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What has my mind come up with now?


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United Kingdom
"A tiger can smile.
A snake will say it loves you.
Lies make us evil."
- Fight Club.

Alice by Nyx601 Tomb Raider 2013 by GtkShroom Gary Numan stamp 2 by morning-star1 Fight Club Stamp 4 by dA--bogeyman Donnie Darko Stamp by trubbsy Buffy Stamp by deadspaceheart Resistance 2 Stamp by Zero86-SK Life is Strange stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO Resident Evil 5 Stamp by sonicxrules219 I Heart Pugs Stamp by ShinanaEvangelian

I am vegan - have been since I was 17, although I've been vegetarian since I was 10.

I am a writer. I like writing long-form fiction about psychological issues.

I have a degree in Creative Writing and a Master of Research degree in Creative and Professional Writing.

When I like something I tend to get an obsession with it for a while.

I can't really draw but like to create photo manipulations and 3D art.

Stamp - Animal Rights by Tibb-Wolf I Love Pandas Stamp by Sky-Yoshi I Love Bunnies Stamp by AlleyCat042 Cocker Spaniel Love Stamp by cloudrat Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Nyan Cat Stamp by Kevfin Lesbian Pride Stamp by Arcticwaters Sexuality Phobia Unnatural Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy For Crying Out Loud... by zetsumei-kusabana

Thanks for stopping by! :dalove:

Chell from Portal by ZeroKing2015
Me at the May London Expo 2013!

Alice by ArcaneArchery
Me at the May London Expo 2012 :D

Sucker Punch Text Stamp by Nocturne--Pixie clockwork orange stamp 01 by mors-ontologica Requiem For A Dream by Anasphalt The Mask Stamp by AstraAurora Carnivale Stamp by deamera The Big Bang Theory stamp by 5-3-10-4 The Simpsons by Cavin Friends by clarksie112 Angel Stamp by deadspaceheart True Blood stamp by ladyironia


★ ☆Yes, I like Nyan Cat!☆ ★
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____━━____━━╰O--O- O--O ╯
Hi everyone

On 23rd March, I finally published my first novel, Cloud Zero.

If anyone is interested, you can get the book here:…

The blurb:
Drake lives in the clouds, desperate to forget the past. But then his father finds his weed stash. Drake must now take his A Levels at Ashnest College, away from bad influences at Horlton High. Against command, he secretly continues to smoke, and behaves recklessly to gain new friends. Now they must face the wrath of their furious victim. Trapped in a war to communicate with his father and do the right thing, Drake struggles to hold on to what's left of his sanity before a repressed trauma destroys him.



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happy b-dayHave your cake and eat it too 
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Happy Birthday Amy!
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Happy birthday.
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happy birthday!
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Phloxenfree Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
hey girl!

we've talked before about Alice and Buffy/Angel
I've seen you've been into LiS and I love it, but now with Before the Storm... I gotta ask

thoughts on Rachel?
I have so many mixed feelings. I really want to like her, but I can't help but feel like there's... something off.
especially since we know she ends up being a little sketch about being with Jefferson and Frank???
gaaaah but that second episode... jfkdslfjl
jagged66 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, sorry for the really late reply... Have you finished Before the Storm now? Overall I liked Rachel, but she's still not quite what I imagined. I thought we'd get to see a lead up to the events of Life is Strange, and apparently we won't even get that in the bonus Farewell episode (which is supposed to be a prequel to Before the Storm, apparently!). I got quite emotional throughout these episodes, as usual, but I still don't think it's as good as the original series.
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jagged66 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fair points on all of it lol. Definitely agree.

It does seem a bit surreal about the fire. Made me think that Rachel even caused the storm after her death. The fire went out as soon as she got stabbed and went unconscious. But the original game made us believe so hard that Max caused the storm with her time travelling. I don't know - the cause of the storm was always a sore point for me while playing the original. It never really made sense. The only reason she seemed to be given those powers was to find out what happened to Rachel then go back in time to frame Jefferson. I think I read somewhere that Rachel was the storm and threatened Max that if she doesn't go back in time and let Chloe die (to be with her in death) then she will destroy Arcadia Bay. That makes more sense to me, but certainly shows Rachel in an even more manipulative and selfish light than she already is!

I think Farewell needs to be set from Rachel's POV and showing the events leading up to her death, with then maybe a hint of explanation as to the real cause of the storm. But that's not going to happen :'(
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