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Sexy Ross

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Commishy for Rossy. Can toons really be sexy? ^^
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Can toons really be sexy? course they can, even if that don't have genitals there still sexy, I actually love cockless crotches ^^
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I agree with your questions. Toons really can be sexy and hot... Depend on they're poses and style. I think there's a lot of person who secretly LIKES a toons and will never tell anyone. As for me Ivery like Pepe Lepew.
Oh!!! And, very good work here.
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Minerva Mink, how can anyone argue there?
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OMG major cute. nice warm pose
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[giggle] He looks kinda cute in that pose
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Two words: Minerva Mink!
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I guess they really can. But attitude and charisma is really most of it. Don Karnage from Tailspin? All in the confidence really.. And Robin Hood ya.. him too
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The pantless Don Karnage is more sexy ;p
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Yes they can ;) Cute!
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Well you also prove that Mahrkale ;) Thanks!
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*hugs* Glad you're up and around. And yes they can.... Jessica Rabbit. Need I say more? =P
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OOoh yes you're right!
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Yay! You're still around. Angel and Pearl missed you and give you a yappy, squishy, fluffy hug and lots of kisses "tweet" ^_^
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I think this pic prove that toon CAN be sexy! hahha :giggle:

Nice work with the expression (both facial and body)! It is a great parody to those clothing advertisements for young people where everyone look or try to look sexy. =P

Don't you think his belly is a bit too rounded? I think it would look better if you followed the chest line more closely.
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No such thing as too rounded tummy. He ate a BIIG meal and now he's gonna eat you ;p
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oops! O_O *runs away to not get eaten*
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Very cute!! And I love the laid-back, smug expression :D
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