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Nigel Wraith 1a

Model: Nigel
Makeup IJC Coppersmithing

My stock usage rules: [link]

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If you like this stock set drop me a line and let me know. I have many more poses from this series.

Thank you for your support


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Hello I used your stock here Sawney Beane 2016 by nudagimo
Thank you very much! :hug:
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I Used it here :…
thank you very much
Using your stock here. Hope you like it.…
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What a great photo! Good job!
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I used this stock -->> here

On a personal note, I don't think.. I'll ever venture into that kind of genre again :O_o:. Was kinda disturbing, no promises though :devilish:

PS: I still like the way, the model's eyes are... though, lacking intensity. It is my humble opinion, that his posture kinda sells it. :)
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[link] Drew this tonight as a warm up, thanks for the stock.
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That looks great! Just watching Atlantis right now or I might not have recognized what a Wraith was! :D
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Glad you like the look. My partner made the makeup and sfx.
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Just awesome shot
jagged-eye's avatar
Thanks for checking it out!
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you´re welcome
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Your model look like he is really getting into it.
He suits the subject matter. Good facial expression and pose.
Great stuff!
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Thanks for the kind words! Nigel is a sweet heart but loves to get into his character!
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The model looks to be very tall, just like Todd on the show. I like this Wraithy nose.
jagged-eye's avatar
Nigel is very tall! And Ian did a great job on the makeup and sfx.
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