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Clacks Tower, large



On the Discworld Wiki, the picture they had for a Clacks (a Semaphore tower) was, in a word, awful. I thought i'd wade in and bring a nicer one to the table.

This is not quite it.

I started drawing this "technical" one. During colouring, it struck me that the thin lines, along with the bird's eye view, make it difficult to see what it is when you reduce it down to 200 pixels wide.
So, it's a nice picture, just not right for it's intended purpose. I soldiered on and finished it, then created a second, more suitable picture to make up for it. A more "instructional", easy-to-see-when-tiny one.

Not sure if this counts as Digital art (as categorized) or Traditional art - the lines are pen, but it's digitally coloured.
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Did you post this to that wiki? Because it's up there now, and your link is broken.