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Jafira's Profile Picture
AKA: Korageth
United States
Above image Drawn by :iconmisha-zhirov:

----> Thanks for 100 Watches <----

I am a dragon lover here for the art! Sadly I am not a skilled artist myself.. In the past I wrote short dragon themed stories but these days I mostly just dance between here and FA worshiping artists I like. ^,=,^

I have two dragons (pictured above), I generally identify as my spiritual identity, a black dragon called Korageth Nivano (Zenith Nightwind), however I also have a flip side identity as a green dragoness which who exists as sort of an opposite of him, I call her Rashau Seriana (Vibrant Life Within)

Both dragons have a strong emotional importance to me and I love seeing others interpretations of them. Thus, whenever possible I strive to reward artists who draw them because each drawing has deep personal meaning to me! I tend to see my two dragons as sort of a dynamic yin yang representative of my inner being. I see myself internally as gender fluid between the two and in a strange way see myself as continuously flipping between the two sides, both dragons are "me" or my mind and spirit on the inside.

I like to commission a constant flow of art for them because seeing images of either Kora, Rashau or a hybird of both brightens my life and helps me to get through tough times, seeing them reminds me what I am inside and in that sense images of them have become somewhat of a daily moral booster for me. ^,=,^

I perceive myself as otherkin, so feel free to chat me up if you're ever curious, other then that, meh, I'm really pretty boring.

One note concerning me, I love meeting new people, but I'm extremely shy and generally suck at conversations/friendship, so please make a note of that. If I comment briefly or don't know what I'm doing, it's just my personality and no offense is meant.

Skype Contact: jafira.dragon

My Personal Dragon Site / blog thing.. :
My Dragon Forum :

Jafira Trivia:
Favorite Dragon Character = Flammie
Favorite Dragon Type = Hydra

Otherkin and Therian by TheFeralFaerie Dragonkin stamp by Emipuchucha Septagram Stamp by Jafira
The past few weeks, I've been getting countless messages and kind hello's from strangers and old friends alike. Thank you, thank you all, you're all so kind, I love you all, to past friends and acquaintances I miss you more then you know.

I am aware of your messages, I care, I want so badly to respond, to run over to each of you and wrap my wings around you all in a huge draconic hug, you have no idea how much I long for your friendships!


This is what happens....

*Wakes up* "Today is going to be amazing, I'm signing my phone and computers into all messengers, I'm going to have a presence, be at my best and change a life today" ^,=,^ *signs all messengers in - goes to work / begins day*

(15 min later)

"Kind Dragon'y Stranger has sent a friend request"

Mind: "Squee! A new friend!" ^,=,^

Old Friend: "Rawr"

Mind: "It's my old friend!" ^,=,^

Insane Irrational Phobia: "Fight or flight!!! o,=,0' Run! Run now! Fly away! Hide! Pretend you didn't see it! Mute the apps! Ignore your messages! Run! Run now or you're gonna die!! o,=,0' "

Mind: "But this is what I wanted?!  I want to help others, to be a friend, change a life and be there to listen and learn with others!"

Insane Irrational Phobia: *Puts bodies heart in a vice* If you don't run right now I'll make this thing explode!! >,=,< You are in danger!! You need to think of / do something else this instant!! I won't let you proceed any further!!" o,=,0

Mind: "But.. they're friendly and benign, this is exciting!  What we always wanted? We need to make friends, help them, hear them out and grow with them, it's how we improve as individuals!"

Insane Irrational Phobia: *Stabs at heart deathly tight* "NO!  Focus. On. Your. Task. Ignore them, RUN!" >,=,<

Mind: "But...but why...?." 

Insane Irrational Phobia: "You are safe in your solitude."

Mind: "Lies... it's only stagnation we must progress to grow.."

Insane Irrational Phobia: "Distract your thoughts and sleep, you cannot defeat me." 

Mind: "Someday I will.." >,=,>

It is so hard for me to respond to loving kindness such as all your greetings and attempts at friendship. I fight hard but I falter sometimes. When the messages pile up, for days, weeks, months, I feel terrible that I've abandoned such friendly attempts to be a part of my world.

I feel guilt and it makes it so much harder. But eventually that guilt turns to a righteous rage and I fight through the fear to respond. Still, I'm sorry for all the silence. You all mean a lot to me, you really do.

It's stupid, I only have this happen online. Were we all to meet in the same building in RL we'd party, I'd buy us all a feast, kick on some tunes and we'd party till dawn^^ But my psychology is backwards and flawed, If I can't see you, hear you, buy you a drink, interact in person, my brain will panic and crash into irrational fear. It makes no sense, but such is my mind, I'll do my best to fight, but please, forgive the delays and silence, I really do care..
  • Listening to: JubyPhonic
  • Reading: WoF DoD
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Starbound
  • Eating: Teriyaki Chicken
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper


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Never a hurry or need, I am glad you are doing well, stay strong and amazing! Fly high on dragon wings and smile with pride in all you do! ^,=,^
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