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Pixel Gaming Machine Icons

Made from scratch for emulators and pixel practice, all the gaming consoles, handhelds and computers within this ZIP are 32x32, using as few colours as possible (easily under 32 colours each). The CDs are the only ones where I used anything other than the Pencil tool.

I made this years ago. With the recent slew of new hardware releases I went back to tweak this pack again, and this time decided that it deserves a proper release.

I might add more hardware in future, do 16x16 icons, gloss the existing icons up with gradients and aliasing... I say "might" as there are packs out there with more consoles, more photo-realistic images, even pixel packs to make one drool. Nevertheless, by the rifleman's creed, "there are many like it, but this one is mine". Have at you!
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