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Billie Jean Zombie 4a

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A very old throw back! Since Halloween is just around the corner maybe you all can use this stock? We miss our Billie Jean!

Model: Billie Jean Nye

Going way back!

My stock usage rules:…

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marval1's avatar
Zombie by marval1
i used here :-) 
Skitime123's avatar
Thanks so much!!!! Perfect! Used here…
KovLi's avatar
Thanks! I used your stock here - Zombie by KovLi 
Ferrypras666's avatar
Hallo i used here thank you so much :)
HikariAiSuri's avatar
I looove this photo!! I'm using it at a drawing... May I post it on tumblr? With credits of course!
BlazingfireRider's avatar
Hey i love your stock images used one for a drawing, hope you like it and thank you for supplying the stock photo :D 
LarrienWee's avatar
Used your amazing stock!…

Thank you~
clockhand-guillotine's avatar
This is absolutely perfect! I'm trying to draw zombies for an upcoming project of mine, so I'd like to use this photo as a reference.  I will credit you and the lovely model and drop a link once I'm done.  I'd love to see more from this series if that is okay?  Thank you so much for sharing such great stock photos.
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