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These updates, if anyone reads them, are going to be a mix of a random 'chapter' in a story, or a poem, or something.

I'll start with something I wrote a while back for a writing class of mine.

I'm alone.
Not "Home-Alone" Alone,
Not "Alone-in-the-dark" Alone,
Not Alone like a child without it's mother.
Just mentally, physically, alone.
Alone and outcast by my peers,
Alone because I never catch up to social standards.
Alone with cold, empty arms.

(Followed up with something that I added about a year later to it.)

Alone and Angry.
Just shy of "eating a kitten" angry,
and "Why does the world hate me" alone.
Just a murky mixture of the two.
Angry because no one ever shuts up,
Alone because no one even opens up,
and both because my arms are empty, yet again.
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