I'm interested in the media but completely novcice at and I don't know much about it.

What I'd like to do is not the digital painting from scratch but to first create my usual traditional monochrome drawing and then add to it, colors and some more effects digitally to enhance realism etc.

Would somebody be kind enough to teach me how to, or tell me ideal softwares for the purpose?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Best regards,

~ Jagroar

Current Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Favourite genre of music: Jazz

Favourite cartoon character: Golgo13

Personal Quote: Hope is a good thing, may be the best of all things and no good thing ever dies.

Favourite Visual Artist
Diego Velazquez, John Singer Sargent, Leonardo Da Vinci, J.M.W.Turner, Mauricio Anton, Frank Frazetta, Takehiko Inoue
Favourite Movies
千と千尋の神隠し, The Shawshank Redemption, Gravity, 沈まぬ太陽, Ridley Scott's movies.
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Edgar Allan Poe, Toshi Izutsu, Shuji Takashina, Ken Wilber, Deepac Chopra...many more
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Other Interests
Prehistoric mammals(especially of carnivores, proboscideans, bovids and hominids), visual art, Baseball, Aikido, MMA, Eastern philosophy and spiritualism

Cenozoic Land Predators : GOAT list / Which one's your favorite?

30 votes
Amphicyon (Megamphicyon) giganteus (Giant Beardog)
Andrewsarchus mongoliensis (largest meat eating Artiodactyl)
Arctodus simus (North American Giant Short Faced Bear)
Arctotherium angustidens (South American Giant Short Faced Bear)
Barinasuchus arveloi (largest terrestrial crocodylomorph)
Dinocrocuta gigantea (Giant False-Hyena)
Megistotherium osteothlastes (largest hyainailourine Hyaenodont)
Panthera (spelaea) fossilis ('Ancestral' Cave lion)
Smilodon populator (South American Smilodon)
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Here, I made rough scaled comparison from my latest paleoart work, between the Miocene Notiomastodon sp. indet. a.k.a. 'Amahuacatherium' and its contemporaneous monster caiman Purussaurus sp.(please click each image for correct scaling). The monster caiman, based on its skull measuring about 1.45 m in total length, could have reached 10-11 m in head to body length, weighing around 5-8 tonnes(Moreno-Bernal, 2007, Aureliano et al., 2015). The Pleistocene Notiomastodon, N. platensis, was roughly the same height as today's Asian elephant(Larramendi, 2016), but due to more robust skeletal features and a longer body, would have weighed more. 'Amahuacatherium' however, appears to have been smaller than its future cousin. The Miocene Pan-Amazonia was also a home to various other 'Cretaceous sized' reptilian predators besides Purussaurus, such as these guys below. Gryposuchus croizati Mourasuchus pattersoni Even for a proboscidea, It should have been quite a feat in itself to
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Super Proboscideans Title : The Final Match-up / Poll

16 votes
Mammuthus columbi (the Columbian Mammoth)
Paleoloxodon antiquus (the Straight tusked Elephant)
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I'll be more active during the coming months, I have so many interesting paleo-art ideas to be realized.

Next up:

1) A super sized scimitar toothed cat (can't wait to finish this!)

2) Some dinosaurs (hope it's gonna be good one, wish me luck)

3) Battle Beyond Epochs : Perissodactyls complete version

Stay tuned please and be safe!

Arigato, thank you.

So is Machairodus horribilis an Amphimachairodus, is it still Machairodus, or a different genera altogether?

The latest study on Machairodus taxonomy is of Geraads et al.(2020) in which the authors exclude the validity of Amphimachairodus. Assuming that is correct, then horribilis, giganteus and other late Miocene forms would be sunk back into Machairodus.

Still, differences between these derived late forms and aphanistus were clearly inter-species level, according to the same authors.

I believe we need to hear counterarguments if any, from pro Amphimachairodus researchers.

Nice paleo art, real vivid. Reminds of the Walking With Beasts docuseries.

Thank you very much for your interest in my gallery and a nice feedback, greatly appreciated.

No problem. Keep up the good work.

Soon be back in a few days with giant mustelids!

Happy late New Year guys, I mean hopefully so unlike 2020...