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Red Earth


Leo vs Hauzer..

WARZARD/Red Earth fanart for :iconfighting-games-elite: 

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Totally awesome! :jawdrop:
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great art, nice memories
Arwencilla's avatar

You really deserve the win :nod:

 I´m jealous of your skills >u<

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ooo are you participating too ? 
Arwencilla's avatar

Yeah, but I´m only a hobbyist, not a rival xD

Your art is amazing :nod:

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Happy Lenny Emote (Small) congrats miss... :larrybounce: Happy Garry Emote (Small) 
Arwencilla's avatar
Thank you, you are too kind ;__;
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Looks like a winner to me! It's got a mild Frazetta vibe going, and that
background is really powerful despite being mostly patches of color.

I missed out on Red Earth and this makes me wish they'd do a serious
remake of the game.
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even in those days the charecters and bosses look epically detailed..  i guess the only downfall of the game was lack on content.. 

but yeah i agree they need to reboot this franchise.. if shitty killer instinct can get one ..  this was a a gem of a game.. 

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This is really really coool :D Hope you win :D 
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thankyou.. and amen to that ,, :'P 
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This is so amazing! :-) Very interesting and beautiful work! Congratulations! :love:
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thankyou blanket.. :D
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar

I have no clue what else will be submitted in the next two months for the contest, but this looks like it can be one of the winning pieces for sure!
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looking forward to it gbk :D 
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oh, i remember rex.  he has a weird yet interesting design
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yeah and he's orange but i changed  color here since leo is orange too..:P 
mortalshinobi's avatar
heh. yeah. makes sense.
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