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It just sums up how I've been feeling recently..
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I've been feeling that lately myself and judging by your art you don't deserve any.
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i wanna give you a hug so badly!
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don't worry you have friends here
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I think the combination of those colours in the darkness are very effective. Hope you're feeling better now.
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Poor guy. All those conflicting messages. No wonder this dude's hurt :(
I like the soft colouring in the darness. Good job :)
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I'm sorry to say I know the feeling all too well ._.
Brilliant work, fave'd.

On an unrelated note, I thought that logotype in the bottom right said "Maff Fox" until I fullviewed. :P
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aww, how sad dood. hope things are better now, but this is certainly a fantastic pic.
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Great emotional pic - I hope you're feeling better now :hug:
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Wow ! What's wrong lil'foxy ?
Love this artwork ! Really expressive !
Your foxy character needs some hugs to be better...
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Haven't looked at your stuff in a while.

Awwwh. *hugs* don't be sad, alright?
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So cute. Poor thing
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Very sad...but beware though. I know from experience that pain can be generated by stoking the storm of negative thought. Don't let it grow too big.
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hope you feel better.
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*hugs the fox* We are here for you.
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Sorry to here that things have been rough, an awesome pic none the less. hope things pic up for you soon my friend
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*sigh* you're not the only one who feels that way... I've also felt this way for a long time now...

I really hope you feel better soon.. I don't like it when someone is sad..
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I'm often sad in my memories.. But I'll get over it. Thanks
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Very strong piece of artwork Jaff. We're coming over to cheer you up in a few days, the old gang! Chin up matey :D
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It is great to see that you are back to dA now!

This pic is very touching I can sense all the emotions written all around Jaff and his face express emotional pain in a way that it couldn't be better. You did a great job! I would only complain about the left hand, it feels a bit strange...
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Hands are not my good point.. And I didn't create this picture to be error free.. far from it
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