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2 dragons, 2 lives, same soul.
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The Life of Korageth by Jafira, literature


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Above image Drawn by ::misha-zhirov::

I have two dragons (pictured above), I generally identify as my spiritual identity, a black dragon called Korageth Nivano (Zenith Nightwind), however I also have a flip side identity as a green dragoness which who exists as sort of an opposite of him, I call her Rashau Seriana (Vibrant Life Within)

Both dragons have a strong emotional importance to me and I love seeing others interpretations of them! I tend to see my two dragons as sort of a dynamic yin yang representative of my inner being. I see myself internally as gender fluid between the two and in a strange way see myself as continuously flipping between the two sides, both dragons are "me" or my mind and spirit on the inside.

I like to commission a constant flow of art for them because seeing images of either Kora, Rashau or a hybird of both brightens my day and helps me to get through tough times, seeing them reminds me what I am inside and in that sense images of them have become somewhat of a daily morale boost for me. ^,=,^

I perceive myself as otherkin, so feel free to chat me up if you're ever curious, other then that, meh, I'm really pretty boring.

One note concerning me, I love meeting new people, but I'm extremely shy and generally suck at conversations/friendship, so please make a note of that. If I comment briefly or don't know what I'm doing, it's just my personality and no offense is meant^^'

DISCORD: Jafira#4395

My Personal Dragon Site / blog thing.. : www.jafiradragon.com/

My Dragon Forum : www.dragons-valley.com/

Jafira Trivia:

Favorite Dragon Character = Flammie

Favorite Dragon Type = Hydra

Favourite Visual Artist
Every Dragon artist regardless of skill.
Favourite Movies
DragonHeart, HTTYD,
Favourite TV Shows
MLP FIM, Dr Who, Rick and Morty,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
DragonForce, Sekai No Owari
Favourite Books
WoF, Erth Dragons,
Favourite Games
Chrono Series, Final Fantasy 1-10, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Steam PC
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop, Caffienated Sugar Rush,
It's time for my bi-annual attempt to respond to all the messages I've missed here over this and other years...^^' I am so sorry everyone.., honestly it's mostly shyness. Some of it is due to life stuff, but, mostly shyness... *Begins sharing llama's and thanking for watches, looks at note's and messages from 2-3 years ago and wonders if cringely attempting to respond to them is still appropriate so many years late..* EDIT: All remaining messages and notes are either from this week, or from years past. I will respond to the most recent first, then *deep sigh* decide how to proceed with messages from prior years... *Extreme Guilt and shame..
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The past few weeks, I've been getting countless messages and kind hello's from strangers and old friends alike. Thank you, thank you all, you're all so kind, I love you all, to past friends and acquaintances I miss you more then you know. I am aware of your messages, I care, I want so badly to respond, to run over to each of you and wrap my wings around you all in a huge draconic hug, you have no idea how much I long for your friendships! Sadly. This is what happens.... *Wakes up* "Today is going to be amazing, I'm signing my phone and computers into all messengers, I'm going to have a presence, be at my best and change a life today"
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Rawr, one of my friends here ~Fire-Red-Kirin (https://www.deviantart.com/fire-red-kirin) ,  could use some help trying to earn some cash for some meds, She's a good artist, go check out her page and gallery, check out her commissions etc, here's one of her YCH's. YCH 1: YCH 2: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24074403/
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