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Rift Round 1
Okay, she knew that she would need to be at her best to survive this.  She needed to remember her training with the thieves' guild.  Stay calm, stay quiet, stay-
"What the fuck?!  Who the fuck steals hands?!  Give 'em back, and let me out of here!"
Of course there was no response to her outburst, at least beyond a few of the other fighters looking her way, but she had needed that.  Why did she have to be here?  Why was her life at someone else's whims?  After trying to punch the floor only to be reminded again of how impossible that was she sighed audibly and stood, moving away from all of these prying eyes.  Luckily no one made any attempt to follow her.  They presumably all had their own problems.
This 'Fred' character had taken her link to Frus!  The knowledge of that fact just made her blood want to boil, and she couldn't even remember why she cared so much.  That just made
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Minuet Sheet
Name:  Minuet
Age: 20
Gender:  Female
Race:  Weasel-like humanoid (Enn)
Description:  She is a young woman in her late teens or early twenties.  She is shorter than average with a light-athletic build that suggests her natural speed.  Her body is covered in short brown fur and she has a long, rather strong tail.  She has big doe-eyes, light brown in color, and though her mouth contains sharp fangs she is prone to infectious smiles.  She also has striking metal hands, silver and color.  They are a bit larger than her natural hands would be as if she were wearing gauntlets and they are visibly complex in mechanical design, but there is also a naturalness to their connection to her that shows their magical nature.  In addition they are both amazingly strong and sturdy while also being capable of levels of finesse equaling the best natural fingers.  
Minuet dresses light and wears
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Rift Audition Minuet
Minuet's metal claws dug into the roughly silvery bark as she held casually to the branch of a sturdy young tree, looking out over the valley below and the village therein.  It was only a short while after dawn and the mountain air held a strong chill - not that it would really go away as the day progressed.  Still, after so much time spent travelling in the area Minuet wasn't particularly bothered by the cold.  Of course, warm clothing helped.  She was dressed in several layers, comfortably cut pants and shirts made of a thick, light-brown cloth.  They were actually meant for a man to wear - Min had bought them second-hand, but they were close enough to the right size and otherwise held with extra ties and belts.  Her feet were thoroughly wrapped in a similar cloth and she wore a large red scarf.  On top of everything else she had a long, thick, hooded cloak.  So yes, she was rather prepared to the cold.
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Criminal Mind Pt. 2
It wasn't long before the fun began.
All I got was a quick warning from the AI before there was another bright, blinding flash. When my vision cleared, I found myself in the arena again- still mostly a plain dirt field, but now there were broken crates and boulders to hide behind. Or throw.
Something darted between two chunks of rock, and the distant rumble of the crowd grew louder.
"Both our lucky contestants are now in the ring! You all saw them when they came in, but now they're against each other for the first time! Oh! It would appear that Minuet has found the weapons cache. And she's picked the lightsaber and energy shield!"
There was a high-pitched cry. Not too far from here. It sounded like easy pickings.
"Ah, ah, Minuet. One of the weapon choices. Don't think that I won't notice, as I am aware of all." Fred's voice grew louder, filling the arena with the cackle of a maniac.
There! Just around the remains of a stone wall stood a small, furry creature. She looked anxious; her he
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